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  1. The server has been restarted... But it would be 110% better to post in our Discord with an @admin tag. This way we can be pinged and resolve it quickly.
  2. Sorry I never got a chance to go back and look at your logic. Glad you were able to get it resolved though!
  3. Oh I thought the escorts were the problem!
  4. I downloaded your mission, and my notes are below. Also, I was unable to test because all the planes spawned in at the beginning of the mission. It was a slideshow for me in VR. 😕 I removed all the planes and only tested your Spitfire reactionary force. All of the planes spawned in at mission begin. I'm not sure you want that logic... I wasn't able to test anything in VR until I removed nearly all of the planes. When the player reaches the Checkzone, do you intend for them to stay at the Checkzone while the reactionary forces fly to the Checkzone? It seems to me that as a player, I would keep flying, and the reactionary force would never reach the player. In my image, I assume the player is flying East, so I fire the Checkzone and then as the player flies East, the reactionary force will meet up with them because I moved the waypoints more Easterly than the Checkzone. Another question... What happens when the reactionary forces reach waypoint 1 and the player? I assume you want them to fight! But the ai will just keep following the waypoints. Granted the waypoints are set to low, so the ai will attempt to defend itself, but if you want the ai to be aggressive, you have to tell them to fight air targets with a command AttackArea MCU. I did not include that logic in my picture. The reactionary forces take way... way way way way too long to start up their engines and taxi to the airfield. If they're a reaction force, shouldn't they be on standby on the runway? I recommend making them 'no taxi take off' and setting the planes to runway. This will speed up everything... but especially testing time. I liked the idea of a split taxi from each garage/hanger! However, some of the planes crashed into objects as they taxied to the runway. You'll probably have to give them a straight clear path if you want to do something like that. After the reaction forces takes off, you have an onTakeOff event to waypoint 1, but you also have a timer to waypoint 1 when the Checkzone is hit. It's possible they're interfering with each other. I would give a slight delay to onTakeOff event to waypoint 1 and then another slight delay to your formation MCU. You have waypoint 3 to waypoint 1 and land MCU... The planes won't know which to chose; so you'll have to change that logic. Here you can see the timer connected to waypoint 1 and an OnTakeOff event to waypoint 1. I think the ai is getting confused here. I would also give a slight delay after OnTakeOff. You can see here that you have waypoint 3 sending message events to both waypoint 1 and the land MCU. You'll have to change this logic. Here's what I recommend, not including the cmd AttackArea MCU
  5. Do you have a link to the video in question?
  6. In my experience the lights won't come on unless it's pretty dark out. I would run a test by placing some lights down in your mission, and adjust the time by 15 minutes until the lights kick on.
  7. The format will be very similar to @[DBS]Tx_Tip's Friday Night Bomber Flights. I used to take part in his events back when he was running them and enjoyed them very much. Our event is not really EU friendly - it starts at GMT+1. You're still welcomed to sign up when registration opens.
  8. TLDR: Format for FnF has changed to dogfight on a closed server instead of cooperative mode. Your accomplishments will matter in the campaign and for your personal stats The start of this campaign will be Friday July 10th I hope everyone had a great time the last time we did Friday Night Flights. I know it’s been awhile, and as we continue to grow, the format has changed again. Some of the issues we had last few FnF’s were - cooperative mode with 50 people that couldn’t reconnect if they had technical issues, a fully open server where players only went after bombers and not objectives, and we didn’t have a great way to display stats or make the stats persistent. In our last event, we had over 50 people register for FnF! While that’s amazing, it came with its own set of problems. Cooperative mode with 50 people was and is just too much of a headache. Players are like herding cats. Some players didn’t know how to connect, what role they were in, or how to get onto SRS. Other players had taxing issues, or watched as AI planes crashed into their own plane. Even more players had to wait, after completing their mission, for everyone else on the server to complete their own missions. This causes many people to have to wait. With a 50 person cooperative mode, there’s just too much room for technical errors, hang ups when trying to herd cats, and lots of downtime. So, from now on we will use the dogfight format with a limited amount of planes. If your game crashes, you have some sort of technical problem, or something similar within the first 30 minutes of the match, you’ll still be able to reconnect and get another plane. Another problem was that registered FnF pilots on an open server didn’t end well. The players that didn’t sign up would typically join the opposing team, find the enemy bombers either through sheer luck, stream sniping, or by getting the mission briefing. Then they would only attack the bombers that did sign up to pad their stats. And those bomber pilots that did sign up, would meet their efforts with little reward. Their stats would be crushed, and there was no continuous campaign; where what they bombed mattered. This is why we opted for PWCG. Which by the way, works extremely well for much smaller groups (say 4-5 players) in resolving all of those issues - but not for 50 pilots! So in the future, we’re going to have a sort of blended PWCG and main Combat Box stylized campaign. We will still have a closed dedicated server, and we will have only one map play out like we did with the open server. However, to mimic how PWCG generates his missions our map will not have as many objectives as the main Combat Box server does. The objectives in these missions will be handmade (each week); which I think makes more sense than PWCG’s auto generated ground forces. Plus, those objectives will have operational values tied to them. The operational values of each target at the end of our 2.5 hour events will determine the next week’s missions, supplies, ground forces, etc, etc. As an example, say the first mission is to destroy an enemy materials plant. If the operational value is low enough, the next week’s mission may not give pilots of the lost plant better engines for their replacement planes. We will attempt to do a monthly campaign or more (depending on how well it goes) and at the end of the month players will have influenced the results of the campaign based on what they’ve accomplished. When I used PWCG I stopped collecting emails and no one knew where to attack, what radio channels they should use, and who was the group leader of their flight. With that in mind, I will go back to collecting emails and will send out a mission briefing on Thursdays again. This time though, it will be two different briefings. One for the Blue team and one for the Red team. With this format, bombers won’t be the sole target for enemy players looking to pad their stats, missions will be ‘campaign-like’ without cooperative mode, I won’t have to herd too many cats, and bombers will be rewarded with targets that actually matter. Furthermore, players can do as many missions as they like within the two hour window instead of waiting for everyone [from cooperative mode]. Finally, let’s talk stats. Players love looking at numbers; at least I know I do. Since the missions will be generated on a closed server, we can have completely separate pilot stats from the main Combat Box server. We still, in my opinion, won’t have a great PWCG-type stats system. Maybe someday. For now, we will use Val’s stat system - the same system as the main Combat Server uses. More information on where you can see these stats as we bring them online, will be forthcoming soon. Long winded post, but I’m trying to be as transparent as possible. If anyone has any questions, please let me know. Our next event will be July 10th at 9pm and the campaign will be the Rhineland Campaign. This will give us a few weeks to get the registration fixed for the new format, some missions handmade and generated, and develop mission briefings for those missions.
  9. Just want to comment that what you're doing right now is awesome. I surely haven't messed with any of the terrain stuff. My only (current) suggestion is you should add another warning that an edited map can only be played with mods on. I'm betting players would love to play Wake Island or something similar type map.
  10. Was this on Combat Box? If so, the repair vehicle drives to the yellow smoke, and it may have not made it way to the smoke to allow you to repair.
  11. You should: Tell the Yaks to immediately attack the bombers Once X number of bombers are killed Use a force complete to stop the attacks on the bombers 1-2 seconds later (using a timer) tell the Yaks to attack targets in the area ???? (optional and not in my photo) Add other logic like.. What happens when the Yaks destroy X enemy planes? What happens when too many friendly Yaks get killed? What happens if the Yaks run out of ammo? How do the Escorts respond? What happens when the Escorts run out of ammo? What happens when the... You get the idea. 😄 PROFIT!!! The idea here is that the Ai is stupid as all hell, and we're just helping them along in their adventures. Just raising the skill level of the ai planes, won't change their basic behaviors. We still have to tell them to go do X when Y happens. Let us know if you need further help.
  12. I just tested this, and it doesn't work. I assume it's an unintended bug.
  13. Most likely the enemy planes are not showing up on the map because none of the friendly planes have spotter enabled. IIRC, you get friendly planes on the map and icons for both friendly and enemy entities with normal difficulty - which is what you probably have going on in the screenshot. If you want icons and the map to show enemy planes, you'll need to give one of the friendly planes spotter capabilities in the mission editor. I don't believe you can make the in-game mini map any larger or zoom in/zoom out of it. You can open the regular map at anytime, I believe the default key is m.
  14. 1) You can scroll wheel the map up to a certain point, but you can't go further. You can also use "move camera to object" selection by right clicking an object in your outliner. 2) I'm making some assumptions because your question is kind of vague to me. I assume you want enemy plane icons to show up on the map via the spotting system of vehicle entities. You must have an enabled entity vehicle, it must be set to a country (in your case, Red), and "spotter" must be checked. You can find more information on spotter logic on page 86 of the mission editor manual.
  15. Yes, you can copy and paste a group of icons. What do you mean by "leave the connections"? When you copy/paste it should retain all the information you're copying. You can also add more icons by pressing shift and left clicking; just like I did to the waypoints in my video.
  16. First, we haven't banned injectors yet. As @Talon_ mentioned, we're leaning heavily into banning them in the future, based on our own research and research from other server admins. As you stated, server admins are starting to ban or think about banning injectors - not just the Combat Box sever, but other servers as well. So, yes the above image is very possible to achieve. Second, who said that's not reason enough? You? The developers? Santa Claus? (You see where I'm going with this?) As a member of the Combat Box admin team, I say it's plenty of reason. As I said before, I will not reveal how it's achieved - even if we decide to block injectors in the future.
  17. We would rather not reveal how to achieve the Reshade result. I assure you that this effect is achievable, and you can toggle Reshade off and on with a simple button. You'll just have to believe us. We have mostly be using SRS for our weekly events, and Discord for open comms. However, you're free to use SRS anytime you want; these are the channel settings we have been using for our events: SOCIAL CHANNEL: FM 30 (everyone can connect to this channel) Blue Team: Leadership Channel: AM 100 Squadron A: AM 200 to AM 210 Squadron B: AM 211 to AM 220 Squadron C : AM 221 to AM 230 Red Team: Leadership Channel: AM 150 Squadron A: AM 300 to AM 310 Squadron B: AM 311 to AM 320 Squadron C : AM 321 to AM 330
  18. 1) You don't need a vehicle for the colored smoke effect. See my image for the logic: 2) The smoke effect will stay on until you turn it off
  19. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/653170365
  20. This is a rather long video (43 minutes), but hopefully it helps you out in mission design, mission creation, and how I think about generating MCU nodes. I, of course, talk about the random 4 way logic, but I discuss a bunch of other things too. If you have questions, let me know. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/653047841 EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention is you need to set the mission to coop, save it in the cooperative folder, and check the checkbox of each player plane "cooperative start". EDIT: I forgot to make sure "Check Planes" is checked on the Complex Trigger. The CTX won't fire unless that checkbox is checked. EDIT: Gate to activate the CTX should be Gate to Activate MCU to CTX Random Activated Tempest.zip
  21. Are you only spawning one set of planes that will taxi? Or are you repeatedly spawning the same set of planes over and over that will taxi? If it's only one set of planes that will spawn in (even though they're random), then you can use the activate/deactivate MCUs and the cmdFormation MCU. If it's multiple sets of the same planes spawning over and over, then you can not use the cmdFormation and you'll have to give each plane their own taxi, waypoint, and landing logic. Also, there's a high chance that the taxiing planes (that are acting as individuals instead of as a team) will most likely crash into each other. Food for thought.
  22. Make sure Dserver isn't running as a process (even though Dserver is closed). If that fails, restart the server and see if you can update after restarting.
  23. It's exactly the same as my video. CheckZone to four way random, Four way random to spawner, Spawner, using an OnSpawnReport, to a waypoint that is near the center of the 10k area, Waypoint to an AttackArea that is fairly large.
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