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  1. Start Date: Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 Start Time: 8pm Eastern Standard Time Location: The Eagle's Nest Cooperative Server Voice Location: TWB Discord -> https://discord.gg/zg9Fpe On Wednesday, we continue our P47 campaign fighting as the 358th Fighter Group. Last week, we lost a plane or two, but no real pilot losses. We were also able to take the fight to the Luftwaffe and downed a few of their planes, and possibly killed a pilot or two. The Eagle's Nest Cooperative Campaign welcomes anyone to join our weekly events; even Grandma. We only ask that you have a mic, a good attitude, and can take off, land, and shoot bad guys. As with all of our campaigns, there's no kill feed, no special GPS, and we strive for realism when at all possible. We're also running our campaign on a dedicated server, so we have more planes, more ground targets, and less worry about performance than those other guys. Additionally, we have a hell of a lot of fun. Sometimes it's just familiarization with a plane, sometimes it's to try out that non-uber plane that no one would use in multiplayer, and sometimes it's just to fly with other people in a chill and relaxed environment. Whatever your reason, come join us Wednesdays at 8pm EST. See you there! - Sketch
  2. Just as the title states, we're running The Eagle's Nest Cooperative Campaign using @PatrickAWlson's PWCG, on Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern (7pm Texas time). Our campaign system is running on a dedicated server using dserver that is located in the East coast with great ping. This is good for you pilots, because unlike a coop campaign running on a client's box, with our dserver, we can add more ai enemy planes than you'd normally see without any performance hits. We've had six to eight pilots consistently, and have run into 16-20 ai planes all in formation either attacking us or ground targets. We strive for historical realism, with a good balance of fun mixed in. Much like real life, the campaign's missions do not have kill messages, nor does it have magical GPS, and certainly, there are not an unlimited supply of planes. You'll have to confirm your kills at the end of each mission, and your co-pilot(s) will have to see that confirmed kill in order for it to count. Another note, the campaign is set to dead is dead. So if you die or get captured, you'll have to start your pilot's career over. Additionally, if you get injured, your pilot will need time heal and will miss out on a few battles while that happens. We're currently at the beginning of the war in December 1941 flying p40s for the 126th Fighter Squadron. Our squadron has seen many battles over the course of the last three months, and we expect to see more. We are running the campaign on Wednesday at 8pm Eastern. If you're interested in joining, you'll need: to jump into our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/ujrMvGn.There, you'll see what has happened over the course of the campaign, as well as the current pilot roster and upcoming missions. a microphone and headset. We use push-to-talk in our discord. a good attitude. The ability to take off, land, and shoot at bad guys Along with the campaign's stats system running using PWCG, we also have a personal stats page here: http://scores.thewetbandits.org:40509/ Any questions, feel free to reply to this thread, PM me, or message me or [TWB]Pand on discord. See y'all Wednesday!
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    Bf 109 E-7 Jabo CO-OP this Saturday

    @NETSCAPE - Thanks again for setting up the mission. I know first hand how daunting and tedious that can be. I also want to thank you for setting up and running this event. It's absolutely perfect for the German ground attacker wanting to learn how to strafe and bomb targets. I had a great time being Raven 3, and would do it again in a heartbeat. 10/10 stars
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    SP Career Appreciation

    I'll counter this with, the Vive Pro. It has a much better resolution (about 1080p) than the first generation VR devices. However, groping for controls is still a thing. These two very very minor issues do not out weigh the pros of VR. It's basically like being in a real plane - the shear size of some of the planes can't be realized until you're actually inside it. Spotting is easier (in my opinion) because of the real life size of objects. I also think that snap shooting and understanding energy of a plane is much easier in VR. With a monitor, it's like walking down a set of stairs but you only see the stairs as a flat plane. After awhile, you'll get pretty good at walking down these stairs, but with VR the flat plane turns into an actual set of stairs - depth, width, length, and height are all pronounced. You won't need as much practice going down the stairs now, and as a matter of fact, you'll realize how trivial going down stairs are now. That's the difference with VR.
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    For Mission Designers

    Not a map, or even a complete mission. Just a small part of the mission... The thing you want 'attacked'!
  6. @[Pb]Vapor and I are creating a cooperative weekly event on Saturdays at 2pm EST. Additionally, we want to help newbie mission designers by having them build just the objectives that will be used in these cooperative events. Then, each week the mission will randomly select (via @JimTM's random generator) one of the objectives built by the community. Our missions normally run 40-50 minutes, so we can run two or three missions per week; allowing multiple objectives to be attempted each week. Think about how awesome it would be to have your stuff played by players each week; this isn't always a common occurrence! Additionally, you'll get feedback right away about your objective, and can learn and grow from it. And for us pilots, it'll give us a ton of variety - just as it was in the real war. What about those auto-magical mission generators? I can press a button and make a mission very easily with them! There's absolutely nothing wrong with them, and as a matter of fact they make great missions. However, there's something about having different humans making missions. Its variety that can't be patternized like a pre-generated missions an become. Plus, there's something rewarding about mission designing that you can't get pressing a single button to make a mission. Okay, how does this work then? We give you a "Play Area" template. This template has the spawn locations of both the German players, and the American/Russian players. It also has the front lines, and the play area mapped out for you. All you have to do is design an objective for one side to attack, and the other side to defend. Don't worry, we have a template for that too. You'll upload your template to us, we'll then check it out, add it to the mission, and then on that Saturday have the guys play out the mission. If we get enough entries, we could have two or three objectives per mission. Where can I get this "Play Area" template? Play_Area_Template.zip <-- Right here. This is the play area where you'll set your objective up within. It's important that you use the Kuban map when importing the template in the editor, or it will not place the template in the correct location. Again this template gives you the following: The 'Play Area' boundaries German and American start locations The current frontlines The health board location (to place your objective's current health) What about the objective template you mentioned earlier? Intermediate_Example_Objective_Template.zip <-- Here you go... This is an example objective template that you can tear apart, or just replace certain parts of it. For the newer designers, this template may be a little daunting to tackle because of all the little pieces it has that make it complete and because it's a moving convoy versus a non-moving entity such as buildings. Don't worry! We'll help you out here on the forums, or on our Discord, and we intend on providing a video tutorial series, that I'll explain in a moment. However, those that have used the editor should totally understand what's going on in this template. It includes: an input for the random generator, an output if we want to link multiple objectives (back to back) from different designers an on attack sub group for when the objective is attack a 'health bar' system with included health bar icons so everyone can know via the map the health of the objective, a 'primary mission' complete tasker for both Axis (if convoy is destroyed), and Allied (if convoy escapes) subtitle messages for when events fire, such as when the convoy is attacked, when a vehicle in the convoy is destroyed, when the convoy gets to various waypoints (to escape), and so on vehicle movement logic for when enemy planes get near (the convoy will panic and stop/shoot at enemy planes) and when enemy planes fly away (the convoy will continue on mission). everything labeled in clear English (as best as I could) and placed in logical and clean locations so that other designers can understand how I built the convoy template. Here's an image of the example objective template: Cool, so how can I get my objectives into the Saturday events? We have to set some standards for an mission to be fun for pilots to attempt. We want pilots on both sides to know what's going on with an objective, we want the objectives to be fair, and we want them to be cool looking too. With that in mind, to get your objective in the Saturday cooperative mission, your objective must: have an input for the random generator. This is to "start" that objective if the random generator selects it Have a win condition(s) for both sides, Use the Damage Display Switch with icons to represent health of the objective for both sides, Have a subtitle message display in 3 minute intervals for when the objective is being attacked (and stop messaging when the objective is not attacked), Use subtitles to let players know the progress of the objective if said objective moves, Be fair and realistic for win condition(s); preferably 6-8 100kg bombs or 4-6 250kb bombs are needed to HIT to destroy your objective, Assume that the mission will last 40-50 minutes and require only one flight to target, Objective must be placed inside the boundaries of the play area, Make it look cool as hell, but not hinder performance; 1-2 grounds smokes are okay, but 50 isn't. However, lots and lots of static objects are okay! Must save and export **ONLY** the objective as a group. We already have the play area, and all the static objects of the map setup. We only need your objective saved as a group. Basically, everything listed here is in the included example template. To get your objective into the next Saturday event, you'll need to turn it in by Wednesday at 8pm EST. The more participation we have in objective building the more fun Saturday's event will be. What about those tutorial videos series you talked about earlier? We intend on making some helpful videos for you guys to build your own templates. Our first phase of videos will cover: importing the play area base template removing my vehicle entities replacing said vehicle entities with your own cool stuff connecting up your cool stuff to the on attack group, and the damage display switch renaming any icons and setting up subtitles adding your own invincible plane and testing it out in single player adding cool static objects to make your objective pop exporting your objective correctly BONUS (nice to haves): adding checkzone enabled effects (smoke, siren, flares, etc) making AAA shoot at bad guys but be fair making icons appear as a vehicles move around on the map Some of these topics have been covered already in JimTM's Mission Editor Guide, Prangster's Mission Building Guide, Vapor's Youtube Tutorial Series, and in some of my own Youtube videos. TLDR: To sum up, you now have everything you need, aside from tutorial videos (which are coming very soon), to make your own objectives. If you need any help while you're working on your own objectives, message me or Vapor. I'm pretty much on here and Discord 24/7. I'm super excited to see what you guys make, and I can't wait to get shot down while checking out your objective. 😄 Our first Saturday event will be March 30th at 2pm EST. This gives you mission designers two weeks time to build your first objective template and get in the very first community built cooperative campaign.
  7. Anyone know what the new Helper MCUs do and/or how they function?
  8. [TWB]Sketch

    PWCG Coop Changes

    For 6.0.1 will this information be only available to the host with him having to divvy out the info to the players (as it is currently)? How will players 'log in'? To a web form or to the host's machine [where the pwcg folder is located] or something different?
  9. echo...echo...echo...echo...
  10. What are you talking about here? I'm so confused...
  11. Most block entities, building entities, and a few other ground object type entities have their y axis locked. You can only place them on the ground, and can not move them up or down on the vertical plane. (The 'place on ground' button will technically move it up or down, but only to match the height of the ground of where the entity is located.)
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    Ground Attacker Handbook

    I saw no bikini babes... 3/10 would read twice. Very informative, and a great guide for risk management regardless of whether you're in an attacker, bomber, or fighter craft.
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    Bf 109 E-7 Jabo CO-OP this Saturday

    I'll take a Raven leader or any Raven spot.
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    Manual for Mission making and STEditor

    All these flavors, but you choose salt? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Technically, the map isn't called Moscow. It's called The Battle of Moscow. The map covers a campaign that took place between late 1941 to early 1942. Also, to defend the developers, they had stated before they started work on the map, that they were not able to completely build out Moscow and have it function correctly. So they compromised by building the Western portion of Moscow and let us fly near it for a nice visual background. Finally, there are plenty of other nice looking locations for a tank battle.
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    Manual for Mission making and STEditor

    As others have stated, playable tanks are just like any playable plane entity except they're on the ground. Use the mission builder's guide that @Thad linked earlier but instead of a plane, use a tank. Also, the red section of the Moscow map is considered out of bounds. You'll have to move your logic more Westward if you want the appearance of attacking Moscow.
  16. @LeLv30_Redwing - I was unable to attach the group to a private message, so I'm posting it here. Let me know if you need me to modify it in anyway. Proximity logic: The "enemy closer" proximity trigger will be disabled immediately after firing and will not fire again until the enemy planes leave the area (1300m) and stay out of the area for at least 15 seconds. This is slightly different than how a proximity trigger works in other missions. Normally, you'll see the convoy stop, start again... Then stop, and start again... Then stop, then start, then stop... You get the idea. It doesn't take long for a player plane to be 1.3k away from ground targets and then come in for another pass. And I don't believe that having trucks stop and start again immediately is very accurate; hence why I've included the extra logic. Let me know if you need anything else. Allied Vehicle Convoy.zip
  17. I know some of you have been asking for some cooperative PWCG, and we have been hosting an event since Pat enabled coop with his generator. We fly out Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. This week we're continuing our campaign as part of the 358th Fighter Group, flying P47s. You can find more information here:
  18. Start Date: Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 Start Time: 8pm Eastern Standard Time Location: The Eagle's Nest Cooperative Server Voice Location: TWB Discord -> https://discord.gg/eG5JQv Every Wednesday, the gang meets up for some Pat Wilson Cooperative Campaign action. When I say gang, I don't mean just TWB, but everyone in the IL-2 community, and their Grandmothers too. We only ask that you have a mic, a good attitude, and are slightly more familiar with the p47 than we were last week. It was kind of an embarrassment! As with all our campaigns, we strive for realism. There's no kill feed, no special GPS to let you know where you are, and you only have one life to live. If you die, you'll be out of that mission and all your stats will reset for the campaign. Missions can sometimes be 40+ minutes long, so attempting to stay alive is generally a good idea. Additionally, any wins or losses go towards the squadron too. Therefore, being the killer ace that you are; will slowly stop the advance of the enemy, because they will have to wait for logistics to catch up to your *leet* skills. This Wednesday at 8pm EST, we will continue our P47 campaign flying as the 358th Fighter Group. The squadron could really use a few more good pilots like yourselves. We had a really rough time in our newly acquainted fighters, but I think this week will prove differently. Only time will tell. While we don't have any p47 skins... yet - I highly, highly recommend you grab our skin pack here -> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OiPs0cixgE8ae2SGF9GjUfu498IIH-kf and also PWCG's skin pack here -> http://www.pwcampaignmanager.com/pwcgbos/downloads/PWCG Squadron Skins.7z Good luck, and see you guys Wednesday!
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    Convoy for Redwing

    Ha! Thanks @Alonzo. If you like the way I setup my MCUs, then you'll really like @coconut's MCU arrangement. Technically though, he's cheating by using scripts to produce such a beautiful flower. 😄 For the rest of us, we just have to spend a few extra minutes aligning MCUs for better maintainability and scalability. Of course when I present something here, I spend an even extra amount of time to make sure it's as clear as mud as possible for other mission editors.
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    PWCG - Enemy Fighter AI observations

    Your observations are probably placebo. Best way to verify is to set the ai as whatever you wish, and then opening a mission file in the mission editor to check to see if the ai is setup like you want. Also keep in mind, different squadrons start the ai at different difficulty levels. Competent, veteran, etc, etc plus any extra modifiers you give in the advanced settings... You could be setting the ai at X difficultly without realizing it.
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    Any Groups doing PWCG Co-op atm?

    I would look over this thread... You can probably find what you're looking for there. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/93-esports-and-events/
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    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I'd say that players will exploit this kill script by hanging out near the edge of their friendly kill zone. As an example, I'm in my fw190, and I'm engaged in a scuffle with an i16. The i16 gets the upper hand on me, so I run away into my "safe" area and watch as the i16 blows up for entering said area. Then, I go out and have another i16 scuffle - only to lose the upper hand and run to my safe zone again... and so on. "But but but... Players will want to get points and therefore attempt to kill the i16, not have the i16 chase them to 190's safezone!" Do we really think players won't run to their safe area when threatened? Players already fly to the moon before they even engage in a conflict with another plane, surely they will run to their safe spot too. Maybe setting up a "I spawned in and I get X minutes of invulnerability. This allows me to take off and move away from my airfield before I can be attacked. If I don't use my time wisely, I can be attacked on the ground too." logic would work out okay. Even if a player doesn't take off, they only get X minutes of invulnerability. However, when you go to land, it's on the landing pilot to make sure the area is safe before landing... This includes traffic on and around the airfield. This also eliminates the need for a safe zone. Food for thought.
  23. I want to thank everyone that came out tonight. We really need to work on our p47 skills eh? We'll fly out again next Wednesday. Same time, same plane! See you then.
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    Land Canvas, NDB and probably more

    If this is true, I assume this is only if we make the land canvas and/or NDB a linked entity?
  25. [TWB]Sketch

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Probably just need to update to the latest version since the patch came out.