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  1. [TWB]Sketch

    How obtain score in Single Player

    Missions are logged whether single or multiplayer. You can then take statistics from those logs. PWCG is a good example of what you're looking for. The difference from multi vs single is that multi will create logs server side whether single player only creates logs on the client computer.
  2. Here's an example of how I use a timer as an on/off switch. You can see the purple lines, that's 'onAttack' from the vehicles to a 1 second timer -> to my on off switch -> That sends a msg to my off button, the subtitle MCU, and to the 3 minute timer -> The off button turns off the on off switch immediately -> No other 'onAttack' messages can come through while my timer is off (deactivated) The subtitle sends a message to the friendly team saying that their objective is being attacked -> The on button fires after the 3 minute timer that turns the switch on again -> 'onAttack' messages can come through again
  3. Don't deactivate the complex trigger. Instead deactivate and activate a timer that's before the complex trigger.
  4. Make sure you've followed the advice of others in this thread. You need to: change the mission type from whatever to cooperative, setup the planes that players will control by: setting cooperative start, whether the planes are in the air/parked/engine started, and that the ai is not set to player. You must do this for all planes that players will fly. Additionally, no where in the mission should there be AI set to 'player'. If so, your coop mission will not work. Don't forget to save your new mission to your game folder under .../data/Multiplayer/Cooperative or a subfolder of that folder. See image below: After you set up all the planes that players will fly. Then you, I believe, need to link them together into different formations. See image: Then, group up those formations and name the group correctly. Whatever you have named the group and planes in the editor; will be the name convention in the cooperative selection menu for your players. The names of your planes or groups do not have to be the same. See image below: OPTIONAL: Give these planes logic as if they were flying with your players. If not, the planes will do nothing but follow the lead player. This should do the trick.
  5. [TWB]Sketch

    Engageble objects

    I typically do something like this with static objects: In the upper right hand corner is my static objects 'paint bucket'. I've already modified these objects, and when I need a new object, I select one of them, and copy/paste that object where I want it. This way I'm not constantly setting the 25000 damage value (or any variable) each time I place an object. See image below: Then, I'll make a few of my objects in the bunch actually 'count' towards the objective. Players get notified via icons on how badly damaged the static objects are. I'll normally stack these icons on top of each other, and place them on top of or near the objective. Once one icon disappears, the next one shows up and so on till the objective is destroyed. The icons system is from JimTM's damage switch display group, included in his mission editor manual files. See image below: Finally, I added a simple "We're being attacked!" subtitle message and icon. This fires off immediately, only to the Allies, anytime any of the active static objects are attacked. It then waits 3 minutes 30 seconds till it fires again. The 'Attacked!' icon also disappears at the 1min 30 second mark and will reappear if the static objects are attacked again after the 3min 30sec mark. See image below: As Gambit stated, I wouldn't worry to much about static objects. I've seen missions with 30k static objects running just fine. Having said that, you can optimize your missions in various ways including: Removing static objects not in your 'play area', Deactivating/Activating dynamic objects (smoke, AAA, gun fire, etc) as players get near them, Limiting moving objects (vehicles, tanks, planes, etc) to about 20-30 or so Attached is the group in the images above. RussianAirplanes.zip
  6. Adding roads is beyond my knowledge, but maybe someone else can help you there. As far as I know, you can't modify the map without major changes. Additionally, if the map were multiplayer, players would have to download your custom changes. I built this in haste, but this is an example of how to get your guys to shoot the ground. After 30 seconds of mission start, the checkpoint waits to fire. When it does, 1 second later, both the German and Russian machine gun units will fire at the ground near their enemy (but not hit said enemy). After five minutes, the units will stop shooting and then disappear. And, the checkpoint will again wait for units to enter the area. JimTM also has a smoke effect substainer in his mission editor guide files.
  7. [TWB]Sketch

    Random Logic Problem

    Off shoot idea, but maybe add 500ms to 1second delay between 'random sets' to allow time for each set to fire it's random logic before going to a new set. Another idea is to just make one big ass random set and not use smaller random logic sets in a daisy chain.
  8. Media MCU's work in multiplayer too. They're more annoying though because everyone on the server will hear/see the media file, when it fires. Your clients all have to have the media files and have them stored in the correct location on their computers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is normally done when your clients download the map file.
  9. This is the problem. Media MCU's break the time acceleration. Steps to overcome issue: 1 Save the media MCUs to a group, 2 remove the group from your mission, 3 completely build all the logic in your mission with time acceleration to test your logic, 4 ????? 5 put your media group back into your mission 6 test test test 7 PROFIT! If this doesn't solve the issue (it should), reset the mission editor. You can find the resetEditorSettings in your mission editor folder. See image...
  10. [TWB]Sketch

    Ships in Kuban

    Another trick you can do is give each ship it's own waypoint; instead of having a formation of ships for a single waypoint.
  11. [TWB]Sketch

    Ships in Kuban

    Check: - Are your ships are too close together? - Is your waypoint(s) too far away? - What settings do you have for the waypoint(s)? Medium? High? Low? - Are there enemies nearby that are causing your ships to go defensive? - Is the ship too close to land? - Is the waypoint(s) firing before the ship gets to it causing the ship to redirect to the next waypoint(s)?
  12. COOPERATIVE CAMPAIGN INFO Start Date: January 2nd 2019 Start Time: **8pm Eastern Standard Time** Squadron: 126th Fighter Regiment Assigned Planes: 13 Bell p-39 Airacobras (Is this an unlucky number?) MISSION INFO Situation: German invaders press into Southern Russia in an attempt to capture the oil wells of the Caucasus. With the support of our American friends, we now have planes to fend off the aggressors. Date: Jan 2nd, 1943 Conditions: -12*C with high gusting winds for the next several days Briefing: All pilots are to remain on standby status. As soon as High Command has enough intel, they'll assign missions to us. Be expected to fly multiple missions.
  13. As they've said, media translator works as intended. You can see how I've fired off radio messages for players in my supply runner mission ---> https://drive.google.com/open?id=17R1bX9TN3V32WiQaLr-aP3Wc9Ca_UBix An audio file plays when the player takes off from an airfield telling them where to land. Then again when they enter that airfield's airspace; telling them which runway to land on. And again, to stop at a certain location on the airfield to resupply (with some funny quips from the ground crew), and finally again to tell the player that they're loaded up and to take off for their next destination. My MCU's are all labeled and sorted in a nice fashion so others (including yourself) can see how it's done.
  14. [TWB]Sketch

    PWCG 5.0.4 Released

    Question: Does the latest version of PWCG have the newest planes? I don't care which map we use, just want to fly the newest plane set. If not, how can I easily add the plane of choice to my career? (Only wanting to modify my and my squad's plane to a BoBp plane.)
  15. [TWB]Sketch

    PWCG Cooperative mission multicrew - join as a gunner?

    99% certain you can not join any coop mission as a gunner. It may be possible to join a gunner position after you die though.