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  1. Ahh yes points at zero is too low a value! Gotta set it higher. Other than that, I'm not sure how the points system works. There's no arbitrary system that uses it, if I'm mistaken. Maybe Jim can chime in here
  2. It's actually Rctrl + F to refuel and Lalt + R to cycle weapons.
  3. Nope! I killed myself. I landed. I tried it in dserver and peer to peer host and it worked fine without any restarting. Looking at your server system... I think you have "Finish Mission if Landed" checked. Uncheck that, and it should work for you.
  4. "Ring Bell" is for subs that are diving.... But you can use the noise for anything.
  5. I'm not certain on this one... I played your mission just fine in both dserver and hosting locally. I wonder if you're doing something with the SDS file to make it so that once you die the mission completes?
  6. Oh I agree! Plus it'd be less overhead for us designers and less overhead for the mission (a single mcu vs the group Jim created). Having said that... Maybe someday we'll get the magic undo button, as I'd prefer that to be built first.
  7. Are you sure you have two citysmoke effects stacked on top of each other? (It sounds like you don't...) My satire is probably lost in the text, but I was trying to be funny with the above image. 😄
  8. Your issue seems pretty vague (at least to me); it could be any number of things.... Is the mission coop or dogfight? Are you landing correctly or crash landing? Or are you landing at an airfield? Do you have a score system? Have you tried looking over the troubleshooting steps in Jim's mission editor manual (starts at page 179)? I agree with Jim, just post your mission here and maybe we can help you resolve your issue.
  9. Make sure your checkzone is in "sphere". Then, position the sphere at the altitude you want minus the sphere's radius. So in my picture, pilots will be fine if they fly less than 3000 meters (position being 4000 minus my radius of 1000 = 3000 meters). This checkzone, of course, is only 1000 meters wide, so you'll have to place multiple checkzones along the route that you want your pilots to fly. Having said that, don't go willy nilly with hundreds of checkzones... Maybe 5-6 total will give the illusion you'll want and not hammer the server too hard. Here's a side view of what I'm talking about: @Alonzo_ uses this logic heavily in his missions to have 'radar' call outs for enemy planes that are near the front lines. Here's an image of his logic: As you can see, he's doing it very similar to what you want, except pilots would need to fly higher than 6000 meters to not be detected by the radar.
  10. I've used this logic a lot. I think it has always been there.
  11. @Alonzo_ knows more about the modifier MCUs. Maybe he can chime in on them. (I don't know much about them myself either.)
  12. This is pretty broad and can't be programmed really. (I mean, one pilot may be under pressure from just one enemy, while another pilot can fight off 10 enemies.... How would we program that?) What exactly do you want these 110s to do? And what exactly do you want the players to do?
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