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  1. Today, October 10th at 8pm EST, we'll fly another set of missions in our I./Jg51 cooperative campaign. If you're interested in participating, join this Discord channel -> https://discord.gg/ujrMvGn
  2. Another day of campaigning will happen tomorrow, October 3rd at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. If you're interested in joining us, hit up this Discord channel: https://discord.gg/ujrMvGn See you guys tonight!
  3. [TWB]Sketch

    A request sir! (micro missions)

    I think vignettes would be cool. Your quick missions (not vignettes) can be created in PWCG. In the advanced options lower the distance between you and the target to say 5-7k and select 'always start in the air'.. It should get you into furballs pretty quickly.
  4. I'll give this a go, and report back. Thanks again @=FB=Vaal. So something like this....? # 15 missions completed in one life def german_cross_in_gold(vlife): # check to see if the player has died... if vlife.relive > 1: # player hasn't died yet, so check to see if they earned medal, if so give them medal. return vlife.sorties_total >= 15 else: #player has died (relive == 1 || relive < 1), so remove earned medal. return False
  5. [TWB]Sketch

    What does "Object Unidentified" mean?

    Last night when we were flying coop on a dedicated machine, I would get the unidentified object error via the dserver. Once I clicked 'ok' on the error's message box, the mission ran normally. I got the error normally at the start of the mission, and the mission would not continue until I clicked ok. What I mean by 'continue' is that the ATC would not say, "Your flight is clear for take off." Or, objects would be invisible/not enabled until I pressed ok. My teammates were tracking a plane, and then the error occurred, and then the plane disappeared. After I clicked okay, the guys could see the plane again.
  6. What would you write in the py code to say "reset stats on death"? I thought using vlife.ak_total would reset each time the player died.... Help?
  7. Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 26th at 8pm Eastern we will be flying another mission (or 3) in our cooperative campaign using PWCG. Again, we're flying Axis in 109F4s. To register, just join the Eagle's Nest Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/ujrMvGn See you Wednesday.
  8. [TWB]Sketch

    Tactical Air War

    +1 to this.
  9. Seems to work with our stats. Thank you a ton!
  10. This Saturday, September 22nd at 9pm Eastern we will be flying together on TAW. As before, we'll be flying for the Russians. If you want to join up, then hit us up in Discord. The Eagle's Nest and [TWB] Discord Channel -->> https://discord.gg/ujrMvGnThe Eagle's Nest Skin pack here --> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OiPs0cixgE8ae2SGF9GjUfu498IIH-kf
  11. [TWB]Sketch

    Tactical Air War

    It was intended to be funny? I didn't know I was gonna get a code review! 😕
  12. I did, I also updated the custom.py So... After your post I... I removed all the awards from the admin page. Removed all my code from custom.py Reran the stats.cmd and I still get the same error What am I missing?
  13. I keep getting this error when I try to parse my stats. All log files are from the coop PWCG 5.0 release. Below are the log files: missionlogs.zip
  14. I was messing with our awards page tonight... I believe you need something like this: # You need two equal signs to check to see if it's equal, you currently only have one... which assigns the left value to the right value (you don't want that!) # 5 Allied air kills award def allied_skills(player): return player.coal_pref == coalition.Allies and player.ak_total >= 5 # 5 Axis air kills award def axis_skills(player): return player.coal_pref == coalition.Axis and player.ak_total >= 5
  15. [TWB]Sketch

    Tactical Air War

    Of the top 16 pilots (based on air kills), all but 3 are German. These 13 German pilots have 274 Russian air kills, all by themselves. (In comparison, the top 13 Russian pilots have 118 German air kills.... almost a 3:1 ratio.) So, yes; Red team is getting shot down more often.