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  1. The Surface Tools are there... But... 1)They seem incomplete or non-functional 2)There is no documentation on any of the tools or how the tools function 3)So far no one (that I'm aware of) has been able to modify the ground successfully and have others play on that modified ground
  2. I 100% agree. Here is a test mission that has all the force complete commands tied to the landing lights and they do not turn on. Landing Lights Test.zip
  3. Yes, I 100% agree! All of the lights (searchlights and landing lights) are not working with any type of force complete command. I have a test mission here that goes through all the force complete commands and it does not turn on the lights. Landing Lights Test.zip
  4. Test? Pppssshhh!!! Who does that anymore? I'm kidding... Let me take another look at the group today. EDIT: As you can see below (as of june 15th 2019) the landing lights and search lights do not turn on due to a bug. I'll edit the group I posted once the bug is resolved. (Maybe the devs want lights to turn on a different way...? If so, I'll need to modify the group to that particular way.) Runway Lights and Beacon.zip
  5. So I created a "landing fires" and a "landing searchlights" set of groups for both Allied and Axis. The nice thing about these groups is that the fires/searchlights will "go away" when friendly players are not near them. Then, when friendly players do get near; they turn back on. Be sure to use the "place on ground" button with all the fires and searchlights. Runway Lights and Beacon.zip Here's my group; feel free to use it as you see fit. ^^^ If you have questions, let me know. EDIT: Updated group file June 16th, 2019
  6. Please give the group to this thread and we'll take a look at it. My bad! It's 3am and I need sleep. I tested the group, and it doesn't work for me either. Let me see if I can recreate this group for you. Do you just want searchlights on a runway?
  7. Try resetting the group by using the resave group option in the mission editor.
  8. Are we sure these values are correct now that there has been an update or two? It seems I can't destroy certain entities with 100kg bombs or rockets. As an example, dugouts are suggested to be at 25000 damage, but I cannot destroy a dugout anymore with rockets or 100kg bombs when set at that value. When I use a 250kg, or 500kg bomb; I have to be exactly on the target (and I mean exactly on target!). See my video... Is this how the dugout destruction is supposed to be now? Other objects include hangers, trucks, half tracks, and more... What gives? Are 100kg (or less) bombs useless? What about rockets?
  9. You should fly the Ju52 "Supply Runner" mission. It's completely random each time you take off from a field and is also a completely voiced mission.
  10. Hey this is my mission! Wow, this is so cool to see someone else play it!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it; this made my day. 😄 You can get the mission here:
  11. This was on the Finnish Virtual Pilots server... It ran super smooth!
  12. Agreed, almost all of TWB fly in VR. Damnit @[TWB]Reagan-LW
  13. Did I say change IL-2 accounts? Was his question about two different accounts? Look at the quote... No, I said you have to change your IL-2 name each time you switch sides, after registering two different names (one for each side) on TAW. No, he was concerned about having to change his Steam name (which I assume is his IL2 name) when he wants to switch sides on TAW. No where did he mention accounts. Both of us answered by saying, "Yes, you have to change your account name." Lets read first please, before throwing me under the bus...
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