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  1. [TWB]Sketch

    No Tiger

    Not normally, but if shit isn't working right, that's the first step... "Did you turn it off and on again?" If you need anything else, just hit us up.
  2. [TWB]Sketch

    No Tiger

    Have you tried resetting the mission editor with the resetmissioneditor.exe app (in the mission editor folder)? Can you take a picture of where you expect the playable tiger to appear in your mission editor?
  3. [TWB]Sketch

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Come on @F/JG300_Faucon, everyone has their moments dude. No need to oust a player on the forums. Your agenda should have been to just ignore her (and any other pilot having a bad time), not put a pilot on blast because they're salty and "in the moment".
  4. [TWB]Sketch

    Tank defense not working?

    Probably need some testing... And/Or probably need units that can actually pen the KV1 and the Tiger.
  5. I like Riksen's solution. Today at 5pm traffic, when someone cuts me off; I'm just gonna pull a Riksen on them! I'm sure the judge will understand. In all fairness, Riksen is correct in "watch traffic, lander's have priority", but shooting the offender isn't a good solution. (This is really a map designer problem.)
  6. Heh, as you know, the Ai isn't the best. I don't know what will happen, if anything. My best guess is the Ai will stop doing whatever and attempt to fufill another method, if two methods are conflicting.
  7. You can only have about 6-8 effects, or about 3-4 burning tanks, on at a time. (If I'm wrong about that, I'm sure other mission designers will correct me! But I don't think I'm wrong....) The image above is an example of how to turn the effects on and off when players enter and exit an area near the effect(s). Also, video: And the new group with the enter and exit logic added: VehicleOnFire_v2.zip
  8. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, you could uncheck "delete on death" in the block entity and wouldn't need the repair portion of my logic.
  9. This is the basic setup. You want to stack the static block, and the two land fires on top of each other. This will give the illusion that the vehicle is a burning wreck. Keep in mind that objects will delete themselves after a few minutes, so I've set the vehicle to repair itself and destroy itself every 5 minutes. This way it won't delete. The bottom portion of the image is @JimTM's effect substainer. If you want multiple vehicles, just add two more effects, and another static block and make the object connects from the repair/damage and effect starts and stops; no need to recreate the effect substainer and damage and repair logic. And here it is cleaned up: I should also add that any effect you add to your mission is a performance hit. So too many of these guys going off will slow down your player's computer. Don't add too many. 😄 And here's the group I created: VehicleOnFire.zip (Just in case.... I didn't test this logic, so if someone else has a better solution, or can verify that this works, then that'd be a good thing.)
  10. [TWB]Sketch

    Sketch's Missions

    Ask and you shall receive! Supply Runner
  11. It happened right after mission loaded, and everyone was either on the server, or getting into the server. Maybe caused by lots of people connecting? Maybe to many events/MCUs firing off at the same time? Maybe Dserver issues? IDK. I just gave up after the third/fourth disconnect. (15-20mins into the mission) There were about 8 people total playing when I kept getting disconnected.
  12. It was happening to me last night too. Right after the mission loaded, I kept getting disconnected after 2-3 mins of play. Here's video:
  13. [TWB]Sketch

    Il2 BOX - SCG moments

    Nice video Drifter.
  14. [TWB]Sketch

    Tank won't move.

    This is what you're looking for:
  15. [TWB]Sketch

    Tank won't move.

    Convoy doesn't have to stop and shoot, but the Ai trucks have to stop and setup their AAA guns and stabilize the truck. They have a better chance of having the Ai setup their guns if you force the convoy to stop somehow. For boats, I don't think you have to have the same logic. Boats are bigger, and will shoot at you on the move - especially the destroyers. You can see them deploy in this video: