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  1. I think temporary fields should be vulchable, and all other fields should have the same radius of protection that Combat Box is doing. As a matter of fact, Combat Box is doing something similar with their fields; where some of the more front line fields have no protection, but the rear fields are protected.
  2. I don't believe there's any way you can translate the binary file to plain text. An example of a binary *.msbin file above opened in a typical IDE The same mission, but opened with the *.mission file; which is plain text opened in a typical IDE
  3. Friday Night Flights is open again for registration. This week we fly WW1 planes; come check it out! Link and info on the first post of this thread.
  4. Thad is one hell of a necromancer. This thread is four years old.
  5. Post mission files here and we can take a look at it.
  6. B25Bombers.zip You'll still need to change the subtitle message MCUs, move the waypoint MCUs to where you want the bombers to fly too, and move the AttackArea MCU to the target you want destroyed by the bombers, but I've used this group many many times. Move the waypoints of each flight to where you want the bombers to fly to, and edit the subtitle messages to reflect your changes Move the attack area MCUs to where you want the bombs to drop.
  7. In my experience, AAA is the most server performance hit. The flak goes to all players (puffy and small arms) even if they're not in the area. So if you have 100+ flak going off, the server will basically crawl on it's knees. We've done things like remove AAA from spawnable airfields to help remove AAA from the mission, and made the AAA only spawn on checkzones when enemy are near an objective. Then it's bombers that take up server performance. Especially the bigger bombers that multiple gunner seats. The most we've been able to handle with 84 players is about 8 B25s. With 50 people, we've been able to have 12 bombers without to many issues. The next heaviest item is the underscore vehicles.... Especially if they're moving and shooting. The next heaviest is large ships with multiple AAA. Then next heaviest is vehicles that move. Next is moving trains. Then blocks that are active entities. Then blocks that are not active entities.
  8. We built the mission awhile ago so my info is a little fuzzy. Regarding scoring... I believe we built the logic to not award any points to a side unless both the recon was completed over the objective and the objective was destroyed. Regarding adding more recon objectives... We have 3 objectives per recon zone, and 4 zones total. At mission start, we have logic that randomly chooses either 2 of the objectives or 1 of the objectives at each recon location, giving 6 of 12 randomly chosen recon objectives. The other 6 get destroyed and removed from play. If we added more objectives, the server performance would suffer. Regarding not showing objectives until a recon completes... We can not spawn block entities. Having the block entities always in the world from game start would cause severe server performance issues because we would uncheck 'delete after death' for any block objects. We would do this so we can repair the entities later. So, if we never remove them, and on mission start damage all block entities so that they can't be destroyed by a player until the objective is reconned, there would be 6 objectives that have block entities doing nothing except taking up resources. Delete after Death helps with server performance. We're deleting all the unused block entities when we randomly select 6 of the 12 recon objectives at mission start. Regarding adding more time to recon an object and/or lower the recon altitude... Adding more time to recon an objective or adjusting the altitude necessary to recon an objective would require us to rewire events and edge cases. As @Alonzo pointed out, the recon logic is pretty complex. We tell users when they've started a recon, a few status updates while performing a recon, and even when they've completed the recon. We also tell the user when they've left the area and haven't completed a recon, and when a recon plane has been shot down. There really is a lot going on under the hood here and it's a testament to how good the Combat Box missions are. The recon logic in all it's glory. Regarding returning to base when completing a recon... There's not a simple way in the mission editor for us to know which plane has completed the recon and has returned to base. What I mean by this is that, pilot 1 could fly out to do a recon, and his buddy, pilot 2, could immediately land a second recon plane after pilot 1 completes his recon. If we were playing cooperative, where players had to select their individual plane - this could easily be done, since I know exactly who is in what plane. However, in a dogfight server where everyone can respawn. We only know that there's recon planes flying around... We don't know each recon plane's id. In summary, we'll probably leave the recon as it is in Standoff in the Lowlands, a sort of cool feature that we wanted to try out. Now we know the community really likes it, so when we make new maps that have recon, we'll most likely add in these new feature requests.
  9. Friday Night Flights registration is now open for September 11th. Additionally, we'll have a special WW1 event on September 25th. Links and information are on the first post of this thread.
  10. What mod number is the female pilot option? I assume it's 8 (arrays start at zero... Hello!)?? However, I have mods 1 through 10 unlocked but I can't select the female pilot option in game. What gives? What's the secret formula? Thanks! Note above I have mods 1 through 10 unlocked and payloads 1 through 2000 (I know there's not 2000 payloads...) All female pilot mod options are set to '9' (which is normally one number less than the number listed in this chart...) but I have all mods unlocked through 10. ---------------------------- Well I answered my own question by running some tests....The mod number is 24. Why is it 24? I have no idea... This number works for all three planes that have female pilots as a mod option.
  11. This week's Friday Night Flights event already has over 40 people registered this week! However, we still have open slots for you and your buddies. Register now, or miss out! -> https://campbell20.github.io/Friday-Night-Flights-Pilot-Roster/
  12. In this video, you can get a glimpse of what Friday Night Flights is all about. We, the 352nd Fighter Group, were tasked with defending Venlo's Bridges. While on patrol, we spotted multiple groups of 190s in the clouds. We began our engagement slightly lower and to the enemy's side... What ensued was a large air skirmish. To learn more about Friday Night Flights see this link -->
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