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  1. You currently have the mission as a dogfight mission. Meaning that it's setup for multiplayer and will only work in the dogfight folder and will only show up when creating a dogfight server. Change the mission to single player and save it in the missions folder. It will work then.
  2. If they're all on the same line (ie: top, center), then the last one shows up and replaces the others. If they're on separate lines (ie: top, center and bottom, center) then they will both appear.
  3. Your list file is empty. Resave the file as a new file inside the mission folder (for single player) or the dogfight folder (for multiplayer), and it should work correctly. Your list file is empty. Most likely you saved the multiplayer mission inside the missions folder instead of inside the dogfight folder. Here you can see the list file is filled, because I saved the mission as a single player mission inside the missions folder. The mission now works for me [in single player].
  4. There's already a script in the Mission Editor to do this.
  5. Is the Checkzone being 'pulsed'? By default, Checkzones are not looking for anything until they get pulsed. Your Activate MCU is not the same as pulsing the Checkzone. Most of the time I pulse them with a Mission Begin, meaning that they'll start looking for the entities right away. Pulsing and activation are not the same thing. This chart hopefully explains the difference.
  6. C47 supply mission example added to the example objectives zip file and video has been posted in the first post of this thread. This is a little bit more advanced topic (and requires multiple 'steps' to work and function correctly), but it can be done.
  7. Hmm... I just tested it, and it seems the onParatrooperLandedAlive event is not triggering events like it should. I changed it to onParatrooperJumped and it's working as intended. I will upload a new video in a bit. I've uploaded a new version of the mission examples to the first post in this thread. Object Paratrooper Landed Alive is not working for me in my tests. Use Object Paratrooper Jumped instead. Edit: New video uploaded
  8. Most objectives you see in multiplayer and single player are 'destroy X amount of entities to complete the objective'. I am going to attempt to provide you guys with some examples of how you can make a more engaging objective type to spice up your missions. Thanks to @ITAF_Airone1989 for planting this idea in my head. All the objective examples in this thread: Example Objectives.zip Spy Mission The first type is a spy style mission. To complete this objective, a player must land with a specific plane, in a certain area behind the enemy lines, and stay t
  9. Yes, but what @LF_Sire is saying is that if you put your groups inside the mission folder (or any subfolder of the mission folder), they will show up in the Mission Editor. Put groups here: C:\...\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\Missions\ or any sub folder inside the mission folder. (My groups are inside this Sketchastic folder.) And they will show up in the Mission Editor under the Groups section:
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