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  1. Place your ndb anywhere you want and turn beacon channel to 1. It will then start working for the country you selected in the country dropdown.
  2. That's 100% correct and Reason why Red Teamplay is so bad. Are you a troll? Come on dude.
  3. That's 100% correct, and the Reason why RED Teamplay is so bad. See what I did there?
  4. Okay this is great information! Thank you again @Varibraun!
  5. We didn't miss any days... Are the ai flying different missions than us on the same day? If so, it would be great to separate the reports or something. Also, Alonzo was awarded the purple heart and he never took damage.
  6. FNF for May 29th has been posted. See the first post of this thread for more information!
  7. 9.0.0 Beta: AAR giving incorrect information A group of us were flying in the coop campaign using p38s. This is a new campaign created in 9.0.0 Beta When we returned to based and made our claims and such, the AAR would give incorrect information. These two pilots never flew with us: We didn't lose any aircraft, but the AAR says otherwise: AAR tabs are saying "plane lost" when it should be notification of victory... Also, Lt Dereck never flew with us: Error Report: The38Campaign202005252105435.zip
  8. Sketch

    That moment when...

    For Combat Box's new mission...
  9. If your in game name is Player-12345 or some combination of numbers after "Player-", then yes you're getting booted. Please link your Steam account and then change your name to something less anonymous.
  10. Memorial day weekend probably. BoBp is mostly American planes
  11. I've never taken the armor and then later went, "Well damn! Good thing I took the armor!"
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