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  1. Yes, that's normal behavior. You can make missions for anyone, but you can only play missions for the planes you own.
  2. I've downloaded the mission, opened it in my game to test it (before working on fixing any problems), and it works perfectly fine for me. Do you not own the P47D22? If you don't, you can't play the mission. Here's me in the nice little fat bottom girl - The P47D22. Maybe you don't own the D22?
  3. I assume this is for single player. Verify in the Advanced Tab of the specific plane that you want the player to use, is set to 'player' in the ai controller. Additoinaly, make sure no other plane is set to 'player'. (There should only be one player plane.) See image: If the plane is correctly set to player, and all the other planes are correctly set to ai and it's still not working... Then post your mission files here for us to take a look at.
  4. I use a simple word to html converter like this one: https://wordhtml.com/ It allows me to type out what I want and how I want it to look, and then it converts what I typed into a nice big block of html, that I then paste into the mission editor.
  5. Oh yes! I forgot about that. I was using "Bold" in my example. Thanks @JimTM!
  6. You're welcome. Good luck in your mission building, and if you have any more questions hit us up.
  7. If you're having the issue below, where the purple area is larger than your border area, then you'll have to add a bunch of checkzones around the border, and disable them all when one goes off. This will not work, because the players won't get the message when they're outside of the border, but not outside of the yellow circle (the checkzone's influence) surrounding the border [aka: the purple highlighted section]. You'll have to create something like this... A bunch of checkzones surrounding the border (there may be small gaps, but it's better than the larger gap from above) Those checkzones will be active from mission start, but will immediately deactivate once one of them detects a plane. Once a plane is detected, a message will fire to both teams, "Hey! GET BACK IN THE ZONE!!" and Once that fires off, a one minute timer will be fired off. After one minute, the checkzones will reactivate again. If the any planes are out of the border, then the system repeats itself. NOTE: Building the checkzones in this way is most likely using mission resources than are probably unnecessary. Do we really need a warning message for out of bounds players? Something to consider... Another NOTE: In my example below, I'm using only one set of checkzones around the border to detect both sides (Red team and Blue team), and I'm notifying both sides, if only one side is out of bounds. If you want specific side notifications, then you'll need DOUBLE the amount of Checkzones around the border - one set for each side. Which again, takes up even more resources! Definitely something to consider... Here's what it looks like without all the target links. The Checkzones surround the border. If they detect a plane, will deactivate all checkzones, tell the player to get back into the fight, and after 1 minute reactivate all checkzones again. The reason we want this one minute delay is so that we're not constantly spamming the players. Same image, but now with the target links to all objects. As you can see, the pulse goes: Checkzone -> Deactivate -> All Checkzones -> 1 sec -> Subtitle -> 1 min -> Activate -> All Checkzones Here is a group example from the images above. Out of Bounds.zip EDIT: An easier alternative is just to building your border in the shape of the Checkzone. Why be square? In this example, we use much less resources, but our border shape is not circular instead of square.
  8. Can't object link the planes in dogfight mode, because the planes are spawned in... Not set up by the mission designer. This could 100% work in co-op mode, because you are specifying each individual plane in the mission editor.
  9. Not really, but complex triggers are more resources on mission and adding in all the names for each plane/plane type is harder on the mission designer. KISS works much better (as you always say).
  10. For dogfight servers, which is what I assume you're making, the only way is to tell all players on a particular coalition that one of them is out of bounds. To do this, use a really large checkzone mcu and set it to check if players are outside of it. If they are, then send a subtitle message saying, "Yo, one of you guys is out of bounds!! Get back into the fight!!"
  11. Thank you for the quality feedback. Here at Combat Box, we desire quality feedback so that we can improve and grow. Your feedback will be sorted and filed into the proper place, so that we may come back to it later. If you have future feedback, please consider what exactly you wish to change to make the game better for everyone in the community. We try to include everyone and every type of person when we make missions, but sometimes we miss the mark. I hope you can understand where us mission designers and admin team are coming from, and realize that my comment above is just satire. Have a nice day.
  12. And the group: Radar Spotter Logic.zip To use, you must import the group to your mission.
  13. Yeah, that's a 'fake_block' entity you're talking about HerrMurf. It's an invisible block to allow you to fire off events. However, no matter what, the ground entities, which 'craters' fall into, can't be set to disabled/enabled. They're either in existence at the start of the map, because the mission designer added them, or they're not, because the mission designer didn't include them. These entity groups will always exist in a mission, from mission start, and can't be turned off, if a mission designer includes them in the mission.
  14. Friday Night Flights will go back to WW1 this week. Learn more by reading the first post in this thread.
  15. This is a tough question to answer because there really isn't 'efficient AAA to avoid low level attacks from planes'. If a player has enough speed, they'll not get hit by in game flak no matter what. However having said that, I have answered something like this before by comparing what TAW is doing with their flak systems. Check it out here: To make less deadly flak, use the DSHK for Allies and the MG34 for Axis. These guys will pepper a wing pretty good for low and slow flying airframes, but generally not give that plane critical damage unless they hang around too long. Finnish and Combat Box are using these guys in some of their front line objectives. The German MG34-AA and the Russian DSHK-AA units.
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