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  1. It's a 'black entity' because it's an unlinked vehicle entity. As you stated, all airfields, artillery, effects, planes, trains, and vehicles are 'black' and invisible in the game if unlinked.
  2. He was demonstrating that any 'black entity' can't be seen unless it's a linked entity. In this case he was using a train entity as an example of a 'black entity'. Also, all entity's lives matter!
  3. Just under 1000 registered users, with probably 50% flying more than one mission... Those three complaints * 10 (for the silent majority) are still probably to small a percentage (3%) to make a substantial change to the AA - that is designed to be brutally punishing. Gambler's Fallacy and all that...
  4. 1 vs 1.5 is still very doable... It's a target rich environment. 😎
  5. I could be wrong, but I think the AA and the call outs are set to the wrong country.
  6. Good question... I have no idea, but my money is on no.
  7. Well with the new meta, I assure you people will be chute killed. Only need to do it 3 times to kick a player for an entire map or 24 hours. Naah, players won't do that; they have honor. /s Time to bring this guy out again...
  8. Check any of the WOL missions. All of their airfields have siren logic.
  9. This Discord is where I usually answer mission editor related questions -> https://discord.gg/dHqQx2
  10. C.Y.A. = Cover your ass I could be wrong, but you CAN have multiple spawners per plane entity (to make the plane spawn randomly) <--- I know this works, but not multiple planes per single spawner. <--- I'm not certain about this half of my sentence. Your logic: - You have an input to the counter, causing it to only count 1 destroyed search light (see my white 1 from the timer and yellow inputs from destroyed searchlights). Then your output is to an activate. Things are already 'activated' by default; you only need to send a message to the next MCU to tell it, "YO, YOU'RE MY NEXT EVENT IN MY MISSION!!" See your the bright red line to the trigger activate...? You're telling the trigger activate to fire next, and then the trigger activate tries to 'activate' the end mission MCU next, but because the end mission MCU is already activated, nothing happens. My logic: - I have no inputs to my counter except the 'onKilled' events from the searchlights. This allows two searchlights to be destroyed. (I want to send two searchlights 'ondestroyed', and then tell the counter that it's the next event.... Then the counter's next event is to disable my plane spawning logic and tell the player that they've completed the mission...) - I have a separate counter for my planes. This counter has 'reset after operation'; meaning it'll spawn a new set of planes after two planes are destroyed. And it'll keep spawning two more planes every time two ai planes are destroyed. The only thing stopping this logic is the searchlight destroyed counter to trigger deactivate to my timer (that's acting as an input from the destroy plane counter's output). With this timer deactivated (remember it's active by default), then no logic can 'pass' it, so to speak. Meaning no more spawning planes. My searchlights destroyed counter ^^ My planes destroyed counter, the 1s timer, and the trigger deactive to the timer ^^
  11. VIDEO FAIL!!! lol... One sec... Here's a better video: And here is the mission file: Training.zip
  12. What exactly are you expecting and what is it doing instead? Also, post the mission here, and we can take a look at it.
  13. As Jim stated, with a complex trigger MCU, you can possibly get a 'double fired' event when you don't intend for that to happen, because the complex trigger will fire for the specific event you set up - regardless of planes. As an example, if you setup a complex trigger to fire an event (say... spawning a single enemy plane) when an 'onPlaneEnter' event fires... Then, every single plane that enters the complex trigger will fire the 'onPlaneEnter' event, and therefore the spawning an enemy plane event will fire too. It doesn't matter if plane 1 has left the complex trigger's area or not; the complex trigger only checks to see if a plane has entered and then fires any events tied to 'onPlaneEnter'. Imagine 30+ players all entering this complex trigger, spawning yet another enemy plane... Your server or mission would crash probably. Where as, a proximity trigger or check zone trigger will fire once a plane enters but not fire a second time when plane 2 enters that same check zone (while plane 1 is still in the check zone). If you had the same event as the above example tied to the check zone (spawn a single enemy plane), you would only get one enemy plane even if all 30+ pilots entered the check zone at the same time. Of course, you can manipulate the system by quickly disabling the complex trigger right after it fires, and renabling later. Meaning, a plane enters the complex trigger, sets off the single enemy plane event and disables itself all at the same time. Then, say when the players kill the plane, you can reenable the complex trigger. This is quirky though, because your players may still be in the complex trigger's area, but because they didn't 'onPlaneEnter' - they were in the area when the complex trigger activated, and didn't enter after it was activated - they won't get a second enemy plane till they fire the complex trigger's 'onPlaneEnter' again. Clear as mud, right? 😎 However.... Last I checked, a proximity trigger worked fine in peer to peer multiplayer, but I could be wrong.
  14. Yes, wind is set via mission properties and can't be changed mid-mission.
  15. Change the wing? Define "wing". - The player's modifications? Not unless it's multiplayer. - The player's plane? Not unless it's multiplayer. - The Ai wingmen that accompany a player? Have the original wingmen despawn/deactivate, and spawn/activate the new wingmen. Weather is set via the mission properties, and can't be changed mid-mission.
  16. Checkzones don't work in Peer to Peer multiplayer only. Using Dserver, or single player they work perfectly fine.
  17. Glad to have helped. I recommend reading either Prangster's or JimTM's guide. (I personally prefer Jim's, but that's just me.) If you have questions, let us know here or pm me. Hopefully, we can help you out.
  18. Or... Clear weather for blue, but many reds are not as happy to fly in this weather and are not happy with it. What do you think about it? (According to your logic, as long as the weather is random; both sides will be 'happy' or not 'happy'.)
  19. Here you go! Hope this helps.... Mission is below. FN Not Loading.zip
  20. It could be a few different things, but most likely the starting plane is somehow in the ground. Check the plane's 'Y' axis, and try again or post the mission here for us to look into. (Yes, I read that you can fly out okay without ships or AAA.)
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