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  1. To see any custom skin, you must have it on your computer. Your mate can't see the skin, because he does not have it on his computer. The servers do not have anything to do with custom skins, except allowing users to use custom skins or not.
  2. I'm very confused by this post. Sometimes things get lost in translation, or something... However, I'm not sure the context of this post. Are you sure you're in the right thread? Did you want to make new skins?
  3. This is how I see y'all right now: 😁😁 Most likely the server is hung. If the "server restart" script doesn't fire off, then I would give it some time for Alonzo to wake up and reset the server. (It's still 7am CDT over here in America-land.) Edit: It looks like, as of this posting, KOTA just reset their server.
  4. Either the server is hung, and in which case the "server restart" script will fire (on the server), or... Your map data is corrupted. Go to your ~/multiplayer/dogfight/ folder and remove all of the files and folders with the name "Alonzo" in them. Then try to reconnect to the server. Once you do, you'll download the latest map files and should be fine.
  5. In route to destroy enemy tanks on the KOTA server, we met this single plane attempting to attack our flight. Needless to say, the cannons potato launchers on the Tempest made short work of him. In this video, KG1 and friends were messing around in the OhMyDog server. Here I'm launching potatoes at [1/KG]Ivanovski.
  6. I'm pretty certain this is a game bug, and not related to the missions or the mission designer. I say this because other servers are having this issue too.
  7. In this context, I assume you mean the mission editor when you say 'fmb'. Right now, you can not ctrl-z anything except text you put into a field. There's a way to run both the editor and the game, but it's not supported and can cause issues. - launch the game - launch the editor - make changes to the editor without going into '3d camera mode' - save changes -alt-tab back to game -go to main menu to reset game state -launch your newly saved mission -???? -PROFIT!
  8. Hey Risken, There's no need to sign up if you're not going to be on the same comms as us, and don't allow others to join your crew. Having said that, these events do not close the server, so we fully expect you and any other squadrons to be in full force against us. See you Friday!
  9. Friday Night Flights Date: October 4th Time: 9pm EDT - 11pm EDT (1am GMT - 3am GMT) Side: Red Allies Server: Combat Box Comms: taw-server.de:9988 Mission Brief: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ywVcU6-v4dzEl_P5W01H9wtGNkE1DNGs0mXAOWJXLro Sign Up Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GRzfTj99hyR8SeurTWz5TvbOWOT1N_V0-hGdN5x5uyg/ Sign ups are now opened for Friday Night Flights, and it's going to be a Hoctober event! This week, we'll fly on Combat Box's late war setup. Fighters will be in Spits, and attackers will be run by MasterGraves. So get your pumpkin spices, your silly costumes, and come fly with us this Friday! It's going to be hot with action! Like before, TAW Teamspeak is what we use to coordinate between squadrons. So when you sign up, please sign up with your unit or buds. If you want to lead a flight; just select the flight leader role and know how to (or be willing to learn how to) use Teamspeak whispers. Additionally, JNoelC created a great mission briefing tool to help us coordinate attacks and escorts efforts. And it was recently updated with even more information. This way, not only can you hear the briefing before the fly out, but you can visually see it and refer back to it if you have a question. As always, everyone is free to join us on these events and sign ups are first come, first serve. The plan is to do 2-3 organized strike missions - each about 40-50 minutes in length. If you have any comments, suggestions, and questions, I'm always willing to listen. See you this Friday, and don't forget to sign up!
  10. @Raptorattacker - It's me saying "Turning hard left, lights on!" Here's a little bit bigger dogfight and a little longer video for ya.
  11. Dropping in on a lone unprotected Ju88 (and an easy kill)... Engaging two 109s with @[TWB]kmac31's help.
  12. Friday Night Flights is today at 9pm EDT to 11pm EDT! We're on Combat Box this week, and will be using TAW Teamspeak for voice communications. As of this post, we have only a few open slots left for both Red and Blue teams. See you tonight! Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GRzfTj99hyR8SeurTWz5TvbOWOT1N_V0-hGdN5x5uyg
  13. I'm pretty certain that there already an 'Add ai when player count is low' script running on this server.
  14. Sign ups are filling fast for the Friday event, but we need more Red pilots! Do you have what it takes? Sign Up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GRzfTj99hyR8SeurTWz5TvbOWOT1N_V0-hGdN5x5uyg/edit?usp=drivesdk
  15. I'm not worried, I still have this card in my deck:
  16. This assumes that the Red pilots are all in fighters. By your same logic, maybe the Reds were fielding bombers too?
  17. Let's look at some facts, instead of anecdotal evidence... Facts: Most, if not all of the German fighter craft are better when matched with their counterpart. (The debate of they're not modeled correctly shouldn't be discussed here.) Over the course of the last 28 days of this campaign, on average, there has been nearly three more blue pilots than red (13.4 vs 10.9). And just looking at yesterday's numbers, it's most likely that there's a larger disparity of red players only during Russian Prime Time hours. TAW has been running since February 2016, and in that time both sides have won the campaign numerous times. However, nearly every campaign the blue side has had more players. During US Prime time, it has almost always been 2:1 or greater (blue:red) in every campaign, especially when the campaign gets into the later war. And during that same US Prime time, the numbers, as you can see in these charts above, have been very low (vs EU Prime Time). This debate, like the chute-killing debate, has gone on since the first iteration of TAW back in 2016. The problem is and always will be - balance. It's a difficult thing to resolve. In the game developer world, the joke goes something like, "Dear Developers, Please nerf Paper; Scissors is fine. Sincerely, Rock." The TAW developers have done a lot to help mitigated these balance issues, but players will be players. (Do I need to mention some of the forthcoming's of what players have done outside of the realm of what others would consider normal game play?) Based on what I've read over the course of the last few campaigns, ask yourselves before throwing stones across the pond: (none of this is directed at Moo or Red) Is the argument, "Well, it's war, the game shouldn't be balanced for everyone! (and also, I will only be on the side that has the advantage.)"; sound okay? Does waiting 20 minutes or more so that you and your buds can fly together - and fly together against a much smaller enemy team; sound okay? Does flying for the greater numbered side, against 2:1 or greater odds - regardless of if all of the greater side are in bombers or not; sound okay? Does refusing to fly a certain side because of X reason; sound okay? Does saying that players flock to X server instead of TAW really have any merit with TAW's balance issues? And if so, what would you suggest to help convert those players to TAW? Don't you want people to fly with and against? If so, don't you want to help bring the very small community together; instead of being selfish? Just so it's clear, there's been almost two more blue players on WoL over the last 28 days as well... (21.4 vs 19.8)
  18. Silas, don't bring logic to this argument! /s
  19. Concure... A timer MCU can act like a Boolean gate. If it's disabled, it won't pass any inputs. If it's enabled, it will pass inputs.
  20. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=se-link Your TAW name and your IL-2 account name must be the same. Your TAW account name doesn't have any missions, so it's possible you tried to connect to TAW with any of these "xfiles" names: http://taw.stg2.de/stats.php?search_name=xfiles_ However, you can only have one name per side, which is most likely se-link or one of the original xfiles names you created. Change your IL2 account to match the TAW name, or change the TAW name to match your IL2 account. Additionally, you can not be in any gunner seat except for your own plane.
  21. Updated missions and added a level bombing practice mission
  22. We had a 10x Stuka raid with 4 109s as escort during our weekly Friday fly outs on TAW. Normally we fly out as Red, but we wanted a little change of pace. We decided to take a bunch of Stukas to the enemy tanks objective. While we didn't really do much damage, it was pretty fun to see 14 pilots all working together and on comms. Here's some screenshots taken by [1/kg]Windhover: Once we reached the target, I asked everyone to turn on their sirens. And this is the result: Here's the same sirens on from [1/kg]Windhover's view:
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