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  1. I'll back up @ACG_Kai_Lae's statements by adding my own comments. It's actually a lot of fun to read other AARs and writing your own can be rewarding too. Here's one from my last mission, where I got shot down... https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/acg-pam/reportVVS.php?r_id=16338 And there's many more pilot accounts to go through. You could be reading pilots accounts all week, if you wanted to. It's extremely immersive and I think that's the intent of ACG.
  2. As of April 14th, 2019... Looking at a single objective on the Battle for Kalinin mission, it seems @Alonzo's missions currently have no delay when a target is attacked (red arrow). However, if the message has popped up, it will not pop up again for three minutes (green arrow).
  3. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe you do because you'll get a server message that "Trucks has been destroyed". That normally means that there's a log file generated.
  4. A vehicle train entity is counted as damaged only from the locomotive and not the trucks the train pulls. The only way to do this is with individual block entities and not a vehicle train entity. This means that your "train" won't move, but can perform the logic you want.
  5. Here's our first engagement: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/407118465?t=01h15m19s Here's @Death-Merchant's gunner killing me. (Starts about 2:50) 😄 Such good fun. I hope that we can get more community involvement with objective making for future events! Next event will be April 27th at 2pm EDT.
  6. Added Locking down the unused planes. See you guys in an hour!
  7. Added to a20 flight Added to ju88 flight
  8. Added Still plenty of bomber slots left on both sides... Or will the fighters have to carry ordnance to the front?
  9. What happens when I put a larger object (such as a building entity) at anything higher than 1500 durability (say... Around 5000+ durability)? Is the entity now indestructible?
  10. Reminder, tonight is the last day to turn in your mission objectives for this Saturday's event! Be sure to get those objectives turned in. You can pm me, Discord me, or post the group here.
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