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  1. Thanks all, I pulled the trigger and the G6 is now apart of my hangar 😁 Just took her for a quick 1v1 QM ... wow she handles well and has some teeth 😎
  2. Yeah I'm about to buy it as I take it it's a standalone collectors plane, and not part of any package.
  3. Hi All, Apologies for the noob question, and yeah I've only just noticed this Is the G6 a standalone collectors plane? I was under the impression G-6 came with the Early Access BoK Premium Edition. Cheers, SH
  4. Maybe they should speak to these guys ... http://kythera.ai/case-studies/star-citizen/focus-on-dogfighting
  5. I would LOVE the 410 to be in this sim.
  6. I've been longing for a descent - non arcade - WW2 tank sim since T34 vs.Tiger. I can see great potential in what you guys are doing and I really appreciate the effort being put in to it, it's going to compliment the flight sim in IL-2. I just want to say thanks for taking the risk in developing IL-2 Tank Crews - S!
  7. Thanks for that. If memory serves, I think I watched an interview with Günther Rall where he explains using the same maneouver to evade a bandit.
  8. Hey Requiem. I've just come back to IL2 from a LONG hiatus and was watching your 'Bunting' video in the Bf109. Can you (or anyone) explain what 'Bunting' is? I've never heard of it before.
  9. Ordered the Gladiator Pro yesterday from Amazon. Due to arrive 29-Sep to 04-Oct Super excited
  10. You don't hold the stick back until you rotate, once you obtain rudder authority move the stick forward enough to allow for a gentle climb. Practice makes perfect.
  11. LOL ... Its the banana forums and UBI Zoo all over again.
  12. I was excited when I saw the SP campaign news pop-up in the launcher, then I read the instructions, followed step 1 and while it was uninstalling I was checking out this thread. I'm afraid I won't progress past step 1. I hardly come here, and just skim the website every now and then so I had no idea about this unlock design. Unlocks ... Seriously ... Worst decision ever. I'd actually rather pay real $$$ for the unlocks to help fund further development, just like in RoF.
  13. Ha ... The frame rate might be up but us multi-monitor guys get nothing but a black screen unless we use a single monitor. Hoping it's fixed soon, just got the Warthog and was dying to try it out.
  14. Edit to previous post - the machine gun issue seems to have fixed itself after restarting the sim.
  15. Oh man, I just stumbled across this thread, you da man Requiem. Just one thing, using your G940 profile and when in the F4, the machine guns don't fire for me, cannons are no problem. I've remapped the machine guns to various buttons but they just don't fire. Any ideas? Thanks for the videos mate, they're awesome.
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