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  1. Planes from series 3 to 8 or 9 had it, our series 29 definitely didn't get any 23 mils since they were primarily made for IL-2's.
  2. Well, Lagg-3 never had 23mm cannon and its still availible.
  3. GM-1 wouldn´t help much. It was heavy and only had benefits in very high altitudes - it also made the plane a bit slower in lower alts.
  4. Hi, can you please allow at least 4xSC50 bombs for all BF 109's? It would improve the gameplay. Edit: For BF 109 G-2, G-4 and G-6.
  5. I thought so. Luukanen in "Fighter over Finland" also didn´t mention such use of 109 or G-4. Thx for answer
  6. Hi, I have a few questions about 109´s in Finnish service. 1) Did they use them as Jabo´s? (Or had bomb racks for them in storage at least?) I have found a model kit (1/72 Kora model) which includes schemes of G-6´s with bomb racks for four SC50´s. I have googled it and have found nothing. 2) Did they use BF 109 G-4? I know they used G-2´s and G-6´s (and I think one or two G-8´s, rebuilt for fighter purpose only). I have found a color scheme of Oiva Tuominen´s "G-4" (with big red zero on engine cowling) but I am not sure whether it isn´t a late G-2.
  7. I am not Polish. Your wannabe-funny joke just made you even more laughable.
  8. Yep. The fact that Peshka is usually faster than E-7, its gunners have better range than E-7's 20mils and its damage model is broken since ever, don't play a role at all. (Repost, deleted it myself)
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