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  1. Ropalcz

    No, stuka can not take the most damage...

    According to Klobuk, both FW 190's got severly damaged by the rear laser beam of Peshka. Traditional Peshka's one tap headshot/engine damaged/plane on fire didn't happen
  2. Ropalcz

    No, stuka can not take the most damage...

    I thought the IL-2 was the flying tank, not oPe-2
  3. Ropalcz


    Stuka Stratojet 😄
  4. Ropalcz

    Tactical Air War

    Nope. Folgore saw very limited use there. I would set a BF 109 F-2 with the 15mm nosegun only (with 20mm gun upgrade locked on the first two maps) as a basic plane instead of E-7
  5. Ropalcz

    Tactical Air War

    Yep. The Mig-3 with 2xShvak produced in only 52 pieces of over 3K built during 1942 is brutal in 1941 scenario. If we had i-153, SB-2, Su-2 and other planes, it would be much more interesting experience
  6. Ropalcz

    Tactical Air War

    Simulation as hell
  7. Its everything but unfrequent - I see you never fly online. If you are shot down and captured/dead in 109G or 190A and you spawn on the airfield afterwards, you get this bug almost always. (WoL) Its going on for several months but no one sees it as a problem...
  8. Hi, I have a question - how to make recon/spotter objective for multiplayer map? To be accurate - which MCU´s to place and how am I supposed to connect them? I would like it to be working like this - the spotter plane (for example 109 G-2) would have to circle above the objective for some time (for example 5 minutes) and after that time, objective would be completed and the pilot of recon/spotter plane would get some points for it at the stat page. Does anyone have an idea how to make it?
  9. Ropalcz

    Tactical Air War

    Yep. TAW page doesn't mention any restriction.
  10. Ropalcz

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Yesterday sortie with @-[HRAF]vad-asz
  11. Ropalcz

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    I know that. Just reacted on someone who thought Luftwaffe had 109 E-7 only at that time... 😄