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  1. Someone on discord had similliar nick like you, I will edit it. Sorry 😄
  2. Armed recon with @1CAG_CountOrlok on KOTA
  3. November 42 means 109 F-4 and maybe even 109 G-2 for Blues. And a P-40 for Red team.
  4. 100% fighter sorties on Kota is a lie, take a look on my stats from September and August. I flew around 40 supply missions on TAW. Get some facts before you start spreading lies.
  5. If you fly solo in a bomber, you are basically dead. In real life, flying solo in a bomber over the frontline would be a one way ticket. Insulting other players won't help you, you just look ridiculous. Advertising other server in this thread is really funny from you.
  6. You are right. Some people think that the only realistic setting is when they see and the rest of players doesn't see - something like the low graphic setting exploit users in WT and RO2. Having the third spotting range option (something between "realistic" and alternative) would solve the problem.
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