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  1. Yeah it was the same for me. I have done enough beta and alpha testing that I have no desire to ever do that again. By the time the final build arrives I am so burnt out that I don't want to play it. I prefer to wait for final builds now.
  2. I flash up the big map via the o key. On realistic mode it's a challenge because you can't see your plane's location on the map but it is more realistic because it mimics referencing a map chart in the cockpit, something I did in real life many times. Except in my day you had radio navaids helping you find things. As already stated you are better off keeping the hud (info overlays) off at all times, because it impacts performance big time. Using the big map without seeing your plane is like a game challenge in of itself because you have to rely on the topography to figure out where you are at in the map, much like it would be in real life. It can be rewarding once you get good at it. Once you do this a few times you begin to understand why there are many stories of airmen getting lost during ww2 and landing in enemy territory. I recently saw a documentary where a couple of german aircrew got lost and landed in neutral switzerland. Hitler had them executed once they were returned because their plane had top secret radar equipment onboard and was probably compromised big time by swiss spies.
  3. Agreed. I have made posts like this before but I can't say enough this is a great product series from a great team and I am looking forward to all their future products. I have a special love for their WW1 sim and I very much look forward to seeing it upgraded with this new engine. Between this series and DCS it is a good time to be a high-fidelity flight sim fan. Even Warthunder adds value to the genre. Their flight models aren't much to brag about but the sheer variety of planes is stunning. I lose myself in checking out as many planes as I can because their 3d models are stunning. In a perfect world we would have gaijin/777 join forces to produce a masterpiece of a platform series. All those gorgeous planes combined with their high fidelity flight models. Flight sim heaven. Alas it could never be.
  4. This happened to me a couple weeks ago. The help desk will eventually get to your email and will follow up with the 3rd party that handles the CC transactions and will rectify the issue. Just be patient. Make sure you forward a copy of the purchase to the support desk. Not sure why the devs are having all these problems lately, hopefully it means they are getting a lot of business and are overwhelmed.
  5. I will add by saying how I appreciate the fact that they are revisiting their maps and missions as they develop new tech for the newer modules. It shows they have pride in their work. Oh and getting VR working and working well really hooked me on this sim. As I stated in other threads, I am now a lifetime customer because of their outstanding level of detail and quality.
  6. Great perspective. I like the details on the aerobatic equipment. I knew that had to have some strong stuff to support the negative G regime. During my time in the gulf warzone. We were issued speed pills (or something similar) for the 24 hour ops tempo that was done on the ship. This was only done once for the deployment. I think they were testing to see how effective the 24 hr op tempo was vs. the normal 18 hour cycle. The pilots had no problem with it but the ship's crew was impacted pretty hard. Let's remember that the ground crews also have to be on their feet that entire time supporting the planes. I have always said mental fatigue is a huge factor for long missions (8+ hours) involving lots of mid-air refueling but I never felt physically exhausted.
  7. Now that I will agree with. I am sure you have put in a ton of online hours into this game. I would expect no less.
  8. Really? Think before you judge? I have several hundred hours in the t34C Mentor (high peformance turboprop), T2 Buckeye (intermediate jet) and the T45 Goshawk(advanced jet) before I flew over a thousand in the Hornet. All 3 trainers were not fly by wire and all 3 were mechanical linkage. None of these aircraft had fancy computers and equipment to aid with the flying. I didn't even have the hud which is now normal for the latest T45. So I can state with some authority that those planes never caused me exhaustion from pulling and pushing the stick during high-speed maneuvers. Yet, you are happy to judge before you think, that we modern jet pilots don't know what we are talking about because we can't relate to WW2 warbirds. That is what's laughable. Your time in an aerobatic aircraft does not qualify you to dismiss other's opinions on this topic. Especially those that have actual combat experience in the air (air war medal with bronze star). Also, I have been flying flight sims since the mid-1990s so I know all about the artificialities of flight sims. I have seen it all when it comes to sims and their shortcomings to real flight.
  9. I agree about the energy state management. It's the biggest factor for winning in a dog fight. Just remember these tactics you mentioned have many factors. Is it one sided? Are both sides of the fight trying to do the exact same tactic? Are the numbers even or are they lopsided? All these factor into whether these tactics work and work consistently. I have watched a few streams from the sim pros (like sherrif) where his team are doing great work in covering each other and maintaining energy states while one is attacking. But they always seem to be picking off singletons. I haven't seen many videos where sections or divisions are going at it each using advanced tactics. Typically that's where it degrades into a hairball where everyone is doing whatever they have to to survive. If I was on the other team both employing high cover tactics as you described and I was in high cover and saw the other team doing the same, I would immediately vector over to the other high cover and breakup the tactic. It's what they should be doing too.
  10. Yeah I heard them but never seen them. In DCS they have seagulls flying at the shoreline (normandy map), really nicely depicted and adds a ton of immersion during a flyby. I am confident this talented dev team will add more touches like this down the road (time and resources permitting). It's a good time to be a fan of flight sims. I experience this difficulty as well but don't have a problem with it since I can see the various steam vents from all the holes I punch into it. Make sense to me that the steam plant is less likely to explode when all the pressure is released from all those bullet holes. Now the train cars, tend to go boom a lot easier.
  11. I've done this maneuver in my training days in the T-2 buckeye. It was extremely choreographed because it was easy to bungle up. In fact we were attacking a dragged banner (constant heading and speed) with simulated gunfire. Fun but tedious because of the ground rehearsals that we students had to do to get it right. The diving attacks like these worked on bombers who were forced to fly a strict heading and tight formation (just like the banner) to survive and complete the mission. This stuff doesn't work against enemy fighters unless they are drones (or a banner) who don't react.
  12. No news is a sign that they are working feverishly to get this update out. I am hoping they haven't run into anything serious that is delaying release even further.
  13. Well put Go_pre. I think we need to remind ourselves that it's hard to relate our experiences to those that have never been there. It's the classic case of engineer (academic) vs. operator (actual). In any case we are all learning from this discussion. I would love to see the devs implement a g-meter reading like they have for an fps counter. This would allow us to see how much G is being exerted in the flight model and see if the turns/pulls/pushes are realistic. On a related note I encourage everyone to check out this documentary below which is by far the best covering the soviet aircraft of this sim and I bet the devs have this film for reference. On particular note check out starting at time 40:30. We see one of their seasoned test/combat pilots pulling off nine Gs, I assume without a G-suit. Interesting to see how the soviets were researching Gs. You can also tell he is easily handling 6Gs from the footage showing the gauges behind them. I am also surprised to see no effort in maintaining a tense posture for blood pressure, I suspect it was intentional to see how many Gs he could take before passing out.
  14. I will have to look for that next time I do a night outing.
  15. Hats off to the sound guy. I was messing around in the kuban map doing low flybys through the nicely detailed neighborhoods and I noticed after my plane went by and the engine noise faded a bunch of dogs barking in the back yards mad as hell at that plane that just flew by. Such a nice little detail that would be missed by a lot of players eager to fly to combat. I just love the extra effort the devs put into this game. I also appreciate the very detailed sounds of the cockpit during startup and shutdown. They could have easily glossed over some of these things but they didn't I look forward to seeing the products get more polished over time with little details like these. Great stuff! Maybe they could pull off birds like DCS has who knows. In any case I am very impressed.
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