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  1. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    Tactical Air War

    maybe a stupid question ( sorry ) - removing the technochat also means removing the digital compass ?
  2. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    Career mode: Some improvement suggestion

    Has anyone started a mission at a time other than 8:xx or 15:xx .. (I do not remember the exact minutes ) . I'd like to see missions at dawn or sunset .. BoM campaing.. Is it possible to complete all three campaigns with one pilot ( transfer all achievements and honors ) ? Or will you need to create a new profile for each campaign?
  3. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    Career mode: Some improvement suggestion

    What I would like to see in my mod career : 1. Edit waypoint. 2. Request transfer to another squadrons. 3. The name of the victim and her success so far in the fight
  4. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    Update to 3.001

    " Your connection to Master-Server was temporily lost...."
  5. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    MiG-3 Advice

    Yes I16 I like it very much. It's fun to fly with him. But as I quickly found out, I have to handle the joystick gently.
  6. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    MiG-3 Advice

    Thanks for your advice .. I am new to the BoS world, and decided to fly for VVS. But it seems that learning will be hard and painful..And Mig 3 is the plane that is the biggest mystery for me.
  7. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    I have one question. When I get into a bigger furball I have a big drop of fps. Is it caused by a server? I have I7 7700K, 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM..I would not expect such drops
  8. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    I thank you for sending me away.
  9. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    Thank you for your helpful advice..I expected that..
  10. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    please yes gps ..will help new players..
  11. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    The La-5 in 2.012

    For a long time I was not in BoS..But when I read what is happening with La5, I probably will try to return
  12. Thanks for the update..I look forward to the new Il2..
  13. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    Tactical Air War

  14. 3.IAP/UO_Mira*

    Tactical Air War

    This really be a good suggestion for a new planetset..