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  1. Been away for a while... And I am trying to use Multiplayer, but the Coop shows no servers at all. And the Dogfight only shows 3 servers. Two of which were an old squad I used to fly with. The other is the 352nd. I don't have the boxes checked for 'Hide servers with password / bad connection'. What am I missing?
  2. I'm having trouble adjusting these views on the P47d28. I changed the foreword/backward (first) numbers on the cameras to much larger numbers (4.0 to 14.0), but nothing changed. I have turned off Cinematic views. And disabled my TrackIR. What am I missing?
  3. Ok, I found a scripts.gtp and extracted that. It has the same .cfg files as already exist. And the cameragopro.cfg has a minimumfovgrad and maximum. But that just 'stretches' the view out of proportion when I make it larger.
  4. Thanks for the reply LizLemon! All of the files in luascripts/camera are text files. Do I need unGTP for some GTP file somewhere? I don't see any camera..gtp files anywhere. I'll try editing those lua and cfg files..
  5. I'm running a Triple screen, so those camera views are really zoomed in. I can only zoom out a little bit and am still snug up against the airplane. Pretty much a useless view the way it is for me. Same for the Combat view? Is there any way to zoom further out? I think If I could also move the x y z location of the cameras, I could move them back to start with, and get a better view without changing the zoom.
  6. Thanks for the help. My Throttle/Turbo was not double bound. I had gone through all of my controls yesterday looking for that. And there is no orange square indicating double assignment. It was the Engine Auto Control assist. Thanks for that @Soilworker! But in the Realism Settings, how can you see what settings Normal & Expert turn on/off? When I click on Custom I can see/set every setting. But in the other modes I see how they are set?
  7. I'm getting back into IL-2 and have a few problems. I'm trying to fly the P-47D, and am sitting on the runway or parked and cold. The Turbo axis is locked to the Throttle, even when I press the key to unlock it. I can it's lock being removed, but it still moves with the Throttle. Also, the Prop Pitch axis does not work. I can lock and unlock that too. But it never moves when I move the assigned axis. I have tested this axis and it working fine. So, I'm at a loss...
  8. Great!! Got it working. Awesome Software again. I just purchased it too. Thanks.
  9. I have SimShaker for Aviators for DCS and know how that works. But I am trying this for IL2 for the first time, just the demo.. and the 'Audio Parameters' section in Wings is all disabled. I cannot select my Sound Card, or Max. Channels, or the Compressor. How do I fix that? I have started it twice, so does that mean I have 4 more tries? (Demo gives 6 Starts?). And how does SSW know where IL2 GB is installed? Mine is installed on my E: drive. PS: I also use Voicemeeter Banana and need to select it's input for my shakers. But as I said above, the Sound Card drop
  10. Thanks for the reply. I had read some post from years ago that said something about transfering to steam. But could not find anything recent. Guess I'll just leave things as they are..
  11. Is it possible? If so, how? And is there any reason not to transfer to Steam, if it's possible? I just want to keep the game with all of my other games. And make it easier to buy DLC, etc... Thanks!
  12. Thanks, I just didn't have the missionPath line commented out. I just removed the path, and that didn't work.
  13. Is there a way to have the game automatically log me in? It saves my email and password, so why do I have to stop at that screen? Can't it just press Enter for me? That's all I do on that screen anyway.. I've tried the Startup.cfg, but didn't see anything that would do the press Enter for me. It already has my email and password saved there. I also tried autoplay.cfg, but that just took me into a list of missions. Not the main menu?
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