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  1. DDSnacko

    API for export of flight data

  2. DDSnacko

    Key for Ju87 Gunsight Illumination?

    Yes, just parked, cold and dark. As "manual" as this sim gets.. 😏 It's nothing like starting the Harrier or Hornet in DCS, but I want to try and make it feel as real as possible..
  3. DDSnacko

    Key for Ju87 Gunsight Illumination?

    Thanks!! Yesterday I was trying to do my first full manual startup and couldn't see it. I must have had my head off-center or something. I just tried it again today and see it now.
  4. I cannot find any key to turn on the gunsight in the Stuka. I found the 3Dmigoto mod that lets me turn it on with LAlt+K. But I cannot find the key in the stock game. Any help 😉.
  5. Got new VKB software that fixed it. I can now set my buttons starting at 30. Yea!
  6. As I said above, there is a bug in the new firmware that automatically sets the buttons starting at 100. I change it to 30, and it always changes it back to 100 when I click Set.
  7. Good to know. That is probably the problem. Thanks! I used to set those 4 hat buttons to 30-33. But with the last firmware update there is a bug that always changes the starting button sequence of 30 that I enter to 100 (a default I think).
  8. I have that top/left hat (the convex one) setup as a 4 button hat. It works fine as buttons 100-103 in DCS and registers as those buttons in the VKB testing Software. But I set it up to be my Pitch and Roll Trim in BoX and it sees these buttons as joy8_pov3_270; joy8_pov3_180; joy8_pov3_135; and joy8_pov3_225. So it does see the buttons when I press them. Because it assigns each button. But in the game the Hat does not work the trim at all. I am guessing that the game sees them as the buttons that they really are (100-103) and it assigned them wrong. Does anybody here have a VKB that does this? Is there a fix? I don't have this problem in DCS or the VKB software!
  9. Damn!! Why doesn't the command just say that!! 🤬 Thanks!
  10. I am just downloading this and so I am new to this mod. Just wondering how Feature #4 and #8 can both use the same hotkey (LAlt+U)? Don't they conflict with each other?
  11. DDSnacko

    Clod Blitz doesn't start

    Great. Thanks.
  12. DDSnacko

    Clod Blitz doesn't start

    I had not heard that one until just now. That did fix it. But it doesn't fix it for good. I have to unplug it every time I want to play Blitz. I tried unplugging it and running blitz and then rebooting and plugging it back in. But it still need to be unplugged every time I run Blitz. At least I can play now. But I hope that get's fixed. Cheers! Snack
  13. DDSnacko

    Clod Blitz doesn't start

    I do have a gaming wheel on a usb port. I have posted some specs in different threads. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32897-clod-blitz-doesnt-start/?do=findComment&comment=547012 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32914-those-having-crash-problems-wed-see-what-programs-you-are-ru/?do=findComment&comment=547014 DxDiag.txt
  14. DDSnacko

    Clod Blitz doesn't start

    Yes, I even ran steam as admin to install blitz. Then ran blitz as admin to create a new my documents game folder. And verified the game. Also made sure the my documents game folder didn't exist before all this..