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  1. I got a Windows 10 update yesterday. Today when I load the game it crashes right after the logo appears. I looked at the Windows Event Viewer, and it says the Faulting Module is SoundEngine.dll. I removed that file and deleted my Updates folder. Ran the game and it updated and replaced that file. That did not fix it. So now, after the update, the game tries to start in VR mode. I see the logo as one screen, then immediately I see the dual vr screens and then it crashs. I now notice a Warning in the event viewer SteamService.dll.new. So, I Validate the Steam VR tool. That also did not fix it. Here is my IL-2 SoundEngine.dll Event log error: Here is my SteamService.dll.new Event log Warning: When you encountered the crash; (See Above) In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario); (none) In what mission; (none) What did you do before the crash; (nothing) What happened in the mission before the crash; (nothing) Additional info you think is relevant to the crash. (see above) HELP!? Dump file attached. PS: Just updated my nVidia Drivers, and that also makes no difference. Il-2.exe.19072.rar
  2. Thanks! After figuring that out and getting that skin done, I remembered a model that I had seen in Fine Scale Modeler magazine a few years ago. Here's the pic: So, I started trying to make another fictional skin like this just for fun. Here's what I have so far... I have a bit more to do.. It's still a WIP..
  3. I'm using the latest version of GIMP and am able to get it to work reliably now. Thanks for the reply. Doing this skinning has gotten me to learn a lot more about how Gimp works with the paths and selections.
  4. Dammit! Today I had some time, so I thought I would fix the shiny surface on my skins. I'm doing the same thing I did the other day, that worked. But today, the Curves window has no affect on the Alpha layer. I can drag the curve all the way down, and the layer image does not change. I've tried it several different ways. Any help is appreciated, or is Gimp just fickle? EDIT: Yes, Gimp is Fickle!! I closed Gimp and waited a while.. Then tried again and it worked. I just did the same thing as before that didn't work. But this time the magic happened, I could adjust the curves and darken the layer. 🙄
  5. I PM'ed Loadbeard about a week ago and have received no response. I posted all of his guides and one that I made in this post. I put a note in there for him to contact me if he would like them taken down. Here's my post....
  6. I was searching to see if Loadbeard had made one of his Cockpit Reference Guides for the P-47, and was surprised to find out that his original post for his guides had been delete! So, I never did find one for the P-47, but I sent him a PM to see if I could post the originals... I never got a response back from him. So I am going to post them here. Loadbeard, please contact me if you would like these taken down. I have also added one that I made for the P-47D-28 at the bottom of this post. Loadbeard's Guides: More Guides... These look very similar to the original Loadbeard guides, but I am not sure if he made them or not.. FW-190 A-3 HE-111 E6 And here is my P-47D-28 Cockpit Guide that I made. Cheers! I created this guide with the Checklists on the top, so that I could fit my HOTAS card on the left, like this:
  7. Thanks to Stuka and Stick for their helpful guides. I was using Gimp 2.8.18 and had some things that didn't work as stated. I figured ways around them, and also updated Gimp. Doing that and using these guides helped tremendously!!
  8. Awesome! Thanks. EDIT: That did it!! I was able to adjust the shiny reflections to a more reasonable level. Thanks again. I have updated my previous post with the new skins.
  9. Thanks Bugsy. I'm using Gimp, but I'll take a look at that and see if I can figure it out..
  10. Hell Bitch from Lonesome Dove UPDATED! I finally figured out how to adjust the shiny Alpha layer to reduce the reflections. Here are my updated skins.. Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8nbldd8xefohh8a/P47D28_Hell_Bitch_skin.rar/file
  11. How exactly do you do this? Is it possible to reduce the surface reflection with GIMP? Or is that something controlled by the game? I followed the instructions in post #1 and it works perfectly. But when I try to only use the OD (Olive Drab) base color it is so reflective that you can barely see the green color. How can I reduce the shiny reflectiveness a little bit? (I have exported without applying the Alpha Layer Channel Mask, but that seems to remove all of the reflection.)
  12. For some reason the fov_triples mod does not work for me.. I see it replaces some .lua files in the data/luascripts/camera folder. But I don't have a camera folder!! Is that camera folder supposed to exist in the stock game??? I am wondering if I accidentally deleted it, or ovgme deleted it? I deleted my updates folder and re-ran the update, but it did not re-create a camera folder.
  13. These mods are great!! Thanks for your work. I tried your HUD fix by setting 3dhud = 1, and or_hud_size = 0.35000. But that turned on VR. I would like to just move the HUD info close to the center so I can see them on my 5760x1080 Triplescreens. Is there any way to do this?? Thanks again for your great work!!
  14. Just having a little fun... This is a totally fictional skin for a horse named Hell Bitch from the movie Lonesome Dove. Still a WIP...
  15. Under 'Skinning Guides', the item called 'Posting, Downloading, and Showing Skins' is a link to just one post which has nothing of use in it. Probably should remove it from this list? Guess I'll do some searching for downloading skins..
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