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  1. Before the B-17s, maybe the Lancasters? They all flew on their own, not in a box, and in a looser formation, so less to render at once. And with night fighting, you never know where they are. So the computer can just track the positions of all the planes and such, but only have them spawn when you get within a certain distance of them, or as they start to release their incindaries all over a German city(think of the graphics needed to make a whole city burn, though). The cities not being military targets, you don't need to track or register their destruction as factory objects either. Hunt through the night in a 410 or Mossie.
  2. You guys should make a Ju 52 server. With a kessel, and constant kessel runs against Soviet fighters and the like.
  3. Teach the AI to take snapshots at anythinf that appears in front of them within a certain distance, and to chase that target if possible. Would make hunting the Il-2s more dangerous, for a start.
  4. Is there going to be infantry in tank crew? The German tanks main job was old fashioned infantry support at Kursk, trying to knock out MGs and guns before they decimate the infantry. It does not need to be very detailed, just be able to advance, to die and to shoot Russkies when they get close enough. And the Soviet infantry can hide in trenches and foxholes, and chuck AT grenades onto German tanks and run out and dump mines right in front of German tanks, to cripple them.
  5. I got my first multiplayer kill on my first day, when an I-16 fell to my Stuka tail gunner. Unfortunately, the flaming Soviet then Taraned my tail and my plane fell 100 feet into the ground in flames. I advise you to play the career quite a bit until you get the hang of it. Try to finish a career as a 109 pilot from the start of the campaign to the end, without dying. If you die, start again. Don't take stupid risks. Plenty of Il-2s and I-16s to bag. Also, try flying the He 111 and Ju 87, don't just fly the 109, you can study the ways the AI Yaks attack from the rear gunner position on a Heinkel.
  6. A sad day for Ju 52s and vintage aircraft world wide.
  7. There are tanks in Post Scriptum. Take a Firefly and give them hell. As for Kursk, infantry is a must. Look at the old Theatre of War games and how vital infantry was to siezing the Soviet trench systems.
  8. Have you lot ever thought of creating a transport pilots server? It should be possible, with a map of the Kessel and random flights of Soviet fighters and AA batteries being spawned at the start of every flight.
  9. But we need infantry. By the Company preferably, constantly advancing and covering each other as they good with MG fire and rifle fire. Tanks primarily operated in support of infantry at Kursk, unlike a year earlier at Stalingrad the Soviet defenses stood firm and did not collapse, and thus the Germans had to take every position in turn with infantry supported by tanks.
  10. I suppose the Russians send out a patrol when they see the parachute slowly falling to earth. Then it is off to Siberia. Could be worse, I don't know if AA still chutekills but it should, that was always a fun thing to watch.
  11. Glad to see many people like the idea. But also, focus on the 2nd point, since it means that if you abort and head back to base, land, and end flight, your flight may all be MIA because they were on the wrong side of the frontline.
  12. Nope. If I start another career with the same squadron all the squadron pilots will be different, any experience gained/lost would not matter, and you cannot continue from the day after. To put it simply, the war goes on even after one guy dies. But when you start another career, even with the same squadron, it does not continue. Instead, a bunch of new pilots are there, for example.
  13. I read that often all the days kills would be given to pilots killed so their families would recieve a large lump sum to help them through, by the deceased's squadron mates. Also, the top Soviet aces often gave away kills to newer pilots(much like Mannock did in the earlier war), both to boost confidence and to increase the chances of the kill being accepted, since the Soviet policy on kill counting was very harsh and to bag 6 planes in a day would probably have led to suspicions of overclaiming.
  14. Can we have the function in thr career to start over as a new pilot in the exact same squadron the day after your last pilot was killed or captured? Same squadron mates, same losses and victories etc. Would be particularly useful for the Il-2 and Stuka squadrons, which frequently have flights wiped out by AA. As an aside, can any planes flying over enemy territory at the end not be counted as captured afterwards? Only planes that were destroyed or pilots that parachuted over enemy lines.
  15. How is the Ju 52 career? I was one of the supporters of the Ju 52, but never got is since I was not really able to splash on such a thing. However, now I can, and so I am not sure if I should get it. Since I mostly fly in the career, I would like to know the quality of the missions with the Ju 52 in the career.
  16. You can carry over. The challenge is surviving on ironman from BOM to BOBP. After all, by the time you get one to live until the end of BOK BOBP will be out.
  17. I think I read somewhere that the Meteor shot down a few German aircraft? There was never a jet vs jet engagement though, they tried to tempt the 262s into the air to fight them but they never came. As for bombers, how about B-26s? Large formations of them heading to pulverise a German town that has a few MGs and AT guns in it would make a good target for ME 262s. But can you please stop them from turning away when you complete the mission by shooting down the required number of bombers? It makes little to no sense, especially when they are near to the target. They should do a calculation. Time to target, number of planes left in formation, damage sustained to lead plane etc, to decided if they want to keep going. Because I have seen bombers turn back only a minute until they can drop just because you completed the mission by killing a bomber, which is silly. One more thing. Fighters need to be more accurate. I am not asking for laser accuracy, but often they just spray shells over or under you, and make no effort to correct that. It makes bomber escort a farce since you see ME 109s getting right behind the PE-2s, firing a long burst that misses completely, and then getting downed by the gunners.
  18. In the career the HS 129s usually kill a few trucks and tanks, but invariably fall prey to AA. Every mission where there were HS 129s in the air, even in the distance, has a few of them downed by AA.
  19. I am surprised that there seem to be no line patrols for either side.
  20. I just want a career so we can drive Panthers and watch as tanks, halftracks and German infantry advance right into hails of gunfire from dozens of AT guns and MGs. There have to be dozens of attacking tanks and hundreds of infantry, because otherwise whatever you have is going to get chewed up for no advance. And there can actually be different sides winning, since the advances in terms of land have to be constantly tracked. So we can have a German victory, or the Soviets destroying the bulk of thr German forces and breaking out of the bulge
  21. I would rather see USSR and Germany getting planes in sets, then one British plane set. Mosquito, Typhoon, Hurricane and another Spitfire. Remember, fleshing out the British also fleshes out the Poles, Canadians and others.
  22. And you could do an Udet like career and see your poor squadron get minced in 3 different parts of Russia.
  23. I do wish German fighters would energy fight alot more like ground attackers, diving, climbing, going round at a higher altitude, then diving again.
  24. I once got a Ju 88 to down another one in the campaign mission generator. I was out of ammo and going for a ram, when the front Ju 88 fired wide and the 2nd lurched out of formation and dived right towards the ground. The gunner in the lead plane had killed the pilot in the 2nd.
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