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  1. Ok I haven't made the time to throughly test the K4 with the standard DB engine outside of multiplayer. However I have noticed that the engine tends to be quite fragile and consistently multiple times in combat I have ended up breaking the engine. However what causes it still eludes me. sometimes I thought that I was running it into emergancy power accidentally but not enough to activate the MW 50, another time I thought that doing rapid throttle inputs might cause it to die, or that diving in cool environments causes it to overcool the engine, either way I'm not sure watch causes the engine damage even when I've been flying it in full emergancy for less then 10 minutes, and this never seems to happen for me in the DC engined K4, has anyone figured out what the key is, and how to prevent killing the DB engine? I'd rather not spend a couple of hours testing it if possible. Just to note this problem has occurred both before and after the new damage model patch released in April 2020
  2. Ahh thanks. I wasn't aware of that. Must have missed it in the manual. Yeah I've had a bad start of it. this round
  3. So I got a time penalty for 20 hours, though i'm not sure why? Initially when I went in I was told that the sides weren't balanced and that I was in position 3. I waited till It said I was position 2, then position 1, then I got no message and so I took off and flew my sortie, shot down 1 enemy and got shot down, and then i'm told I can't take off for 19 hours 54 minutes? never had this happen before, and I can't see it in the manual page. Can anyone clarify? Thank you.
  4. So back in the Day. wings of liberty could lock certain options on planes you selected without the ability to remove said option. For example on some early 1941 maps they had rockets locked on Yak 1 series 69 planes without the ability to remove them. Is this no longer availible to do on servers? I would really think that Me-262 sturmvogels in the Y-29 map should be included. As KG-51 definitely participated in that attack. While I am unsure of JG-7s involvement, so you could perhaps aurgue not wanting the fighter version availible. Heck, if you have to lock the 262 with the 2 250kg bombs to discourage people from dropping them right off the bat, fine. As the pilon drag severly effects it's performance.
  5. I think your underestimating the logistical challenge that the allies had to face. You are correct that the Germans had already lost the war at this point and had their pool of resources and personal depleted to extreme standards. (Hence why i said they should start with limited top teir aircraft to represent this). Every plane and aircrew lost then by the allies had to be replaced to maintain the tempo of the liberation of western Europe. this had to be done mostly from accross the pond, and while the infastructure that the US setup to accomplish this was impressive, too many losses needed a solution to mitigate it quickly as the Allies wanted total victory, and the Nazis where trying to make it as painful as possible to get to that point with the hope that the allies would find it too costly and go to the negotiating table (unlikely as that was). Also by finishing the war in Europe the allies could then pull their resourses from that front to focus on completing the war in the Pacific.
  6. As you said before it's a multitude of factors. Having a slight imbalance on the Allies side in players combined with the bomb loads of the P-38 would cause the allies to sometimes clear a target within the first 15-20 minuntes of a match. At that point blues look at the team numbers and scoreboard and kinda resign themselves that the mission is already a lost cause so might as well take a few of them with us. If you don't have numbers on your side you fly planes that will give you the most advantage to survive (Most of us want to complete a successful sortie regardless of side) so that means taking bombs that aren't going to help you win if it already seems like a lost cause are not going to be likely because at this point you want every advantage you can get. I do also think there is a bit of a roleplay aspect that lends itself to this outcome as well. As a small amount of luftwaffe pilots trying to stem the unstoppable allied onslaught of bombers and attackers kinda coincides with our ideas and perceptions of how the Western air front played out. So blue players might be leaning into the "We're going to lose, but we will kill as many of them as we can" mentality a bit. Perhaps an Idea for future maps will have the blues have limited numbers of all top tier planes, while Reds have pretty much no limit, but the twist is the Reds can only lose so many due to attrition before they lose the map. This can kinda coincide with the pressure the Western allies had to show progress and good results or fear losing public support back home. While the Nazis were willing to pretty much do almost every horrible thing they could think of to win.
  7. Those players are using the Ju-88 as it can compare in regards to bomb load to the P-38 but it's slower, climbs worse, has mediocre defensive guns, terrible rear pilot visibility, no forward pilot controled guns and much more difficult to take off in. P-38s can simply take off and get there faster and easier, and can then effectively strafe targets as well. Ju 88 can take out a lot of stuff dropping 2 1000kg bombs on a virgin target, but it's not great at mopping up the rest after 1. I don't know if you can actually implement that. 2. On a server with no icons on the map activated that is going to result in a lot of people banned. Espessially since in the heat of a long drawn out fights I have definitely pursued aircraft within proximity of their base without intending to. Heck just attacking the munitions depot on a Bridge to Far would likely result in 10+ players getting banned in one round
  8. Yeah I wish It were otherwise. I don't like the idea of limiting the P-38 bomb load as it's a awesome fighter bomber, but unfortunately the blue side just can't compare with it. the A8 is a great fighter bomber but it's loadout just pales in comparison to the P-38 At first I wanted more 262s availible, but over time I do now think the amount that are available on the Eindhoven map are probably ideal, as having 8 or 9 up in the air at any one time would be a bit much, even if they didn't change the overall outcome of the match. As a bomber the 262 is mediocre as it is poor at dive bombing and has to fly at max speed to be survivible which limits what targets it can hit with it's modest single 500kg bomb (or if you want to be even slower 2 x 250 bombs). Which were a lot of the problems that KG 51 had with it.
  9. unit KG 51 was using the 262 for bombing, but Kommando Nowotny was operating them as fighters out of Achmer. As for 262 vuItures, I certainly don't condone it, but really on the Eindhoven map there might be 3 or 4 max 262s up in the air at any given time, and they aren't even available till 15-20 minutes into a match. I can't see this really having more then a minor annoyance for the small minute amount of 262s that are doing this, and I can't see how that is really much different then the amount of tempests and mustangs that hang around 5-6 Km above German airfields, being vultures, while the AAA fire impotently at them. It's unfortunately just part of how people play, and I don't think that is going to make any difference, removing them and limiting them, as you said they do not have an effect on match outcome. the main problem for match balance is the fact that there are just more allied players, and when they have access to the P-38 (which is the best ground attack aircraft available in Bodenplatte) they are able to sweep maps. The P-38 is a much more appealing plane to fly then the Ju-88 as it's newer and can defend itself better, and it can carry a much better payload then the FW 190 A8, with 6 250kg bombs, or 4 500kg bombs. That combined with the fact that both the mustang and the tempests can carry decent bomb loads compared to the 109s (D9 can at least carry a comparable load), and the allies just have a better time destroying targets. Perhaps a mild solution is to increase the ability level of the AAA to maximum, to where they are as accurate as in the TAW campaign, unless this has already occurred. this I think would solve some of the vultching problems, and prevent low flying p-38s from being able to clear targets so well, as the are able to come in low and do multiple passes without much worry of getting shot down making the most of there multiple bomb loads
  10. So after trying to get the maximum top speed out of the Mustang I was told that I need to reduce the RPM to 84% (around 2600) rather then have it at 100% (3000) and it indeeds makes the mustang faster. I know this must be due to drag, but can anyone explain how this works in relation to thrust and drag created by the change in pitch that the constant speed propeller creates at various RPM?
  11. 857 2977 posts Location:Frankfurt / Germany Report post Posted 35 minutes ago Manifold pressure per set throttle setting on the Jumo 213 engine depends on oustside temperature, because of fixed air mass regulation. The warmer the temperature, the higher the manifold pressure, the colder the outside temperature, the lower the manifold pressure. Page 82. http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/en/engines/germany/jumo/jumo-213/flugmotor-jumo-213-a-1-u-c-0-entwurf-zu-einem-motoren-handbuch.html So overall, relative performance increase in cold temperatures is way less than it is on other planes (it consequently also loses less power at higher temperatures compared to other planes). Ok cool, I'm good with if that is how it's suppose to be. Interesting, need to take that into account
  12. I was told this last night by a player, and then I tested it in game, and it seems that the FW 190 D9 preforms poorly on winter maps compared to the other Bodenplatte German planes. Generally on a summer map the D9 will out pace the A8 by almost 20km on the deck, but on a cold map the A8 has roughly the same speed around 606-607kph. and then compared to a stock K4 the K4 ridiculously outpaces the D9 on the deck at 639kph. however on summer maps, they are much closer together, around 595 for the k4, and 593 for the D9. I wonder if this is suppose to be the case, and that for some reason the D9 get a lot less performance boost in colder weather then compared to other planes, or if this is a bug? any thoughts?
  13. I just noticed the same issue as well in the 262, looks like it happened with the latest update, because it wasn't doing that before
  14. The US was really good at figuring out how things would work in the big picture. What do we need? We need a long range escort fighter that we can use to support our overall long range strategic bomber strategy in large numbers Ok done we'll make the mustang do that. Will it be the best performance fighter? Ehhh close enough and we'll have thousands of them with fresh pilots. Hey we need tanks that we can easily transport over the Atlantic, assemble quickly, fit on rail cars easily and can go over standard bridges. Ok let's concentrate on the Sherman then. Will it be able to compete with German tiger tanks? Eehh it can make do and we'll have thousands of them.
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