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  1. 303_Kwiatek

    Game running so smooth now

    It looks that it is need test more settings so. I found now much better with GSync ON, V-Sync OFF, FPS blocked at 80 in game settings ( i got fps in range 60-100 normaly) with 144 Hz monitor. I will try with V-Sync ON in nvidia settings but i doubt it will make a difference if i got FPS blocked. I have no problem with cocpit frame tearing when Gsync ON and V-Sync OFF, only sometimes is noticable not smooth looking around with Track IR even if FPS are high. Other problem is - and these one got all my mates - it is always one stutter when ZOOM IN to min FOV on any place. When You ZOOM in again in the same place is ok - no stutter. But when you look in different side and ZOOM IN to min FOV again one stutter. Also servers seemed have the same problem like before with Eractic Behaviour ( Lags) when there is above about 60 people.
  2. New DM with 3.010 definitly improved. Tested against fighters mostly but it did a job very well. WIth good burst now possible to show down fighter in first pass, also i notice much frequently shot off different parts of planes ( airleons, flaps, stabilizers) and engine fire - these from shoting mostly from 20 mm cannos. Also more freqently critical damages after pull more G with damaged plane. Now is DM is much better then old one.
  3. 303_Kwiatek

    Game running so smooth now

    Hmm i got Gsync ON, V-sync OFF, and now blocked FPS at 80. My monitor is at 144 Hz. There is no cocpit frame tearing with Gsync ON and V-sync OFF but i think blocked FPS for 80 i think it give me more smothing when loking around with Track IR. Still there are occasionaly stutters and in most cases there is one stutter when ZOOM IN in any place, look another place ZOOM IN and again stutter.
  4. 303_Kwiatek

    Game running so smooth now

    If You got Gsync compatibile or Freesync You dont need V-Sync ON. Before i dont have GSync Compatibile and i used V-Sync ON ( in drivers) and FPS blocked at 80. Now i use GSync Compatibile with V-Sync OFF and there is no screen tearing. Fps is around 70-100 but looking around with Track IR is not such smoth expecially in online high people servers. Also there is still Eractic Behaviour on servers and some stutters with heavy action. I got 1060 GTX 6 GB, 16 GB Ram, SSD, I5@4.5 Ghz. Mates whose got even 1080 GTX and much better hardware got similar problems.
  5. 303_Kwiatek

    Game running so smooth now

    Exacly high fps but game slows, stutters when heavy action on close area. Also in multiplayer servers with above 60 players still eractic behaviour and lags
  6. Servers still overload with plenty of people - lags and information about eractic behaviour. Also heavy action in small area casue stuttering .
  7. 303_Kwiatek

    "Multiplayer erratic behavior" 24/7

    With new uptades still eratic behaviour on high player servers ( WOL) with lags and stutters. Patch doesn;t help here. Also some stutters with heavy actions ( shotings, aaa actions etc).
  8. 303_Kwiatek

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Wow these Pe-2 is like B-17 And moroever after many hits from FW 190s it was still capable to make bomb run and drop. I suppose Fw 190s which attacked these Pe2 got heavy damages from gunners Alhought new DM got more possibilites now the fact is that all cannons are just waaaayyyyy to weak and need to be fixed. Like someone said it is good for arcade game but not for simulator.
  9. 303_Kwiatek

    Really hoping the Mustang...

    Not exacly the same limit beacasue Pacard Merlin used in P-51 got different power settings for Combat Power ( higher boost) then Merlin in Spitfire IX. WEP will be the same but combat power in P-51 got higher boost and more limited time of used comparing to SPitfire Merlin.
  10. 303_Kwiatek

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    Where some of PapaFly findings could be hard or at present time impossible to simulate in any actual sims ( not only BOX) some findings should be quite easy to fix. I've found that in early days of BOS planes got simplificated behaviour with flaps down - flaps down give a lot benefis to turnfight. It look that it was fixed and most old planes now behave much more realistic with flaps down ( more drag and lower critical angle of attack). Some newer planes got still old benefis with flaps down - e.x. Spitfire MkIX ( probably Spit MKV too). Look that these planes got to low drag and too high ctitical angle of attack which allow them to fly arcadish with flaps down. Most old planes can't do it now. Maby it was overloked by developers or beta testers or maby beacuse new Western Front planes are still beta. BTW such topics should be stick with FM section and should be open to discussion.
  11. 303_Kwiatek

    The reason why AP is so powerfull on the game.

    Average 15 hits from 20mm HE or 25 20mm AP to shot down fighter? And these is right direction? I suppose to shot down a fighter from 20mm cannons it would need average 5-6 hits.
  12. It is also seen on videos recorded when K-4 is shoting to P-47 or SPitfire. Wing hit ( only some small holes in wings covering) but damages were in system inside fuselage ( engine, oxygen, etc).
  13. 303_Kwiatek

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Yea all cannons seemed too weak.
  14. 303_Kwiatek

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Not only 30mm seemed to be weak but also all 20 mm cannons. For me new DM step backward. Before 3.08 weapons effectivess was more realistic then now expecially regarding cannons. Now there are many situtation when you hit a many rounds from 20 mm and target is still flying and fighting. Before it was very rare ( mostly LAgg3 and P-40 could survive these) now most fighters are too strong. New DM could be ok but all cannons neeed to be more powerfull.
  15. I flew Berloga for 2 hours today and catatrophic failures were very very rare. I flew both sides with 20mm cannon ( Bf 109 or Yaks). There very many situations where i hit enemy many times with 20mm and was still flying, the same i got also many times a lot of hits and was still flying. I generally think that cannos are now too weak.