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  1. Same problem here! And I didn't even get a license key in my profile...What can I do? The game was purchased few days ago in the last price cut deal, along with Mc 202 plane.That one appeared immediately, but Cliff of Dover Blitz is still missing.
  2. Hi! Have purchased BoS, Bodenplatte and Tank crew. Have some issues with the game and I wish to uninstall it then reinstall it. Am I in danger of loosing something?Or to pay some additional fee? Thank You!
  3. Hi! Have a bit of a problem:My three years old son pressed some command and now the cockpit view looks like in the attachment picture. I tried everything to restore it at a proper height but it seems I miss something. Any help please?
  4. Hi! Have a problem, no matter what tank or scenario , cannot take control of the tank gun.Tried to change the default command"T", same result.I can only be a driver and move the tank.Any help,please?
  5. I don't think so...Track IR is something related to a virtual helmet? I checked the control box and in some camera controls are orange boxes..trouble is that i can't figure it out what specifically button/key i assigned to that command(only see one of the two key/button)
  6. thank you! can you tell me ho to uninstall/reinstall track ir? I don't know how to do that
  7. Hi! Noticed some disturbing aspect regarding the camera .Any advice would be much appreciated: -when pausing the game and then unpaused the cockpit camera view snaps 180 degree(I'm looking at the back of the seat)-when flying low this is very annoying and dangerous ... - when zooming in with the mouse wheel, the second I start firing the guns the zooming is slowly zoom out automatically-annoying when trying to engage a target from distance... -first time when squeeze the trigger the cockpit image bounce a little upward-bye-bye target...
  8. Hi! Notice that when I'm trying to put some heavier bombs on the plane( doesn't matter if it's He 11 or Stuka, or Il 2 ) it drops the second the mission starts. Also it is happening whether the plane is on the runway or already in the air).any hint, please?
  9. If you can help me with another thing, please: cannot invert the throttle axis...All I found in "controls" section is "invert Y axis" but when do that the throttle axis stays the same, only the vertical axis of the mouse is inverted... And the map can be zoomed in more than twice? thank you!
  10. Hi! Just purchased the sim and have 3 questions: 1.-purchased the premium edition of BoS"unlocks included"-well, how do I unlock the upgrades-for example tried to fly Stuka with 37 mm cannons and they are locked? 2.- I' ve seen that it is possible to control the tanks-how do I do that in a quick mission? 3.- how do I jump in gunner position? Thank you very much!
  11. Hi! Just bought the sim and cannot reverse the throttle axis on joystick. All I see in "controls" section is "reverse Y axis" and when do that th ethrottle is moving the same, only the mouse is reversed(when push it, the image goes down). Any tip , please?
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