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  1. Hey guys, I saw the links for triple screen support via nvidia control panel, etc., but will IL2 BoS have native support for three monitors?
  2. I see Fifi posted (#130 in suggestions thread) pic of 109 flying without canopy at 500 with head outside the cockpit. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/767-thread-gather-your-suggestions/?p=67269 There should be some restriction to this capability - blurring, head-bobbling, extreme engine sound - whatever works to hinder it.
  3. It worked! Thanks mate!
  4. I noticed that there's goggle filter on when viewing as a pilot (F!) compared to outside view. Nice feature.
  5. Good points. Thanks for sharing your real life experience.
  6. Can one bind a single button with multiple key-strokes in Saitek SST programming software so it activates one command at a time? For instance, program the NUM*, NUM-, NUM+ in a single button. When I depress the button, it executes NUM*, press it again then it executes NUM-, and so forth.
  7. I like increased drag and sound effects, but I'm not sure if it outweighs the advantage of unobstructed viewing. Would be interesting to see. I like "icy eyeballs" effect on screen in such cold weather too. They now have blood spots and fuzzy vision modeled when the pilot is injured. I've seen it I was also thinking model goggles over your screen if blur isn't used. See Simbin Race07 racer helmet pic #2. I used to race this sim and the helmet overlay does have an effect. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/race-07-the-wtcc-game-first-look/1100-6175337/ Luftwaffe and USSR goggles. I'm not sure if this is for fighter pilots of the period, but one can see if this was modeled it's not going to be easy to spot and track objects. http://www.flightgear.ch/LW%20LKpS%20101/lw_lkps_101.htm http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/equipment-accessories-personal-items/rkka-ww2-period-flight-goggles-268422/ http://www.themilitarycampaign.co.uk/accoutrements/product/395-ww2-luftwaffe-anti-splinter-flying-goggles http://www.actionfiguren-shop.com/en/Figures/WW-II/Germany/Defense-of-the-Reich-Fighter-Pilot.html Again, just take away the visual advantage of an open canopy at higher speeds.
  8. Yes. I'd like to bail then release the chute.
  9. No. I think 109 pilots will have an advantage flying without a canopy (ejected off). You can eject the 109 canopy and it flies without a performance drop (I think). Likewise, Lagg pilots can fly with canopy open without penalty. I used to fly Zeros in IL2 with canopy open. I had the advantage of a clear, unobstructed view and no disadvantage. A blur effect at higher speeds would discourage flying with the canopy open.
  10. Hello guys, I've seen videos of open canopies during combat and it looks too easy to spot and track an opponent. Yes, even the one where a 109 is flying without its canopy. There has to be a "penalty" for this ability. How about creating increased blurring effects at higher speeds when the canopy is open? Keep up the good work.
  11. Nice game guys. Can you create a feature to toggle pre-set zoom angles? Like another sim, ehhm, it had 30-60-90 angle (I think) pre-sets. Currently, I need to move my head back-and-forth using TrackIR, which gets me off-center. I also tried binding the zoom-in/zoom-out to X52 slider, but it lags. Thank you. Look forward to each week, especially MP.
  12. Hello guys, I'm looking for a document that has the control labels and associated key commands. I searched but couldn't find a topic. Thanks gx007
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