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  1. Looks good How about Sevastopol? Ground and naval units galore. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Sevastopol_(1941%E2%80%9342)
  2. Moved to this thread http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/4740-ch-throttle-quadrant-axis-bug/?p=107385
  3. Hey guys, I must be missing something here. After a fresh reinstall, I have to remap the devices inside BoS (works fine but getting tiresome). Does BoS recognize Mad Catz (x52 throttle) and CH Control Manager (stick, quad, pedals) software profiles? I activate the profiles but BoS doesn't recognize it. I went to INPUT folder and deselected 'read only' and no joy. Thanks
  4. I hear you 4shades. The pilot now is penalized for firing on friendlies. What the actual penalty is I don't know. HL/Warbirds server booted you 1 for day I recall, and if worse, one had to write an appeal. If you spawn a plane, it should be your choice to accept/decline another player. RO1 and Trip Wire couldn't change people's behavior through group pressure. They coded in the feature to accept/reject after too many people complained. It was maddening and good customers were walking away. One can't change immature people who take delight ruining a good time. However you can limit this behavior by coding boundaries in the game.
  5. Hey all, I watched the Pe2 introduction video and noticed Loft mentioned (it seemed) that a player can join you in the Pe2 without restriction. He mentioned already pre-beta testers were shooting their own aircraft and other friendlies, to the annoyance of the pilot. I suggest a feature that Trip Wire created for Red Orchestra 2. In RO1, you could hop into any tank and blast away at friendlies or drive over your our infantry. This pissed people off endlessly. In the newer RO2, as you selected a tank, you were prompted if you wanted to operate in solo that tank or not. Another feature to include is a friend's list appear. If a new/unknown player requests to fly gunner, have a window pop up decline/accept/add friend to list/black list. I can guarantee you if we don't have a way to exclude these people from jumping in and joy-killing friendlies we'll have serious discontent. Your thoughts. Greg
  6. I had 3 freezes in US MP expert server. When I would refly, it said mission changed, then it just hung.
  7. Me too. I use TIR3 with clip-on. Maybe it's representative of a real cockpit effect.
  8. Maybe it's not exactly representative of Flak explosions, but fireworks certainly is loud. Go to 0:40 second
  9. Flak sounds work in Novice mode; No sounds in Expert mode. Flying bf109 dogfight missions
  10. Thank you for making this decision.
  11. ^ agree I too am not seeking hollywood effects.
  12. Right about 155mm probably not present at BoS. I was using it as an example. Link shows 1 pound bomb or grenade at 191 decibel. http://audioloungesound.com/blog/2011/12/sound-pressure-level-decibel-table/ Fireworks are air bursts and quite loud close to the source. http://listverse.com/2007/11/30/top-10-loudest-noises/ Exactly. I've had flak very close, not as loud as I suspect it should be, imo. It's been years since I've been at the firing range (US Army). Of course, I'm hearing explosions 100s of meters away (40mm grenade launcher). Maybe someone with an arty background can shed more light.
  13. There were several instances this past weekend where the flak was REALLY close, but the sound didn't match its close proximity. The sound should be far louder, especially since the explosion seemed within 40 meters of the plane. Sorry I didn't get screen shots. Will try next week. Also, the plane should get rocked a little I would think. Air burst video of 155mm What do you think?
  14. This weekend's release is more difficult to spot a/c. The snow glare is more too, so maybe that's why it's a challenge to detect it. I'm using expert realism, no a/c icons. I do use base locator icon so I know where it will spawn. Still very hard to spot until it's 2k from me.
  15. Devs, can you kill the real pilot if he doesn't bail out quickly in his flaming aircraft. Also can you create heat, fire, and smoke in the cockpit. I had the unthinkable occur to me. I got shot down by the LaGG AI. I decided to stay in the bird all the way to the end, which was about one minute. The exterior view had great flame and heat effects with the entire engine cowling in a raging blaze, but in the cockpit I was still alive and could maneuver the aircraft. The effects of heat should have killed me or the least should have obscured my ability to fly the plane. Great work so far!
  16. gx007

    Snow Glare

    I agree with this Pickle. This release has way too much snow glare. It was very difficult to identify land marks even at 5K. I know some people are running SweetFX to increase contrast with ground onjects but I elected to run the game in native mode to assist in testing. Upon release I'll probably use SFX.
  17. Good news indeed. The I-16 was one of my favorites in WT. They modeled it well (imo) for what WT represents. And yes, a nice little stubby fighter to tempt noobs into small alleyway knife fights.
  18. Hmmm. A single 27-inch LED monitor verses a triple 24-inch monitor set up. What would you suggest? I saw a BoS youtube video of a triple monitor set up that had the monitors vertically installed. That is, it was installed so your fov was "tall", not wide. You can always see the instrument panel and nearly above your head.
  19. Thanks guys I purchased the CH throttle quadrant so I'm looking to have some fun with this little gem.
  20. Hello all, By support I mean with true dual throttle support (saitek G940) where you can increase or decrease the two engines' rpm by moving the different levers independently. Thanks
  21. For d/l This link, see step #7 "If you are new to SweetFX with ROF" http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=278&t=34103&hilit=flightFX
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