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  1. Two CTDs playing SP "Ring" campaign using Ju87 Stuka ground attack. Submitted to bug thread. Keep up the good work.
  2. I played it twice and both times it crashed. It was normal setting using automatic pilot mode. Using version 1.006.
  3. When exiting MP, I still get disconnected from BoS, then freeze, then need to restart. It's been happening since 1.004. Thank you.
  4. BUG When exiting MP, I still get disconnected from BoS, then freeze, then need to restart. It's been happening since 1.004. Thank you.
  5. Thank goodness. I had huge crash while exiting MP. Hopefully it was the d/l conflict.
  6. Broken? That's a relief. La5 SP was horrid today. A dozen missions and getting shot down with ease. When I did make it and landed, no XP. I thought I was going to be shipped back to flight school.
  7. Hello all, I read the post entries on the arc welder sound. Frankly, the sound really gets on my nerves however I'm not seeking to stir up controversy. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12737-please-can-i-turn-interface-sound-arc-welder/?p=198716 Some of you commented about about replacing/adding another sound track. I don't know if this is the final track but if the devs are open to suggestions, here's my two pence. Use some of the current in-game sounds and mix it with music, copy-write free if possible. For instance, go to 2:00 on this video. I like the sounds of the fly-bys. Use this with ambient airbase/hanger sounds, but buried in the background. The music overlays onto it. No offense to the devs, but some of us in the community are very talented people and may come up with a gem. Thoughts? Greg
  8. I appreciate the time and effort going into this sound track, but it's not to my liking. I'd rather have silence, or a a subtle music track. I checked off the interface box in sound setting but to no avail. Thank you.
  9. I use the gun pods. Set convergence to 600M and spray
  10. Pre-flight check your fuel load. Maybe it's too much. When pursued climb in a slight spiral. This forces the yak to turn sharper in order to get a deflection shot. As he does this, there's less lift on his wings and the plane wants to pitch over or stall. As you get above 5K, the yak works harder to keep up, so the pilot will try to close the distance by closing the water and oil radiator gates. This produces more engine heat and he'll be forced to reduce speed. If this occurs you want to turn slightly tighter so now you'er closing on his 6 from above. This technique works better if you've dragged your opponent way into your territory or over your air base. He'll need to contend with AAA and friendlies on his tail. Try the G2. It has better max engine rpm performance than F4, which can over heat more easily.
  11. Got it working after it was re-installed. Looks great!
  12. After the update and 2 restarts, the game won't launch. Made short-cut from file directory. Still no joy. Will perform complete install.
  13. welcome csa, 1) I can't answer about buildings. I know AAA gets destroyed. 2) It's been said before by devs that if the sim is successful, then other maps and planes are to follow. On an interesting note, there are summer skins already in the game, which leads one to believe... 3) The devs are well aware of the massive scale of the battle and truly desire to recreate it, however it's been stated that adding more particles will bring lower, and unacceptable, fps. So it seems they are trying for a happy middle ground with the current smoke rendering.
  14. Not if you make it back to base. Which brings up a point about deaths: I think plane fires should be fatal much sooner. Currently one can fly for too long without penalty. In all of the references I've read, fighter pilots bailed pretty quickly when fires appeared. Additionally the heat became very intense fast. There are the exceptions of course, like multi-crew bombers trying to put a flaming engine out or extinguish a short. However with a fighter's proximity of the engine and fuel lines so close to the pilot, getting doused with fuel vapors and ignited was very frighteningly quick.
  15. Let's have a feature that when the cockpit get's damaged, the canopy can't open. There are plenty of references of this happening. Also script that if the pilot's injuries are too severe, then he can't have the strength to open it. The ending should be a pilot death even if it's over friendly territory.
  16. agree The infantry thread turned me.
  17. Good news then. It occurred to me that if there are more mobile figures in game, then the dog fighting would drop down too. Something about seeing your guys (like the above WIP IL2 video) getting attacked may want one to defend your boys more earnestly.
  18. Too much project creep can kill. Spend the dev money on new maps and planes. Thus far well done 777, Loft and team.
  19. Pix, What is the improvement over the F4?
  20. Couldn't log into euro servers today.
  21. Slats work on 109F. I prefer the F over G. Better visibility and performance (to my liking). I use two notches on trim and seems to work fine. I struggle with the Lagg and La5 with stalling and flip overs.
  22. I have the same issue too. So I fly European servers. A little laggy at times but playable. It could be the theater appeals more to the home market than US.
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