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  1. 1. ATI RX 5700 XT 8GB DDR6 2. 20.4.2 3. NO on the winter Stalingrad map winter 3. YES tearing on the summer Rhineland map
  2. Hey guys what's the key combination to open/close the radiator? Thank you.
  3. Hey all, I haven't found any links on how to attack using Pe2's rockets. The IL2 seems pretty straight forward: get close ~400M fill up reticle to first large tic marks and launch. The good news it seems Pe2 rocket convergence is farther out but can't judge its distance in recitle. Thanks
  4. Thanks WL425. Seems to have worked.
  5. A little help here regarding start up for Pe2. On start up the engine keeps sputtering and stops. Repeatedly. Here's my pre-start up: - throttle set to 10% - mixture set to 90% What am I doing wrong?
  6. Jason's comments on SimHQ regarding PTO theaters. I'll buy anything Jason and team markets. Pooch, The air war in the Pacific was different. What can I say? Do users really want a Solomons Career over Carrier warfare? That's literally the choice I have to make with my resources. Ideally I'd have both, but I need a much larger budget. However, I have taken such push back into consideration and I'm re-evaluating what we can do in this regard. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4384305/re-battle-of-midway-game#Post4384305
  7. Thank you guys! I came back to TAW about a month ago. Although I'm an "auto-balancer" by nature and fly any plane/mission, I stayed with my original selection of VVS because of the imbalance issues and hassle I read about having two accounts. I look forward to Kuban map and the treats it will bring.
  8. Thanks Disarray, I'm still baffled. This week I flew a Mig for 25 minutes as the map ended while safely in flight. Next map no Mig. I'm trying to understand the reasoning/logic. I see other fighters taking off. Is this because I'm "junior" rank in TAW? I read about no VVS fighter support at times. I'd be more than happy to provide CAP or escort. But I seem to be type-cast as a FedEx driver. Thank you for the clarification.
  9. Hey all, New to TAW here. Love the challenges and team effort. Question: why do I not get fighters or ground attack planes after earning points? It's loading up my BoS plane suite but I'm stuck with Pe2 and transports in BoM. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=gx007 thanks
  10. A little help here. What's the location of the folders for the paid for campaigns? I reinstalled the game but first copied over the entire IL2 BoS folder. Thank you
  11. I still can remember my two most memorable online moments in my sleep. Becoming an ace (5 kills) on a single sortie was unforgettable. Back then I flew primarily the clipped-winged Spit IX with VA (virtual aces squad) in il2 46. It was a cloudy day on the Normandy map and got detached from my squadies in a huge fur-ball. The air was filled with 109s cutting through the clouds causing chaos. I doubted my survival. All I could do was split-S in and out of the clouds. I don't recall the first 4 I shot down, but the fifth I do. All I wanted was to get back to base since I was low on fuel and little ammo. I skirted on the ground heading back when a 109 flew low at my 2 o'clock. He didn't see me. I pondered if i should just rtb but he was so close I pulled rudder, fired, and knocked him out. I thought for sure this diversion was my end since his buddy would pounce me. That didn't happen. When I landed I was tired. I hadn't know that I scored 5 kills until the score came up. I found it so exhilarating that it was difficult to recalled the first kills. Anyway, I've never achieved ace status on a single sortie since then. My second memorable moment was in a p47. It was may favorite BnZ aircraft. I had made the mistake of being co-alt with two 109s at my 9 o'clock at ~600 meters out. I didn't have enough dive energy to escape them so I just fired anyway. I think they were on team speak or something because they didn't see me and I was the bigger target. I kicked hard right rudder and nailed the leader. His buddy panicked and dove away. He must have thought the attack came from his 6. fun times for sure
  12. The road-map says the Kuban map will be released in July. I think it'll be pushed further out due to VR, DX11 code, new FM, and other buggies or enhancements that we were not privy too when this was originally announced last December. But I'm very excited about the direction and momentum of IL2 series.
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