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  1. Hello raaaid, Maybe contact one of the head men, Jason for instance or Han, they are ultimately responsible for those who moderate the forum so if you feel you are being victimised try them and see if it helps or hinders your cause. To me and many others your posts do not appear to violate any of the forum rules so nothing you post should be tampered with unless you are clearly infringing those rules. It could be argued there might be some kind of language barrier, however, I think on a English board that should not be the case here even if your writing does not quite conform to the usual shall we say it is legible. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  2. Downloaded and installed with no issues I can see, thank you very much guys, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  3. Thank you very much for that Lemsip, I will take a look at the link. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  4. For me Finland is a must, the diverse set of aircraft and landscape make it the place I want to fly most of all. That said as a aviation enthusiast all the choices are worth making, especially those that have not been covered before so I look forward to what is announced next, in the mean time I think there is enough content in what we already have to keep us all occupied while we wait. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  5. Same for me also in the UK, all good at the moment, however, I have had issues with the game crashing and restarting the P. C. with no clear reason of exactly why, happened again last night just once but was okay after I fired the game up again. The best I can figure for me is that it seems to happen if the game is running at a very low F.P.S., around 40, other than that all my gear seems to show no issues and it only happens with the GB series. The game does run through various localised servers I think, at least for downloading, so the ones in your respective regions are probably having technical issues, hope you guys find a solution quickly as it is very annoying not being able to play when you want.. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  6. The team has mad constant efforts to improve all aspects of the series including the maps, nothing will ever ship in perfect a state, the time and resources do not allow it. To my mind £70 on any module is excellent value, a map and eight aircraft at least, with in most cases a complete opportunity to play out historical events in that particular module without the need to pay for any kind of enhancements/add on packs, just because you feel the texture quality might not be quite what you expect is no reason to avoid purchasing B.O.N., like each module delivered so far it will not fulfill all our hopes right from the release, however, as already mentioned the team goes out of their way to listen to our complaints and improve things when they are able to. As far as aircraft go I only really want the Mosquito, that in itself is worth the money alone, but there will be all kinds of other good stuff as well including the new map with the ability to use other elements of the series on it. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  7. The development team are dammed if they do, dammed if they do not, we the player base I think expect too much from any project especially if it covers a area we are familiar with. The Bodenplatte map is bland in some respects but just about adequate in the detail it does incorporate and those details are nicely done, however, the area is huge and could accommodate most aerial conflict throughout the war years from early to late, if the team had put in all the requested objects I fear most of us here would have our P.C. on it knees trying to load everything and provide decent playability. Any map will always have to be a compromise, for me I prefer to have the airfields decorated with multiple objects as it tends to be the area we all have to spend some time, however, even playing some campaigns where the authors have done this I notice quite a difference in the performance of my rig so maybe the map is as good as can be to give us all a certain performance level that is acceptable without needing a super computer. Map building as we see tends to be a very long and involved part of each project so there has to be a balance as well as far as the team being able to deliver over a certain time scale and adding enough detail that makes things believable and playable. What is needed I think are more objects to be available for the mission/campaign builders so that they can add that much more immersion to their scene rather than have all the detail incorporated into the map from the start, that way we could opt to play a very demanding object filled mission if the capacity was available to us. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  8. Nice find Mysticpuma, not being able to fully replicate metal in this game is a real pain for skin makers, even though it could be argued it was not entirely necessary for the period there were a few instances of aircraft serving at the time using aluminium doped surfaces along with polished metal cowlings, Tiger Moth, Walrus come readily to mind and of course for a later period the Hurricane requested by Blitzen. Question is were those first two images of yours intended for metal effects or lighting in general, there are most likely so many things lost from the original development effort that are now unlikely to ever have any complete or accurate answers, and sadly many things are buried in the memories of those involved with only they knowing fully how best to exploit the full potential of what for its time was ground breaking work. Let us hope the team sort this particular issue out, for me the in game lighting and skins produced make for some amazing aircraft textures. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  9. A lot of good stuff to look forward to, especially another campaign from Alexander, maybe he will do one for the Hurricane one day, excellent DD, thank you very much for the update news guys, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  10. That is a very impressive system, I like it, massive amount of steel required though for its construction. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  11. WOW, has someone actually managed to put together a 3d model for one of the great Battles modules DFLion? I am intrigued, this I have to see, please show us where the link is. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  12. Excellent, thank you very much, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  13. First flight of the campaign, soon after this I ended in a spin and made a big hole in the ground. Lovely aircraft though. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  14. For some strange reason Blitzen IL-2 Blitz/CLoD does not reproduce metallic effects very well sadly, in other games you can use Blues and Greys to varying effect to replicate shinny metal, or any king of metal for that matter but for this particular game things always look Grey. I made a Finnish Anson a very long time ago but the cowlings never quite looked right as they should have been polished metal, others have also tried to make various metal schemes as well. Maybe Team Fusion could look into why that is and put it right, that Hurricane would make a great skin and look particularly nice, I usually fly the Blue one as a alternate if just mooching around the map sightseeing. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  15. Always great to have these interviews available guys, nice to at least put a voice to a name if not a face and have your thoughts on where you are at and hopefully heading. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  16. Thank you very much for the map updates and skins guys, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  17. Loving these Ju-52 skins Beebop, thank you very much, really appreciated. Maybe someone will do a series of missions for civil traffic pre-war/wartime where you can visit the sights, especially once the C-47 becomes available as there would be a huge variety of schemes available for populating your airfields with statics in the various company liveries as well as flying them around Europe or Russia for that matter. Great job on the Torch P-38 bye the way, all adds to the variety for mission creation. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  18. Hello again Michael, I tried the career again last night and there was no issue at all that I noticed so it would seem whatever was causing the crash has now gone, at least I hope so. I reinstalled JSGME also last night once satisfied the sim was again working without incident, added the authentic markings and again fired up the career and again there was not any problems so later I will try one of the scripted campaigns just to confirm all is still well. Still clueless as to what the issue was causing the crashes, the latest download from the site only had one event where it failed to update and had to be started again, maybe the previous one had some corruption due to the long download times and multiple disconnections I had or maybe adding the joystick drivers again helped, who knows, hopefully that little drama is behind me now and I will not have a recurrence. Thank you very much for the help, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  19. As of last night I managed to fly two missions in the career without a crash, what exactly fixed things or how long it will last as of yet I do not know. I installed the newly downloaded files along with various components from the other install yet still had the crash in various parts of a Tempest career mission, still nothing in the log indicating Great Battles, but it is the only thing so far that has had the issue, or so it seems, it only happened when I fired this up. Malwarebytes was instructed to accept the launcher and the IL-2 site, still crashed. Turned Malwarebytes off, still crashed. Tried lowering the graphics components because for some strange reason I had started getting FPS as low as 30 on the European map, mine is not the most powerful machine and is some years old but I have generally a fairly constant 60 FPS, still the mission would crash. The only new hardware I have is the joystick so I thought I would re-install the drivers as that was having some odd moments. When I transferred my campaigns I also moved the file for the career, not sure if that should be done but it worked, or did it, I decided to erase that and start from fresh with a new career. So, with the last two things above done I fired up IL-2 and was confronted with a small window of the game screen, WHAT! The graphics looked poor and it turned out I had to sort out my screen resolution settings to cure that and so with that done I logged in anew and fired up the game and a new career and managed to complete the two missions mentioned at the start, hurray. First thing I noticed was the 60 FPS was back and the mouse was not sluggish looking around, all seemed okay with both missions, there was a break between the two as I went for tea and toast. So that is where I left things, I struggle with health issues so cannot use hands and arms for long so it was time to shut down unfortunately, nothing more I could do then. Not sure what restored the game and my sanity, however, I think maybe adding the drivers for the stick might have overwritten something that was corrupted or even replaced something missing, for now I can only continue testing and see where it takes me. I will try some further missions tonight and see if the game works after a nights rest and a new boot up while it is in mods off mode and if all goes well I will reintroduce some things gradually to see if any further issues arise. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  20. You have provided us with some excellent art here DetCord12B, thank you very much, really appreciated. Be careful from here on in with your venture to foreign lands, get back safely. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  21. A whole lot of great stuff to look forward to in the coming months, the C-47 looks a beauty, good to see it in our virtual skies. Thank you very much for the update Han, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  22. Hello again Michael, sorry for the trouble but I am confused as to what you require, I used the 'ViewCrashDumps' command that is inside the data folder of the particular install of 'IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles' created when I installed that particular version last week, those files are what it shows me. As for a Malware issue, yesterday prior to running the particular mission that was okay I had quarantined two files that Malwarebytes had instructed were a issue so are you saying that is what was causing the crash the previous day? When I installed that version of 'IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles' last week Malwarebytes would not let me start it until I had given permission for it to ignore the Il2 launcher, following that all was okay until I had the crash issues on the 27th. Anyway, thank you very much for taking a look and trying to help me undersatand what is going on, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  23. Hello Michael, sorry about that and wasting your time, I apologize for being a idiot, I did indeed add the wrong files. Please find enclosed a series taken on the day of the crash, hope they are correct this time. http://www.mediafire.com/file/pyu84q8kgigmuue/CrashDumps+27th+August+2020.7z/file I have removed the previous links from my posts, not sure about the quotes, you will need to alter those I think. Included are various missions, one from a U2 file created by Syn_Vander, the FPS on that was very low due I think to all the objects on the new map. The mission was tried various times some on auto pilot, that last of those nearly finished before crashing. Other missions came from a Tempest career and the latest IL-2 campaign from BlackSix. I thought the game had created a file for the very last mission I tried without mods on, however, that was one of the incorrect files I sent you so I guess these files are only produced if there was actually a crash, I thought the game might have kept track whether or not. The new version will hopefully have downloaded by tea time GMT here so nothing I can do until then. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  24. Hello again Michael, it will take a couple of days now to download and completely reinstall another new version so I will get back to you then. Maybe you guys could put the game on a drive of some sort so we could get it by post, would most likely be quicker than me having to download it again. Anyway, I tried a career mission again this morning with mods turned off and I managed to finish the mission without any crash so here is the file from the dump for that just to see if it helps in any way. Link removed, wrong files. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
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