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  1. Hello again, I started again a career for 88sqdn taking into account your comments and this time all was okay. As you mentioned I started as leader and was able to select the skins for 88sqdn and fly the mission, for some reason three aircraft were still showing the US markings, not sure what happened there, maybe I did not press the button hard enough when selecting the skins. I left the bomb options as per the mission set up, there was a disparity though if memory serves, on how many were carried between the armament screen and the twelve actually carried, maybe internal bombs are considered as default on the A-20 and so the wing mounted are counted separate, not sure. So, as far as I can see all is great as far as the work you guys did, splash screens worked and I could select the relevant aircraft, squadron and skins and actually fly a career for the British A-20, marvelous, I for one asked that the A-20 be added to career by the development team but they declined because if its Russian bombs, I for one could have lived with that as I am sure could most of us. The escort joined as intended, Tempests, the target reached and duly bombed and a swift return to base to conclude, I did not wait around to play with the enemy fighters, unfortunately they found us during the landing pattern and I lost three aircraft in quick succession to 190s and those wing cannon armed 109s. That proved to be the downside of the game career as always, while some fighters did engage over the target a whole gaggle seemed to come from nowhere and find the flight landing, do the AI have radar sets in their cockpits? Those kind of events spoil career mode for me as they are too frequent, yes in reality there might be a chance, however, in the mission we left them miles behind and without some kind of guidance in reality you would not have thought they could have found the flight unless the actual base was known and the only one flown from, sadly the game career mode still leaves much for improvement which is why on the rare occasions I fly it is normally scripted campaigns that I go for. Anyway, enough bitching, you guys did a excellent job on this mod, thank you very much, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  2. Many of us hoped that with the release of the Tobruk module there would have been considerable work done to address the most annoying aspects of the game, sadly it was not to be, it does indeed seem the development side of this is geared directly at the Multiplayer problems. Although there were numerous campaigns and missions provided for SP the issues mentioned in the first post spoil that content and for me make them not worth bothering with. Due to the length of time it took to put the Tobruk module together I think some time could have been put to the issue, not much point in super graphics and aircraft if you cannot enjoy that content in the missions. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  3. Personally as I develop the stuff I do for the old modded 1946 version I take images as I go to update my threads periodically for those following what I do, for a project this big and with as many talented individuals as they have working on it I would think there would always be a little of something that could be posted for the DD, 3d in work, screenshots of newly skinned aircraft, vehicles and the map of course whether there are holidays or not surely there is stuff they can share with us that might actually be weeks old, better than nothing though and keeps folks interested in the ongoing work. For me I am more looking forward to anything on the new Normandy map, please, pretty please. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  4. Hello DetCord12B, the mod is still set up in my game but unfortunately I have not yet had a chance to go back and start the career as leader to check that all works as you explained. Hopefully tonight I will get the opportunity to fire things up again and give it another go, I will report back on what I find. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  5. Thank you very much for that information sevenless, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  6. Okay, Thank you very much, really appreciated. I always start at the lowest rank Detcord12B so was not aware of that. In the careers I have played so far all aircraft were already assigned a default skin so I just assumed that would be the case with the mod, loading those 88sqdn skins instead of any game defaults, could you please make that clear in the instructions so others like me are aware of what they have to do. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  7. Hello Detcord12B, thank you very much to you and all involved for this amazing compilation, really appreciated. The artwork is superb as are the splashscreens. Unfortunately I have a problem with the 88 sqdn A-20 colour schemes, they only show the American insignia once the mission starts, as far as I can tell all the parts necessary are installed, could you help please? I have reinstalled a few times and tried re-booting the machine whenever I make changes, even flying one mission through in American livery to see if the next mission then adopted the R.A.F. schemes but no go sorry to say. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  8. Hello LukFF, the book goes on to mention many types of armament including FAB 100 bombs and rocket rails before it gets to April 1942, no specific dates though prior to April 1942 so it looks like your information is good. Two earlier dates in April are mentioned, the text goes to mention shortages in attack squadrons with Hurricanes replacing Sturmoviks but this is with 65ShAP that fought in the polar region so is out of area for our current career. 'On 9th April 1942 25 Hurricanes were delivered to the regiment. From 26th April the unit entered combat.' So March and April 1942 are where the official rearming of Hurricanes starts to gain momentum and we then start to find all manner of different weapons in use. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  9. Just to emphasize what I wrote earlier LukeFF, here are a few sentences taken from the Polish publication I have that show a little of the ad hoc nature of the early developments of the changes to the Hurricanes. Under the heading 'Hurricane modifications in the USSR' ‘As early as December 1941, workshops of 72 SAP started to modify the armament, replacing Browning guns with two 12.7mm (0.5 in) UBK guns with 100 rounds per gun, or with ShVAK cannon. Some aircraft were converted to carry a single FAB-50 bomb under each wing. The later modification was first suggested by Capt. Boris Safanov, OC 78 IAP. Another variant of armament modification consisted in replacing 4 Browning guns with two UBK ones. Apart from changes in armament Safanov also had the pilot's seat armour replaced in his aeroplane, using one from a crashed I-16.’ ‘Apart from conversions made on a individual basis in combat units, the VVS HQ decided to replace armament and cockpit armouring in all Mk.IIA and B aircraft. In march 1942 a national level decision was made to re-arm all Hurricanes with more powerful domestic armament.’ ‘Conversions started at the Moscow factory no.81. Pilots delivered the aircraft directly to the factory airfield. Apart from the factory no.81 conversions were also made at Podmoskoye, Podlipki - 6 PVO repair workshops. Apart from conversions made behind the lines, teams of workers from the factory no.81 would make conversions in field. The work was carried out at airfields Kubinka, Khimiki, Monino, Yegorevka.' This is probably already part of the information you and the team have but I thought it might be of interest to others. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  10. Hello LukeFF, I would think that with the aircraft there would have also been at least some attempt to provide munitions but how much and exactly what I cannot answer, finding that information to confirm what we might think happened is I think your issue here and is one that is difficult to get help with from the rest of the community, as far as conversions to the airframe go the question is were aircraft routinely removed to depots or was the work done at squadron level? I would guess it depended on the complexity of the undertaking, technicians in the field are usually very adept at what they do, however, there are limits, adapting adapting Hurricane wings to carry Soviet equipment and their ordnance might be a possibility as might be changing out the guns, again we come to the question of was it or not? At the end of the day in a commercial product I suppose you are stuck with having to go with what you have that is considered official. Anyway, I will take a look through what I have although most of my references were bought for camouflage information for modelling and skin work, sadly most are foreign language publications, one for the Hurricane for example is polish and so they only contain small captions in English for the photographs but they say a picture paints many words so worth a look I think. Until something anymore conclusive comes about your plan is a start, hopefully knowing you require the help might bring forth more informative material for you to use. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  11. incendiaryHello LukeFF, most reports coming from different sources indicate that Russian technicians began to alter the weapons of the Hurricane from very soon after they started to arrive in country, the first aircraft came with a R.A.F contingent and from there in modifications began to appear, first up was trying to make local fuel improvements for which one of the R.A.F. team can be credited. The big issue from a career point of view is what modifications, where and when, I gave up on my Hurricane career in game and started one in Pat's generator as for me that gives more variety in that matter even if most missions still use the eight gun armament they do include the under wing bombs which for the Mk.II would be correct right from the get go in Russia I would think. By the time Soviet officialdom finally got around to issuing specifics it is most likely by then it was the cart dragging the horse as to the horse first, ground crew in conflict will do whatever is necessary to keep aircraft serviceable, begging, borrowing, stealing and even making items, this it can be argued would be the same for modifications to armament as well where anything available could be added providing it was approved by local commanders and for them it would be needs must, usually most test information is passed back up the line and it can be argued becomes the official anyway by the time government ministries get around to checking it. Unfortunately my information is spread over many books and and is not necessarily backed up by evidence, photographs with dates can help if indeed they are correct so finding specifics is beyond me, colours is more my thing and even there from a period so long ago understanding just how accurate things are is difficult as there are many variations in the literature so knowing what is fact and fiction is hard especially in this context as you have to decide what to include for a broad audience who probably all have their own take on it. Many Hurricanes arrived via service in the Middle east and Europe rather than being purely new build aircraft and so what armament was in place there in service would have been what turned up in Russia so that can help in some way providing we were able to also supply the shells for gun types, the only one said not to have been used in combat are the 40mm tank buster cannons. This is a difficult one for you to make specifics, British aircraft had a mix of ammo types for the 303 as well that I do not think our game has, in game that caliber is particularly weak against the opposition, our pilots had the added benefit of incendiary type bullets as well as other mixes, you might have to go for a little artistic licence here I think. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  12. I think you would need access to the actual campaign template to alter the explosions jollyjack , I assume they are part and parcel of the Arras map design especially made that way for the career and so most likely locked into the code. Would be good to have a official version of the map prior to the devastation caused by the battles that took place there so campaign/mission builders would have more scope to make other relevant stuff and further the game experience, I would think for the design team that should be a relatively simple process to remove the "No Mans Land" and alter accordingly without encroaching too much on their valuable time. Anyway, great to see you guys doing what you can, good luck. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  13. Wishing you all the very best for the coming New Year, stay safe. Regards, Pete.
  14. Although we are leaving the Union tonight we still are and always will be European, so much of our accumulated history and traditions binds us to the rest of you and always will that we are still very much as one with you all. You cannot get rid of us that easily, while we wanted a different political direction with more control over what we do we are still the main cultural and trading partners ever we were, trade in goods and on going partnerships in industry and other areas will hopefully continue to the benefit of us all. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best for the coming New Year and beyond, Pete.
  15. Hello Luke, the ammo issue has been with us now for a long time, it is very difficult to play/enjoy any game if the aircraft you most want to use shoots inadequate ammunition, combine that with the fact that the most numerous aircraft in the game that you are likely to encounter has a armoured tail and so can put certain players at a severe disadvantage while playing their missions/campaigns and you should appreciate these are fundamental flaws that really should have been addressed long ago. Let us not forget also the failing wings in F.C. or tanks shooting through hills in T.C., I can do without pretty textures, excellent as they might be, what I/we all want is a game that works properly, or at least within what is possible of course in a electric box of tricks with the information available and there is plenty of that posted by community members to show what is wrong and how it impacts game play. Admittedly the team have done a excellent job of bringing this series to where it is and we all acknowledge the tireless work of improving they do but with the above issues it seems every time they try to fix something it becomes even more broken, that is a great shame and stops this series truly becoming the leader of the genre. Anyway, hopefully you are all well and the New Year will bring back some stability to our lives, take care. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
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