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  1. Okay, the mission itself cannot be called tedious, just the months of waiting for a reply to the problem. Anyway, I flew it myself again and thankfully on this occasion there was no CTD. Not sure if this is relevant to the earlier CTD but I followed lead around the circuit to finals, however, he pulled away and went around again so as I was already set up I landed. As I made my way around the taxi track there were two vehicles stopped on it and even though I had landed all the others continued to go around. All the best, Pete.
  2. Hello Requiem, I tried the 262 tutorial and found it very helpful, thank you very much, really appreciated. There was enough for me to take in and keep in memory so that when I actually sat in the cockpit I was able to find my way through the start up, taxi, takeoff and landing, without being swamped with too much information, I think my heart is still pounding from that first landing though, scary. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  3. Okay, I will fly it once more, this really is tedious though, puts me off buying any more campaigns that is for sure. Is the fact you mention a flight on autopilot important, or does it not matter? All the best, Pete.
  4. All three new aircraft are superb, the 262 really is a beast, I had to fiddle about with the new start up procedures but got there eventually, thank you very much to all involved, really appreciated. Contrary to my initial expectations I did not crash first time out.
  5. Hello Gambit, thank you very much for the update, really appreciated. I have not flown anything in the campaign since the CTD of mission 9, there is nothing more annoying than flying something again only to have the same outcome. Had you or the team said a fix had been put in place then I would try it again to confirm, other than that it remains where I left it. There is mention in the notes of the latest update about a CTD fix that concerns aircraft out of fuel I think, however, there is no indication that is what I experienced with your campaign so is it possible for the development team to confirm if it is or not my particular issue please. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  6. Hello again, I posted the log for a CTD on March 30th, could you tell me if anyone had a look and found a solution please? Was it a game issue? Campaign issue? My PC? I have a campaign that has now gone un-played since then, that was the second time it happened, it would be nice to know if anything has been done to cure the issue. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  7. Downloading now, thank you very much, really appreciated. That is a awful lot of changes to take in, will keep me out of mischief for a while. Now, how does that crash and burn thing go, I just cannot imagine I will get that jet off the ground in one piece first time around, or second , or third. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  8. Having made a thing or two myself Spiritus I fully understand the time, effort and frustration that goes into it, worth the aggravation though usually. It is always worse for us looking from the outside in, we have no control over events and just worry that long silences from the team might mean difficulties that could jeopardize the project, something none us want considering the long road you guys have traveled so far. Anyway, I'll shut up for a week or two and leave you all in peace. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  9. And beautiful it was, however, this is to be the release of a completely new theatre, come on guys build the anticipation. How many of you are there in the team? Surely you each test the new theatre and take images, show them to us, each take a turn, is that too difficult? Or are you all so wrapped up in the technical aspects of what you are creating that you have forgot what it is like to be eagerly awaiting something new as we are? It is not just about aircraft, boats, vehicles, all kinds of objects are there to be showcased. How about the landscape at all times of day, the textures, the effects the world creates, take us on a walk through of the towns and villages, how about the airfields, surely you have at least one set up so we can get a idea of what it is like. This will be the first time the modern IL_2 simulator/game has gone to the desert in a high fidelity way, all we have at the moment is the old 1946, admittedly some of the modded maps for that are awesome but you know where I am coming from. Come on guys, it is not like this is top secret or anything, we know what is coming, at least if it is going to be longer than you thought and extend beyond the standard two weeks then please keep us up to date. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  10. Is it really coming. Still no regular updates for those that have been following things so far, time to find a new hobby me thinks. Pete.
  11. WTF, "random guy" gets to crash the 262 before me. So much for pre-order eh. Pete.
  12. I agree completely, better if there was nothing there, looks silly with the stand in. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  13. Images of the Martlet are superb Spiritus, thank you very much really appreciated. As for SP, it has always been the place to go, anytime, anywhere is the reason why and the choice of scripted campaigns, providing they work and do not cause a CTD, MP might have the edge as far as playing against another human goes, however, a game/simulator that cannot satisfy those of us who play offline will not go far. Keep the offline crowd happy and you might just make a living out of this genre, ignore us in favor of the more vocal MP lot at your peril as there are many things out there we can play instead, that is the problem for Blitz at the moment sorry to say and why communication from the team is of the essence to keep those of us still following development interested. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  14. The 262 always was one of those aircraft that just looked right, the F-86 likewise, the artwork certainly does the model justice. Thank you very much for the update, really appreciated. Two weeks for sure I think for the next update. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  15. Don't hold your breath guys, might be another week or so. Take a chill pill, sit back and wait patiently, all will come eventually. Personally I only want to see the maps, you can keep all the Uber planes, it will be the longest wait ever I fear for me. Anyway, what are you really going to do with that 262, blow its engines on the runway or die landing if you manage to get airborne? Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
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