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  1. I would also like to see the I.A.R. added, they operated through the campaign in Russia and so really do need to be included. I'll also reiterate that we also need the other armed forces that served alongside the Germans, and Russians for that matter, adding into the current modules as that would expand the usage of the existing maps and campaigns to reflect reality. There are many holes in the existing aircraft list that could be filled using certain types as collectors, this is one of them. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very be
  2. Happy birthday Jason, have a good one, don't lose too much at the casino though. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  3. The Ju52 and Po-2 and C-47 can be considered quite unique, I think many would argue that the game is better for having them as they perform certain roles not really covered satisfactorily by other aircraft, if they are already in the game then I would prefer them to be flyable. The big issue here is that these types are not catered for very well in the games overall set up, in particular the career mode, what we need is for all the roles they were utilized for including in that and for those who bother about stats appropriate recognition of the roles flown to have them acknowledged
  4. Agreed, absolutely, that would truly make the experience very immersive, I would also add the ability to fart after breakfast is essential if beans were on the menu. Seriously, compared to the tanks driving a Jeep and just that as I pointed out would be a relatively simple thing, not asking to climb out and walk to the plane, get in and strap in and so on, just drive the vehicle nothing more, that would not only enhance game play but give you the ability to drive the maps just for the fun and for those involved, development. I might add, did it while making a map for the old game
  5. Thank you very much for the update, really appreciated. The paratrooper is a lovely model but wasted unless they are able to do something other than drop from the aircraft, we will see very little of them really unless as a cinematic up close, what is needed to fully appreciate that artistry is that they interact with the environment in other ways than just falling to earth and not just be a stationary figure once on the ground. Is this the start to adding some kind of moving armed soldier to the sim to enhance the T.C. experience? Are we getting a British paratrooper
  6. Missionbug

    B-25 Poll

    I would not consider it excessive to pay over £50 for a flyable B-25 or C-47, the models are really well detailed and with cockpits to match I always thought the team charged way too little for their aircraft and modules, that said Jason has already stated on many occasions that the way they do things has been found to be the better option for them and so we get things very cheaply overall when compared to other game companies. Not sure if the lower prices reflect different salaries between Western and Eastern development teams or not but I doubt many of us has actually ever paid fu
  7. Been a while since I flew the 410 in the old game, I had forgot just how elegant it looks, especially so now with this modern rendition, the Arado also looks promising, looking forward to both of these turning up in game. 109 tail fix, OMG, seems odd talking about something that will fall off as a fix. That is particularly welcome, great work guys. Thank you very much for the update, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  8. You and those working with you should be very proud of the outstanding work you do keeping those old Vehicles in such a beautiful condition. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  9. The GAZ flak truck looks superb, looking forward to taking it for a run to see what mischief I can get up to. The map detailing helps a lot with immersion and is looking great, these areas were priority targets for the bombers so are much needed on the map. Thank you very much for the update, really appreciated. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  10. Hello DD_Arthur, thank you very much for the clarification, really appreciated, that is indeed a sad state of play. In truth I very rarely fire any game up these days, health issues get in the way, last time for Tobruk was maybe a week or so ago and I had yet another CTD with one of the campaigns, I have such little time that I can actually play that I just gave in and did something else, this was following a update in which there seemed to have been much love given to fixing various campaigns, mine it seems was still broken, it just crashed in a different place. Anyway,
  11. As I said 343KKT_Kintaro I was unsure where the numbers came from or what exactly they represented, I see now he was referring to on line players one of which I am not, however, I was merely stating that whatever series of numbers there might be for satisfied customers then they could deduct me from that list. Much as I want to love Cliffs/Blitz/Tobruk I find the more I try to play it the more dissatisfied I am, sad but true, the new models are truly outstanding but the game play leaves much to be desired. I admire those of you who stuck with the game from the very first
  12. True enough, but you know very well what I was trying to point out, however, what I said still stands, this shows the mapping of the model at some stage and the fact the model itself still shows the problem when the skin is applied would seem to indicate it was not fixed, if it had been this new skin should be okay but is not hence the reason for the thread. There are work arounds as most skinners know because many models including mine have some kind of defects but I always try to sort out the model itself if a problem area is pointed out to me, dealing with it on the model and upd
  13. The wireframe is the model, it is what we use to assemble the skin, it reflects any problems on the 3d model because it is made from that 3d model. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  14. Changed that for you. Have to say I am not that happy with it, if that figure is correct, wherever it comes from and represents, then they wasted those years sadly. As for the OP, it was mentioned by Buzzsaw somewhere here that they are in talks with 1C regarding whatever comes next, maybe that is the reason nothing definate has been mentioned apart from the improved sky and adding V.R., as well as a few hints at possible aircraft. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  15. Personally I would post the above image in the 3d faults threads, maybe the original modeller can fix that for you, it needs work on the 3d side. Other than that then continue as you have started, however, it might never quite look right no matter how much you push or pull the colours over the problem areas. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
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