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  1. Missionbug

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    My first choice is always going to be anything that covers the Finnish conflict so Talvisota it has to be, always liked the Finnish ops and their variety of aircraft types. Spain and France would be something I would also like because of the areas and again aircraft variety, however, with Blitz in the channel already it would be more a natural choice for TF expand things to do the french conflict rather than doing it in the Battles series. Spain really needs to be done properly by someone, in 1946 it is covered extremely well because of the vast collection of modded maps and and aircraft but like everything else would be great to see done on a modern game engine. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  2. Missionbug

    IL-2 Battle of Finland

    Please tell us more, where, when, how. Have the development team taken you under their wing, will we get this as a paid add on, a official release? This is torture. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  3. Missionbug

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    Very impressive, the interiors and crews are amazing, hats off to the 3d guys. I have not really fired up TC since I got it, maybe once the next update comes I will try and familiarize myself with it a little more. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  4. Missionbug


    For the SBD there are two notable areas it belongs, Pacific with the US Navy, Indochina with the French, oh and that Corsair, let me see try the same as the SBD although we can add Royal Navy in the Far East as well, maybe they came close to shore in the Mediterranean Sea or were seen aboard a carrier in Portsmouth yes but apart from a what if scenario there really is no place in what we have so far. Bye the way, I love the what if scene, Luftwaffe 46 and all that, but again, a time and place I think. No one denies that we would not love to have both in game, however, you think of the two types you think of aircraft carriers or island hopping campaigns, or both, just how it is, now I am no Pacific junkie but surely the draw of that particular module is the types we most associate with it, only Jason can make that call. Development time to my mind was already miss-spent on two particular types I do not need to name when the IAR and Hurricane would have been a better choice, please let us not go off on some wild goose chase here with these two. The overall argument comes down to would these two types without a specific play ground be viable or would they divert resources away from things that still need fixing or more relevant types of aircraft to fill out the existing modules. If the third party development teams want to try then please encourage them if you want, however, our development team would still need to make time to do their side of things. Sorry guys, I think I do keep repeating myself on this particular theme, remove if you want. Maybe a poll is due on this one, see what the masses think. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  5. Always good to have the thoughts of the development team particularly those hints at possible additions. I would like to see the Meteor but I think a Mosquito overall could be considered a better return on development funds for the theater and possible further expansions, maybe they could also modify the A-20 for Europe as it is already available, anyway, time will tell. Thank you very much for the interviews, really appreciated. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  6. Missionbug


    I think I have to agree with those in favour of any aircraft integrated into the game actually having a role to play within it, although we would hope one day to have the SBD, Corsair and most other types available now is not the time or place, sorry to say. As has been mentioned we are only able to use types from the various sets now because of the development cycle, in a full release game that would not be the case as you would have the plane set designed for it, early access is after all a development tool really and it is certainly fun to test the various types but I think they are always better used in their intended environment. That said, in previous iterations of the game there were available various fantasy/online maps, not necessarily of anywhere in particular, however, there for people to play out their own fantasies, a few basic maps like that would be welcome I think to fly with existing types as we have seen with recent Far East type actions on the Kuban map. Do not get me wrong, I am of the opinion a game even at simulation level should be fun to use, for the player to relax with and not always taken too seriously, however, I think the current model works best, the anticipation of a map and aircraft set in a particular region is what most buy into, I think even if third parties made the aircraft mentioned the development team would be hard pressed trying to do their part of the integration while working on the established/upcoming modules and so it is highly unlikely it would ever happen. If it could and folks wanted to buy DCS style then fair enough, their money and game, however, we should not be craving for things that could potentially disrupt the established development cycle where they only add what is necessary for each module. Take care. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  7. I went with the B-24 although both are valid and would be most welcome I am sure, however, as others have said I would rather see the remaining aircraft flyable be they four engine or not. At least that way they do not have to build the complete model which would take a big part of the work out of it, for me it would be adequate to have just the pilot position operable. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  8. Missionbug

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    Coming along nicely guys, the add on armour and Sherman look just the job. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  9. Nothing has changed my side since the last dump file I sent you apart from the recent game updates. I flew the mission again one last time, turned off everything in JGSME and flew with Hud off , still same outcome. I give up. Pete.
  10. Hello again guys, sorry to have to report same CTD, same place, same mission. I give up on this campaign, it has had far too many attempts, not going there again. All the best, Pete.
  11. Thank you very much to all the team for the latest updates, really appreciated. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  12. Missionbug

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Everything looks superb so far, especially those new high detail dwellings for the maps and that crew, awesome. Great update, thanks guys, really appreciated. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  13. Hello Gambit, the mission is No5 Dawn Patrol, we cross the mountains and attempt to hit a column on the other side, the mission crashed before we actually engaged the target and when I load the game again the only missions named are those up to and including No5, the list there after has no names so I assumed because we did not hit the target then I cannot progress and would have to play again, in some campaigns it is possible though, so the reason for asking was for clarification as to what point the mission is a success. You indicate once I took off I should be able to move on even if the mission is not a success but as I have pointed out all entries after five are not named and I did not want to attempt to load just in case it made the rest of the campaign unusable. I usually play my game using normal settings so icons were on and I do not use full engine management just in case that makes a difference, never has in previous campaigns but you might have set the logic to exclude some things. Hope that helps. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  14. Okay, thank you very much, really appreciated. I see some have made it past the mission I am having issues with so are those like me who have this problem now stuck there until the issue can be fully identified and a fix issued by the development team or is there a way to carry on? Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  15. Okay, I will give that a try in future, thank you very much, really appreciated. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.