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  1. Thanks Jason & team! Hello BOBP! As with so many others, I'm looking at some extra time off work (uncompensated, thank you very much!) so the new (to me) content at a discount is quite welcome. Erin go bragh!
  2. I'd recommend the scripted campaigns for AI fights. I've been slowly (with my limited flight time these days) working my way through "Ten Days of Autumn" and really have found it fun, much more so than setting up QMB fights. I find the QMB frustrating, as 8v8 is the max, and half the enemy (or more) tend to fly straight off to a distant waypoint while the other half engage in the fight. The scripted campaigns will usually set you up with one or more interesting confrontation(s) each mission. They do require a bit more time than a simple QMB dogfight, but not really all that much more if you're willing to use autopilot and time compression for part of it. Cheers!
  3. I'm looking forward to the Hurri too. Coincidentally, I was going through some boxes in my basement yesterday and found this gem:
  4. Yes. To me this would do a lot to hold interest. Don't have to do a whole new release with new career, planeset etc for every map. Just more variety of terrain to fly over would be great.
  5. +1 I really hope the Devs have this on their radar, though I'm not aware of any mention in their posts, unfortunately. IMO it would be a relatively low-cost way of making the BOX world a lot more interesting.
  6. Beautiful work, thank you! I'd love to see what you could do with a Solomons map
  7. Glad to hear you guys are going to have a nice Winter vacation. We're looking forward to the release but I think it's very civilized to take decent vacations. Enjoy the time off!
  8. Bit of a long shot but I'm really hoping for a N.28 with an updated FM. I can't support with data but, while I loved the 28, it never felt right to me, losing so much E if you tried to do anything other than go straight and fast. IIRC it was included in the original ROF release and was one of the few that never got a FM review.
  9. Even so many years later, it's a polarizing topic. One measure of success in presenting a balanced view of such a topic is the amount of criticism coming from those holding strong opinions on all sides. Hopefully this documentary will encourage those holding strong pre-formed opinions re-evaluate those opinions- whatever their perspective. Personally I've heard people who were active in the anti-war movement in the USA expressing that they felt their view was not fairly represented. Though I am generally inclined to sympathize with their end of the political spectrum, I disagree with this criticism with respect to this documentary; I think it does a pretty great job of documenting the perspectives of many various participants. As many of the participants are now getting on in years, I think it's great that the filmmakers recorded so many memories, from so many people on all sides and at all levels (though I would have liked to see more AZ/NZ/ROK veterans speak). It was very interesting to see so many veterans speak so candidly, and to share how their perspectives had changed over the years. Amid so many tales of bravery, it's a great act of bravery to admit you were wrong. The war was a great tragedy. I believe the people of the USA and the people of Vietnam should naturally be friends, and I think this documentary can help us understand the tragedy that happened.
  10. Looks great. I've been hoping that someone with more time, motivation, intelligence, experience, and skill than me would put something like this together. Very, very helpful- thank you so much for your efforts! S!
  11. I have this issue too. Running stand-alone IL2, Win 10, GTX980ti, no OC. GeForce is not installed. For some reason, for me at least, it is caused by the PrecisionX OSD (on screen display [overlay.]) With the PrecisionX OSD enabled, IL2 crashes when I try to launch a mission. With OSD disabled, it works fine. So that's what I do. This problem just started occurring a couple months ago. Before that, IL2 worked with OSD enabled. I had a long gap this spring (couple months) where I did not play IL2. A couple IL2 patches were implemented during this time. I have to think that one of them somehow inadvertently caused this conflict with the OSD, which started to occur the first time I started up, updated and tried to play IL2 after this long gap. I updated to latest version of PrecisionX but it did not solve the problem. Ditto with updated Nvidia drivers. Looking at the PrecisionX forums, it seems that there are other games with this same issue of OSD causing crashes (no mention of IL2 there, go figure So I disabled OSD and it solved the problem. I'd like to have the OSD enabled, but I am mainly using PrecisionX to control GPU fan speed, so I'm living without it.
  12. I voted for "new theaters" (and improved AI) but really what I'd like to see is just a wider variety of historical/semi-historical MAPS. You don't have to build a whole new game release with campaigns, aircraft etc, although that's great too. Just a wider variety of maps to fly over, and we can use the existing plane set to make semi-historical scenarios to add variety to the routine, would be great to keep things fresh. For example Crimea, Leningrad, etc.
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