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  1. Fantastic looking pilot models! It's always great to see the commitment updating old content to the same standards as newer releases. Further revised damage modelling can only ever be a good thing, I look forward to reading about it.
  2. Wtf is going on in this thread? Coop works fine, but needs a hyperlobby style system with chat if coops with random are ever to take off. Where is the bone of contention here?
  3. Coop functionality works very well for private games with friends, but until we get a hyperlobby style interface with chat I imagine it will remain dead for pick up groups.
  4. We *do* have a blown canopy in our Spit mk.IX, it's just that the player head restrictions do not match the 3d model. I've noticed this too.
  5. You've bought BoBP and you don't know? 🤣
  6. I use 1/2 way between the central dot and the bottom of the ring at around 300-400m range in a dive. Anywhere around 20 degrees dive angle works well.
  7. This is the wrong forum for this. It hasn't happened to me but apparently there is a way to save your saves, it works when the save is corrupted - I wonder if the method can be used to save captured pilots too?
  8. IIRC they were only used in field trials from Feb 1945? Never in widespread usage. I was very surprised to see them in game, but I'm not complaining!
  9. I have noticed this as well, and although it's only my anecdotal evidence - I do not think it has always been this way.
  10. Damn, that actually looks really good!
  11. A demo is planned, if I had to guess it will be a few single missions and the IL-2 mod.42. But to add something to this discussion, I can't agree more with what others have said, advertising the game as 'free to play' would be a big mistake. I'm glad that Jason doesn't seem to be going down that route.
  12. Me410 is more of an 1943/44 Italy plane surely? They didn't really do anything in the BoBP timeline.
  13. Just like pilot in cockpit, it's a feature I'd like to see but I'm completely happy with it not being a priority any time soon.
  14. IIRC it has been mentioned, but not as a priority,
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