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  1. Not sure what the warranty was like on the Asus but it may be worth it to RMA and sell it to recoup some of your costs.
  2. I'm not sure of the technical answer, but I have IL2 on a separate SSD from my os, along with other games and have been doing so for years. Both ways seem the same both very fast.
  3. I have the rift. The holographic sight warping doesn't really bother me since I am mainly watching the path of the tracers or my target. When this is happening you can still tell the center of the reticle. The bigger issue is like when others have mentioned that a plane is flying past quickly. They appear to have a ghost image or double vision as some have put it. This absolutely ruins the chance to identify the aircraft by it's shape as it is too blurred when ASW is active. That said the rift is an amazing experience. I have not tried the Vive. I chose the rift due to the lower cost and not needing touch.
  4. No problem. Definitely upgrade your platform first. Ryzen would be worth looking at, even starting with a lower end CPU would give you an upgrade path.
  5. It will be CPU bottlenecked. is a decent reference. Gamers Nexus on youtube just did a video this week on Phenom ii so that is another good reference. I'd go with a 1060 at most or maybe wait and upgrade your platform first since you have a decent card.
  6. Are you guys playing multiplayer? Are these settings good for spotting planes easier?
  7. I sent him a pm; paraphrasing he said that hopefully in 2-3 weeks as they are translating it to Russian to hopefully attract more Russian players.
  8. I'm new here, when does the next campaign start?
  9. There's a reset position somewhere, it's something I did before my first flight. Have it mapped to my joystick
  10. I'm new to steam VR, but I had success getting rid of the chaperone by selecting large room in the room setup.
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