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  1. I recently came from 2070 Super/Rift S to 3080/G2 and it is a very clear difference. Easy to make out aircraft types. If you are on an AMD x5x0 chipset you could run into USB issues however (that can be worked around).
  2. I use an xbox controller with my Reverb g2 and I have no complaints. I'm not a tank guy but playing on Finnish in tanks is loads of fun. See Wolfpack345 's vids.
  3. I use an xbox controller, which if you don't know is bluetooth and pairs easily with windows. The only thing I don't have bound to it is start/stop engine and flares.
  4. Sometimes the light from my monitor interferes with my tracking and turning it off improves it. If I do have it on I try to keep dark images on it like discord.
  5. You didn't state your headset, but I have had similar issues with my Reverb G2. Finding the best USB port, tuning the lighting, and placing some painters tape on the wall beside my rig in a cross pattern has helped a good bit. Try the flashlight mode to see what your tracking sees. It may be getting blinded by a light or lack of contrasting features on your walls or environment.
  6. Hey everyone, We are a small squadron looking to grow our ranks. We mainly fly ground attack focusing on the Bf 110/Ju-88 and Jabos, however we will fly red as well as the server balance dictates. We usually fly on Finnish, but are open to other servers. We have members from Europe, the UK, US, and South America. I would describe us as age diverse, casual with relaxed but effective comms and combat effective. We are open to all experience levels. We have many experienced and knowledgeable members to help out. VR flyers are also welcome. We are also flexible if you wan
  7. I went with an itx board so I do not have the header available.. Lesson learned.
  8. I hope you get better soon. I get these symptoms from allergies sometimes and I know how miserable that can be to feel sick even laying down with eyes closed!
  9. Also what gpu, I forgot according to reddit threads this crops up with a pci-e 4 gpu installed such as the 3080. Looks like the x570 version of your board is mentioned for working well with the reverb g2 in this list: https://www.reddit.com/r/HPReverb/comments/jzw82o/lets_start_a_list_of_x570_mobos_that_are_working/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body
  10. Which motherboard do you have? Also which ram? To be clear I use a sata m.2 for my os and an nvme for games and the sata drive was the issue until I switched to pcie 3.0 mode. Only my single usb 3.2 gen 2 port works with my headset and then the head tracking isn't that good. My head floats around a bit. I could probably try another ram kit to see if that improves anything but my kit is on the board's qvl running at xmp.
  11. I am running a Gigabyte Aorus B550i with a 5600x and for people building a system for VR I can recommend against Ryzen on b550/x570 for VR with a Reverb G2. Issues I've had: Extremely slow m.2 drive performance when in pci ex. 4 mode. No usb ports reliably work for the VR headset while in pci ex. 4 mode./ Constant USB disconnects. (I have 1 port that works with my headset when the motherboard is limited to pci ex. 3.0 mode. I have tried 3 different powered usb hubs. Bluetooth very unreliable, especially in PCI ex. 4 mode. From my research this effects all or most b55
  12. Try to invest in the MFG's they will probably last you the rest of your life. That's also how you can explain the cost. They are amazing and I received mine really quick during the fall in the US. Edit: also immediately improved my accuracy in aerial gunnery from the thrustmaster t rudder..
  13. I am, works great except clouds in multiplayer have a huge impact on frame rate as always. Rift S.
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