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  1. As soon as I read the 2nd sentence I was already going to reply that I don't have time for other games lol.
  2. I pre-ordered but I have no base stations. Will I be fine with 1 2.0 base station for IL2/dcs and do I need to buy a controller to get through setup?
  3. Waiting to hear if this works before trying to remove WMR and getting my updates.
  4. If you are in the US or similar market maybe try the Quest 2 first to see if VR is for you.
  5. Still looking for more to fly with us. We fly Fridays at 8pm GMT. A few of us are becoming more active on other days as well. If you are interested in getting into multiplayer, we can work with you.
  6. As others said you get what you pay for, so as an owner of 3 cheap powered hubs and one ~$70one I recommend spending some time here and paying a bit extra to only have to buy one. I have a Sabrent and can recommend it although I only have 4 devices plugged into it.
  7. Is SRS up? I tried to connect to the one from last season the other day and I had no luck.
  8. Mine charges while playing IL2 but not enough to keep up with the drain. I charge it to 100% using the ac adapter then while using link I am around 50% charge after 4 and a half hours of continuous play time. Id say to plan for charging breaks if you want to fly over 8 hours continuously
  9. Yes, the 1080ti should be fine, and I still have not noticed any USB issues since the bios update.
  10. I am sure that the need to use WMR for steam vr has been patched out. After launching WMR it will load SteamVR when you launch the game. @[FF]Saiyon has showed me that on your desktop shortcut you can edit the location and add /vr at the end and that will cause it to launch in VR. I am at work so I don't have the exact answer but if no one answers you I will when I get back to my PC. I have my sensor taped over to simulate wearing the headset, so I launch WMR, minimize it then use the IL2 shortcut and I'm done. *Excluding messing with audio devices for comms.
  11. I haven't had audio issues, I did do the firmware update but I haven't noticed it getting any darker, although I can see where they might have gone that route due to the godray type of reflection from the lenses sometimes. I was referring to the USB issues on AMD boards making G2s very finicky in certain configurations.
  12. As title says. The new AGESA update has fixed the usb connectivity issues with my Reverb G2. I was previously recommending against AMD 500 series chipsets for VR use. So far I have been able to use my usb C port (which previously did not work) with no issues. Gigabyte Aorus B550itx/5600x/3090.
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