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  1. While the Fokker D.VII was a big inspiration for many biplanes designed in the US during the interbellum, perhaps they didn't think much of the D.VIII. They certainly took a good look at it. You can see one here being tested at Wright Field in US markings. The story was different overseas, where the welded fuselage and parasol cantilever wing from the D.VIII was the basis for a range of commercial passenger planes from Fokker which ruled the market in the 1920's. They didn't have as much capacity, but they were reliable and rugged and they matched the demand there was for passenger and mail flights better than some of the competition. Fokker's designs won contests, pioneered routes and performed perilous expeditions. Below you see an example: a Fokker F.III, which became available in 1921. It has a modified wing that sits above the fuselage rather than directly on top of the cabin, an experiment to see if it would gain a higher speed (which it didn't). The cantilever wing was strong enough to do away with all additional supports. The pilot sits next to the engine, a Rolls Royce Eagle VIII in this case: this saved space, but made it very uncomfortable for the pilots, who in their own words, were freezing on one side and getting burnt on the other. The photo's annotation says 'Vliegkamp Schiphol', which indicates that it was taken when Schiphol was still mainly used as a military airfield in the early 20's. I'm sharing these photos because I finally managed to make a good scan of them. The first one I own a negative of (not the original, clearly it's a copy). The photo exists elsewhere on the web, but with dreadful quality, and here you can see all the details that the negative carries. The second photo I own as a glass positive, probably for use with a magic lantern, and I haven't seen it elsewhere on the web at all. It's a remarkable object, crisp and clear. I've collected more items related to Fokker and early aviation, if you folks like it I can share more below as well.
  2. I hear ya. The whole story that these are repurposed machineguns makes so much sense, as well. And thanks Sizzlor! I'll try to drop by soon 😄
  3. I might have to what's a good flying day? And I think he mostly just travels around to review guns from peoples collections, or guns that are up for auction. It's not like he's the Jay Leno of guns 😄
  4. Ian from Forgotten Weapons has done the homework one these, nice to get some more insight:
  5. I have such fond memories of flying no-comms campaigns in ROF! Especially a night bombing missions with Gothas, oh boy after landing and going back into teamspeak it was a bit like the commander must feel, standing on the field waiting for the other pilots to come back in and land and seeing who made it and who reached the target. But also coming up with the flight plans pre-flight, and thinking about how we could escort our two seater, cover the entire front with scouts to find the enemy's, and still be able to come to eachother's aid when you see a flare pop....good times! Of course, for regular server nights, this is all completely useless, and it has no place outside of campaigns like this. but it's fun.
  6. Someone better tell Bert his angles are off! What about Fork?
  7. Hear that whistle blow...yeah, it's quite something, especially in VR! It's remarkable!
  8. /offtopic Nieuport 17 versus Dr.I is kind of a Flyboys myth. Did they ever meet? Also, Battlefield 1 makes for some very good two-seater groundpound gameplay. /offtopic
  9. Hi, welcome to the wonderful world of VR! 😄 Check this out, among other things it adds some very nice zoom options for VR. It does take some tweaking to get it working right.
  10. I fly on the J5 server and I always climb to at least 2 to 2,5 km, and I see plenty of other planes there. While this certainly isn't a very high altitude, I also don't see it as being a treetop problem. And for me, with the C l.II's, even the treetop action has its place. It'also the perfect balance of fun for me, between spending my time traveling and climbing, and finding action. I'd love some more incentives to make people fly higher, but be careful not to break something that's currently working quite well. Some thoughts: More high altitude AI flights, perhaps right over the trenches Some targets with such heavy AAA that you can only bomb them from altitude (do we have bomb sights yet? no? nevermind) Lowering the cloud deck, beause they work as a ceiling now. Maybe 1,5k? This will make more people climb above the clouds, and once that's the case, it makes more sense to have some alttiude to spare, putting you in a good position to hunt.
  11. Larner, if that's not a composite image, then that's one remarkable screenshot!
  12. Yeah, just open up IL2 and choose the Arras map and your WWI planes of choice in QMB, or a server that runs a WWI setting if you want to go on-line. It's all integrated into one big game :).
  13. I don't fly the Camel because I feel bad about it, but perhaps I'll just be that bastard. The Dolphin just doesn't do it for me. Speaking of which, did you throttle back a lot to keep up with me yesterday?
  14. Congratulations, Chill, and thanks for sharing, this is great to see!
  15. Well, I wonder who it was that was contacted before. If it was a certain Mr Demarco, a new attempt might be warranted...
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