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  1. In game messages and tech chat are different options.. You do have the options to kill player messages and also a separate option to have tech chat "basic, technical or off"
  2. Shocking, that's what it is.. The ones that are not moaning do not pipe about it as its given them clear advantage, yet quick to jump on anyone that mentions it, giving the numbers experiencing it and the vast differences in hardware we all have, its clearly an issue.. The blurred band you have literally running along the horizon is where most contacts are lost for me, unless they are shimmering like F against clouds. I hope that the deferred rendering gives them the opportunity to address this issue although i throw caution out there to anyone thinking the first patch with it working will fix this issue from the get go. The reality is that they are loosing players/customers because of it, as its just not fun being involved in a game your not able to spot anyone, yet have no drama with CloD or DCS..
  3. Some amazing work right there..
  4. Nice vids as usual m8 ~S~
  5. Was =AFJ=JaMz, still JaMz don't see any of those cats anymore, had some great days in 46 with them.
  6. Is that even modeled? I highly doubt it. through their own admission and certainly to most combat sim players, the DM here is pretty lame. hence why its been the subject of many threads and is now being updated which comes with a lot of appreciation from me, that's for sure..
  7. Just_Him

    No fog mod

    Rgr.. thanks
  8. Just_Him

    No fog mod

    Ok, thks. So I just drop the MOD folder into my Directory/Data folder?
  9. My registered name is JamzSolo, but it will not let me fly on the server. It keeps telling me to register. This is my game name that I use although I may use higher and lower case characters as in the forum format. Any ideas?
  10. Just_Him

    No fog mod

    Where dos this MOD go pls? Is it enabled automatically (never run any mods before) and will it interfere with Online play? TIA
  11. This will always happen, until you get punished for it on the stats, and that means ALL stats in game or otherwise. Score hits, be it bombing runs or A2A and RTB safely, you get rewarded for it... If you're dead or captured via bailing (which should always be the case if over enemy territory) you get sweet FA. Not sure how many times this issue has com up with flight sims and yet we continue to use the same stat systems. If we're measuring d1k size, then the game can store your hit ratio, KD etc etc. Hell, you could have your own little thread to post your SS's as the argument from 'some' payers seems to be "yea but I use it for monitoring my performance" so you'd still be able to do that, however I don't think this reason is enough to keep a system implemented which just leads to horse sh8t behavior... its tiring.
  12. The old printscreen trick... Been around since the dinosaurs
  13. Hmm, I cannot see how that is being used to check a gun/cannon.. Maybe im wrong but why have an adjustment on the rear?
  14. Does it? I remember the days before TiR and id much prefer flying on the servers without external views.. I asked, as I fly there often and didn't realize some could be using them that's all.
  15. That smoke.... 👍 Looks great..
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