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  1. Hi guys, a little video of my impressions of the last TAW - campaign, have fun:)
  2. Hi folks, another big thanks to TAW and the community. This was my first complete campaign and it was a lot of fun. That's why I just made a little video of my impressions, have fun. See you soon and have a nice summer! Greetings "DerFreizeitheld"
  3. Well done. Apparently you are a very bright head ... Do not you think it would be better for the people who have a question to offer a good answer? I did not say anything, just think it's sad people like you do not support the community with such answers ... I do not say anymore ...
  4. fsss. stop this bullshit guys and dont support this.... or wanna play alone?°!
  5. Hey guys, I do not want to be annoying, but when will the next campaign start? Can not wait for it .😍 greetings
  6. Hi guys, big thanks for the great campaign. I have only been able to experience it for the last few days but it was really nice. At the same time my first online experience in il2. I'm really looking forward to the next one. THX !!!
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