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  1. Sounds like you've nailed it blitze, everyone's system is different and different systems react differently to different HMDs but it is so gratifying when you find the sweetspot.
  2. Hello mate Yes, it was some time ago that it was announced that Pimax were releasing the SDK for PiTool. It was seen as a major step forward for a small company to allow their user base to improve the software and to develop it for their own purposes. My memory is that I have pre-rendered frame setting at 3, this followed the advice of Sweviver who clarified a lot of things for the early Pimax users and helped the community to discover the hidden nuggets to improve the overall experience.
  3. Hello Gents I reckon that I am spotting at about the same distances as I was before to be honest and this is partially what started me tweaking and meddling. I use Smart Smoothing, always have with the Pimax, and I don't get any negative effects from it such as artifacts or the double vision that you mention. If I had those then I would disable that function for sure but enabling it gives me a great deal of headroom to play with as I find I fly very smooth, butter smooth as Sweviver would say, with the 64 Hz setting. I have SN 2036. I don't get the wobbling that you mention either at this low frequency. I can see that if you're prioritising the competitive environment then the way you tweak is governed by that. I do fly on TAW but point scoring, stats etc is of no interest to me personally. This is all about the love of flying these aircraft for me, happy to have a one hour flight in the heavens without seeing an enemy aircraft. I do love formation and aerobatics though. I have this sim platform just where I want it, gorgeous cockpit and superb terrain detail, everything looks amazing and I find that I can discern much more detail on other aircraft as I approach them. As I only fly VR this was a problem, being more concerned with identification than strategical manoeuvreing, but I do find that recently I can decide what that thing is from greater distance. Which is nice. What I love about the Pimax headsets is that they are so configurable and now that PiTool has gone open source we should see great things from it. I will definitely be getting the 8KX as my next gen HMD. Good times ahead I think. Blue skies to you all !
  4. Hello Pimax fans I thought I would add some findings on the recent PiTool #258 with Firmware #255. After some tweaking and testing I now run IL-2 with render quality of 2 and with a massive 7642 x 4708 resolution per eye as recorded within SteamVR settings. I run Large FOV at 64 Hz with Smart Smoothing enabled and FFR closed. I have graphics at Ultra with everything maxed out in the sim which runs at 32 fps solid, meaning that 64 Hz is maintained. The result is a smooth flying experience with incredible cockpit visuals, all dials and instruments clearly legible as is the smallest writing. Users are struggling with PiTool #258 but it's the best of class for me personally. I have the GPU Catalyst set to O, also Contrast at +2 and brightness at -2. PiTool #253 gave good performance but I found that it wouldn't maintain Large FOV and always defaulted to Normal. Never has IL-2 looked so good in VR, now I just wish I could shoot straight in the La-5, those ShVAK seem powerful but so difficult to get on target.
  5. I have just finished this campaign in VR on full realism. It was so very immersive and enjoyable, challenging and I felt very integrated into the mission role. As already reported there is the mission where a P-39 interferes with the rest of my flight so I ended up flying the mission by myself. There was a later mission where the flight lead refused to take off so again I flew the mission solo. Apart from anomolies like this, which I am well used to by now with flight sim AI, the whole experience was very much worth the price of the campaign and I want to congratulate everyone involved in its creation. As the AI behaviour is improved and becomes more cohesive, reactive and subtle then I can look forward to re-flying this campaign for an even deeper sense of involvement.
  6. Hello virtual pilot colleagues From the signature below you will notice that I have a kickass system. IL-2 Sturmovik plays in 2D on a huge monitor at the very highest possible settings in 4K at 3 figure FPS. So does DCS. Now, when I use IL-2 with my Pimax I almost always find that the sim hangs a few seconds after arriving in the cockpit in a mulitplayer scenario. I can more easily continue in single player as the system seems to experience less overhead. Initially, I figured the solution to this was simply to lower the graphical settings but this seems to make little difference. At the very lowest settings the headset still hangs due to the sim becoming non-responsive. Using the Pimax VR HMDs with such a high-end system should be a killer combination. Does anyone have a similar kind of system with Pimax and have experience of how to run the platform successfully. I am thinking it is mulitplayer related, do the upload/download speeds need to be set at something more specific than default? As a comparison I have no issue with DCS at the highest settings and get good FPS in VR. I understand that SteamVR has a variety of settings also and it may well be a combination of sim/SteamVR/Pimax settings which produces the solution. I would be so appreciative of any ideas that people are prepared to share here and in particular I would love to hear from anyone who has a similar system to my own and has been through a similar situation and has found its solution. I am really enjoying flying IL-2 in VR now that I have a great platform and I can do that in Single Player but I would also very much like to be able to take this online too. Thanks for reading. UPDATE - A particular setting within the Pimax software would seem to be the culprit here. Fixed Foveated Rendering works with DCS but clearly not within IL-2. Others take note.
  7. Fine community initiative, I would plumb for Flying Circus. You have done well, congratulations!
  8. As part of my formation flying group I am very keen to have Spitfire Mk Vb skins of the above four-man section that flew from RAF Station Westhampnett in July 1941. We already have an excellent skin for Bader, despite the fact that he flew the Mk Va as he didn't rate the cannon armament, but I am now looking for volunteers amongst the very talented skinning community here to produce Mk Vbs for Alan Smith, Johnnie Johnson and Hugh 'Cocky' Dundas. I am currently researching the appropriate markings for these three and will add details shortly. Any takers out there? With credit to Raptorattacker I already have an excellent skin of 'Lord Lloyd I', Bader's personal mount: At around this time Johnnie Johnson seems to have flown Mk IIa YQ-N serial no W3457 and these squadron codes date the photo to July 1941 at the earliest. As with Bader's Mk Va the camo pattern would have still been brown and green. After Bader failed to return in August it was necessary to keep morale up and Johnson added the following to his cowling: Referring to the book "Bader The Man and His Men", by Michael G Burns. Page 151, refers to Dundas belly landing his Spit Mk IIa (P7828 QJ-A 'Cock of the North') on Monday 8th May 1941. Whilst with No. 616 Sqn I believe he stayed on Mk IIa and was posted in the autumn of that year. P7828 was definitely on the strength of 616 Sqn, as Johnnie Johnson used it also and scored a kill with it. From another source - 8 May 1941, flying P7827(?) QJ-A ('Cock of the North') Dundas took part in the first trial run of the 'finger four' formation, was badly damaged and belly-landed at RAF Hawkinge. It is possible he was shot down by Mölders.
  9. In CloD on the ATAG server the concept was incorporated rather well I thought back then. Once landed in good fettle and engine switched off, a simple and quick shortcut brought you the refuel wagon and armourers to return your comestibles to original state. I for one would appreciate the ability to fly in the same aircraft after R&R within the same mission.
  10. Understood Habu, I am grateful for the heads up. Means that mission names, media names, as you say, anything which connects to the mission file itself all have to conform to this rule. Point to note, thank you so much.
  11. Fine collective effort Gentlemen, thank you for your kind assistance. The mission works as designed and I will be more careful with sound file name additions for the MCUs in the future.
  12. Wonderful I shall try this - so the break has happened in the recent update then as this same named mission operated perfectly in 3.004. So Jim, how was it possible to fix the mission for me, which is a very great kindness, if it won't open in ME?
  13. Here is the complete file, minus the .msnbin as that was deleted as per instructions. SCG's F.A.R.T. with Spitfire Mk Vb.zip
  14. Hello Jim, when you say post, how do you mean exactly? Simply zip and attach, but how can anyone open it? SCG's F.A.R.T. with Spitfire Mk Vb.zip The above mission did play perfectly online and was only 'broken' when the platform updated to 3.005 with hotfixes.
  15. Yes Habu, I have one mission made in 3.004 containing one MCU Translator media and this one plays perfectly and opens in ME. I have another homemade mission which incorporates 2 such MCUs, also made in 3.004 but not playable and doesn't open in ME and results in error when 'Resave missions in folder' is attempted.
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