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  1. Likely the Merlin 50/50M and the 55/55M.
  2. Each time that I try the firmware reloader, it loads the file and then nothing more happens, I waited plenty of time and nothing was going on. Wiggled all the connectors, disconnected and refitted, still nothing happening in the control unit. I think I will have to order another one. I tried to order a replacement but I am informed by your payment portal that there are no carriers available. Please help.
  3. Hello Andre I have been using the Gametrix Jetseat since 2019 and have had a great deal of use and immersion from it. Suddenly, the control unit has stopped lighting up and there is no response from the seat. Tried the usual things like plugging the USB into another slot and reloading the firmware but nothing I try has worked. I am assuming now that the control unit has died from use. I haven't plugged/unplugged the connectors since I started using the device and the seat is still in immaculate condition. Do you sell replacement control units? Many thanks for a grea
  4. Mea culpa, imbecilicus sum. I had not realized that during WWII the VVS was not the full name of the air service. Thank you for the explanation and I look forward to enjoying this logbook. The Sync Tool works great. One thing I have noticed is that the Order of Glory 1st Class medal does not seem to show up, though it was awarded within PWCG. Apart from that everything is great, many thanks.
  5. I will go back and check it but I am sure it was VVS, yes it is VVS and I tried the Sync Tool again and it says that no characters are available. Strange.
  6. Hello I registered and created a character. I downloaded the Sync Tool which seems like a great idea. This found my PWCG character without a problem but does not recognise the character within Logbook that I freshly created. What might be the reason for this? Thanks for your assistance.
  7. Great choice of rudder controls, much better effect with Cam #5 in my opinion, this reduces the centralling feel of the rudder, on real rudders there is no feel of a central detent but a continuous motion so that is what this extra cam offers. Best hardware choice I ever made and taught me the meaning of controlled flight and yaw control.
  8. In the Advanced Configuration of your campaigns, try hovering with the mouse over the topics listed, that will let you make an informed decision about most things.
  9. Plenty of interest in that idea here, thank you for sharing.
  10. Thank you for this re-release as I hadn't come across this work before. Quite superb and I think this sets a new standard. I love how you have incorporated views from both sides, both air and ground units and also the excellent use of camera angles and slow motion when the action gets down and dirty. Personally, I would have loved to see how the unit approached their airfield in preparation for landing and some nice camera angles of that would have rounded the sortie off superbly. Could have finished with a debrief using photo recon camera evidence of how successful a strike it was. Neverthele
  11. You have a combined radiator shutter whose lever is on the left of the seat and looks similar to the one found in the Spit Mk Vb.
  12. I have had this campaign on my drive for such a long time and only now just completed the most recent version. This campaign is a tour de force and has given me a new liking for the Yakovlev fighters. Well crafted and carefully choreographed there is a lot of replay value here. Well done on an excellent piece of work.
  13. There really are two independent schools of thought revolving around 'balance' and I can see them both. As an activity to be enjoyed as we all like to do, combat flying online does need to be balanced in every way possible. As a recreation of a moment in history, the concept of balance is a nonsense. The complexity of running a multiplayer server like CB is phenomenal and the team here do an amazing job to be sure. The reality seems to be that both sides feel the pressure of circumstance is against them and that life is unfair and perhaps that is a complement to the developers as in reality b
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