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  1. Thank you so much for your guidance here, I will be careful in the future and can see how I can retrieve these missions. Cheers mate!
  2. Here I have zipped up 3 mission files. I don't have the ancillaries as I had deleted them in efforts to sort the problem of the missions not playing and then not opening in ME. Would be marvellous if you were able to make something of them. Thanks for your efforts. Madov's Missions.zip
  3. My missions won't resave, at least the ones that I cannot open normally, that is my problem. Can't open in ME and can't resave using Resave function, error is reported each time. Already deleted symbols etc.
  4. Already tried that, I only have the .Mission file left and it doesn't open, simply reports an error.
  5. I have an apostrophe in the title. So that should be removed, if I understand you. Will me removing the ' from the mission title mean that I can then load it in ME? I will try it thanks.
  6. Hello I am sure that this has come up before at various times. After big updates the ME seems not to be able to open and read older missions. There are a couple of those that I don't want to lose but I can neither open them in the ME or Resave them to enable them to run. Do I have any other options in order to retrieve them?
  7. I had the wind at 3 mph which is around 5 kph so I dropped it down to 2 mph and now everything works as it should. I am surprised as 3 mph is not a strong ground wind at all. Thanks for your help here mate.
  8. Both are possible causes in this mission, your assistance is appreciated Gambit21, many thanks. I will investigate and let you know.
  9. Hello I have a training mission where I spawn a flight of a/c and they fly to a waypoint and then receive the Command to Land. I know they receive this command as they then do one more circuit, lower gear and flaps and have their lights on but on runway approach after asking for permission to land always get the 'Runway is full' answer despite there being nothing on the runway. Airfield Object is set with a full taxi path etc. What are the normal reasons for such a persistent refusal for the AI to land? Any assistance gratefully received.
  10. Hi Alonzo, the Reverb G2 looks like it has great clarity but no way am I going back to the scuba mask view, Large FOV or bust!
  11. As far as I can see, the only benefit to eye-tracking within a VR headset is to enable dynamic foveated rendering and that requires the IL-2 platform itself, as far as we're concerned, to be compatible with it. With DFF less resources are required to render the whole scene with only part at a higher fidelity. With my Pimax 5K+ headset, Fixed Foveated Rendering does not work in IL-2. I am presuming that a compatibility layer is required for that to happen and probably the same would be true for Dynamic Foveated Rendering made possible by eye-tracking. If and when eye-tracking becomes more a mainstream feature of VR headsets then I can see flight sim companies getting involved with it but not yet.
  12. I am getting the same result on starting both in VR and on monitor. There has been some kind of update perhaps or hotfix but not to SteamVR as that is as before. Maybe something up with the Master Server.
  13. Your constant attention is well appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you SYN_Vander. I have been looking forward to the ability to select airfield location in order to have a more historic campaign style set of missions for the Squadron.
  14. Been waiting for this implementation. Thank you Vander.
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