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  1. It's more of an expression of how you see the activity that you are engaged in, are you simulating war action or playing a game? The answer to that question will largely determine your reaction to shooting at pilots under canopy. Certainly it happened historically and quite often. It became official policy of the US Mighty Eighth to kill bailed pilots from German jets as they were a prized asset to deny the enemy. It frequently happened on the Eastern Front and happened also to pilots during the BoB though perhaps less often.
  2. The English language equivalent is almost identical, except that we prefer 'broth'.
  3. We put the lessons learnt on the course to good effect. The US 9th Armd Div gets blocked in front of Remagen by multiple batteries of German field artillery. 2TAF calls in the specialists. You are welcome to visit the website http://www.41squadron.org for more information about the squadron's organisation and 'modus operandi'. You are also very welcome to drop into our Discord Server - https://discord.gg/XtYSAdM - at any time and see what's going on. We're usually around in the evenings.
  4. The core issue for you may have been solved. The sim platform has been rendered unplayable for me. Different folks, different strokes.
  5. Been all over it all day. Pimax 5K Plus is knackered until this hotfix is reversed.
  6. Never use the zoom, it's non-authentic as an experience in the cockpit. Never installed the 'cheat' mod that caused much consternation. Had great visual acuity and performance in VR and loved this simulation. Now I find myself grounded due to total breakdown in HMD of image. Come on Devs, pull that finger out !
  7. Ditto, please fix what your hotfix has broken.
  8. 1. Without any zoom applied I have this fish-eye effect which is frankly somewhat nauseating. With VR zoom applied the previous overlap issue is no longer present and a better zoomed-in image with much greater clarity is present as is the nausea. 2. Pimax 5K Plus 3. This file does not exist in this location and there is no such folder. This file is located in /windows/system32. 4. No it does not. Setting my in-game resolution to my monitor's native resolution which is 4K does nothing positive. I now cannot fly anymore in VR. Losing the zoom mod meant nothing to me as I didn't use it at all but now I am unable to fly in this platform in VR. Cheers!
  9. Hello SYN_Vander I have started to use your EMG and I really like it, especially as there seems to be little performance overhead even with crowded skies. In 41 Sqn we are starting to put together some more historical mission types with a view to emulating the Squadron ORB for the Normandy/Rheinland timeframe. I like the variety of targets that are available. Is there any way to include a menu box for the base airfield as this would lend itself to the mobile airfield concept as applied in 2TAF? With the ability to fly a number of mission types from the order of ALGs as recorded in the unit's ORB we can trace 41 Sqn's historic progress. To make a menu list of base airfields is quite a bit of work I would imagine. Any thoughts? Thanks for your consideration.
  10. If the plane had it's own G-meter, like the P-51 had, then it should work as advertised but most didn't so in the FULL REAL environment we shouldn't have access to it. Yes, I know the real pilot can feel the G when pulling it but if we want a hardcore sim then these are the breaks.
  11. I have an SN203. I put in #144B, changed the brightness setting and then installed #259. The brightness had returned and all is well. Here you can find links to older versions but do remember that as with all things Pimax, your mileage may vary. https://community.openmr.ai/t/pitool-firmware-links/26733
  12. Pleased to report good performance gain with the new PiTool # 259. All in-game settings to their max. Smart smoothing with 90 Hz and I get a very smooth 45 without issue. Had to install the PiTool # 144B in order to set the Backlight at High and then re-install # 259. The sim has never looked better in VR on this rig. Hopefully they will update this PiTool with the Backlight added back.
  13. Great to see the Yak-9 finally making its belated appearance, they were there in the skies over Stalingrad 42/43 so its certainly about time. Much appreciated and will be flown a great deal I am sure.
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