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  1. I appreciate your service support ethos Ciribob, you are a credit to the community. EDIT : I got the Startup with Windows working as suggested, didn't know it was so easy and will use this for other programs when needed. Thanks
  2. Would it be a relatively simple thing for you to provide an optional setting to start SRS with Windows?
  3. Clear anwers, many thanks. I hadn't grasped the idea of Intercom being synonymous with the Spectator pool.
  4. Thank you so much for your very prompt reply. One more querry - what does the Wrap Radio function option do? There is still the querry about the Intercom, my wingman and I couldn't get it to work. Both radios both Tx and Rx but nothing on Intercom, but the lights was activating with PTT.
  5. I tested out this new 2 radio configuration with my wingman who had the SRS Server running on his machine. We found that when we switched to Radio 1, the overlay showed us communicating on that Radio and I heard it in my left ear, as I have 1 left and 2 right configured. When we switched to Radio 2, the overlay still showed us as using Radio 1 and I still heard the comms in my left ear. Surely, that should have come through in the right ear? However, if I attempt to transmit while my wingman is transmitting then he does move to Radio 2, which seems strange. Is there any way that the two radios can be separated? Also, would it be possible to set on the server side which clients are able to use the second radio? My thinking, is to have the Radio 2 used primarily for flight leaders/squadron leaders within a wing while each squadron uses it's own separate channel on Radio 1. Also, we could not get the Intercom to function at all. Ideally everyone would be able to use that on initial connection before moving to their assigned radios and channels. Thank you very much for your sterling efforts in bringing this improved radio environment to IL-2.
  6. My issue had been that I had set PiTool to enable FFR. It doesn't work and causes the problems as stated. In other games/sims FFR may be fine of course. As of today, I get excellent performance in IL-2 and the recent software/firmware updates have no issues at all. Only that spotting and clear IDing is still a PITA.
  7. Very good luck with this endeavour. Such an esteemed squadron with such personalities as Brian Kingcombe and Geoffrey Wellum.
  8. It's more of an expression of how you see the activity that you are engaged in, are you simulating war action or playing a game? The answer to that question will largely determine your reaction to shooting at pilots under canopy. Certainly it happened historically and quite often. It became official policy of the US Mighty Eighth to kill bailed pilots from German jets as they were a prized asset to deny the enemy. It frequently happened on the Eastern Front and happened also to pilots during the BoB though perhaps less often.
  9. The English language equivalent is almost identical, except that we prefer 'broth'.
  10. We put the lessons learnt on the course to good effect. The US 9th Armd Div gets blocked in front of Remagen by multiple batteries of German field artillery. 2TAF calls in the specialists. You are welcome to visit the website http://www.41squadron.org for more information about the squadron's organisation and 'modus operandi'. You are also very welcome to drop into our Discord Server - https://discord.gg/XtYSAdM - at any time and see what's going on. We're usually around in the evenings.
  11. The core issue for you may have been solved. The sim platform has been rendered unplayable for me. Different folks, different strokes.
  12. Been all over it all day. Pimax 5K Plus is knackered until this hotfix is reversed.
  13. Never use the zoom, it's non-authentic as an experience in the cockpit. Never installed the 'cheat' mod that caused much consternation. Had great visual acuity and performance in VR and loved this simulation. Now I find myself grounded due to total breakdown in HMD of image. Come on Devs, pull that finger out !
  14. Ditto, please fix what your hotfix has broken.
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