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  1. Not sure what i'm doing wrong but i try all those things, i will give it another go later.
  2. I'm trying to get this to work, do i need to have tacview running in the background? If i do i get an error when i start IL-2 in Steam that Il-2 is already running.
  3. Thanks for all the hard work, exciting times ahead.
  4. Haha yes i did say the first person to quote me. So feel free to add to the list. Happy birthday if it is today.
  5. wow absolutely, thank you. I feel i should give something back, if some body quotes me & explain how i do it i will get them a U2 VS.
  6. Blown away by the generosity in here, would sure appreciate Tank Crew.
  7. OK good to hear, so i'll probably end up getting it & taking a risk in the hope they improve some elements of it.
  8. From the depths of hell the Dinogorgon.
  9. So i was wondering is VR supported in tank crew, really want to get it especially with better HMDs on the horizon?
  10. Some great progress made, any news on wether the tanks will be ok in VR anyone try that yet?
  11. Maybe it was set to low skill Ai just to test the damage?
  12. There are 2 tanks that came with BOB are they the same sort of quality as in Tank Crew? I don't seem to get the a floaty camera in these in VR. A word from the devs if they plan to support vr would be handy.
  13. Played il2 in vr for the first time in ages as i've been building a sim rig & its taken a long while to get round to completing it. I'm amazed how well it runs in vr, everything looks really amazing BOK is stunning (apart from planes going into clouds) So bit of a surprise to see the announcement, very exciting news hope it stays in pre-order for a while as i can't contemplate trying to get the money together, also can it be confirmed if it will support VR from the start? But congrats on work done so far & everything to come in the future.
  14. I seem to be unable to move to a gunner position, how is this done? bomber target works ok but is in 2d i assume is a compromise for now. One thing i'm a little disappointing in is i seem to be restricted in my movements around the plane, its not totally free. Its so great to sit in these planes though its really a wonderful experience.
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