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  1. I totally agree. A Stug IIIG would fit any of the current theaters in the game so far.
  2. Splinty

    Tank Crew Add-On

    If the game ever takes tanks into Western Europe, this will look gorgeous on American Shermans etc. US armor always seemed to be covered with gear.
  3. I would like to see a "high" and "low" position for the Tank Commanders when their hatch is open. Right now they stand "high" like they are in a parade, and that would be suicide on any active battlefield. The TC's should also have a heads out only position.
  4. If you were going to add morale, than veterancy and skill levels would also need to be implemented. It seems to me there would have to be "soft" factors as well. Leadership skill and crew experience come to mind.
  5. Really shaping up. Can't wait to bomb those Bahnhofs!
  6. I just finished Mission 9 of the Soviet Tank Campaign. The artillery explosions look great!
  7. Now I have to figure out how to get mods to work on the Steam version of the game! That's some beautiful artwork Tomi.
  8. I love the squadron numbers. I love even more that tactical markings will be on tanks as well!
  9. It's also possible that the tank spent a good part of it's life in a storage yard in the middle of nowhere. Most armies have stories of major amounts of equipment sitting idle somewhere because the paperwork for it was lost or misplaced. The Red Army almost certainly had situations like that. Of course this is pure speculation, but still a real possibility.
  10. That's why I posted here. I thought it had to be something I was missing, Thank you.
  11. Hi all. I'm new to the game. I just bought it last week. Ever since the new patch came out, I've completely lost any control of the turret from the gunner's position. When I try to use either my mouse or joystick I get no turret movement at all. All the keyboard commands such as zoom or change ammo type work, but no turret movement nor can I fire the Main gun or coax withe mouse buttons or the trigger on my joystick. I haven't changed any settings except to try switching between mouse or the joystick as my main controller. Thanks in advance for any advice. I'll hold off on putting in a help ti
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