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  1. That was easy. Thank you for your help and the quick reply. S!
  2. No troubles here. I did just get an update though. I don't know if it was one I missed or if it's a new one.
  3. Thank you for the mission. I have one question, Where do I place the Audio folder? Do I just place this whole mission folder in the "games mission folder"? S!
  4. Sweet, I've been away for some time I come back and the first post I read is raaaid's. Can't answer your question but it's good to see you are still around. -------------------------------------------------i2c3d--------------------------------------------------------
  5. This is the update I've been waiting for. You out did yourselves this time. Thank you! It's great to be back.
  6. And man it was good. Hope the same for everyone S! [Repeating step three]
  7. Thanks guy's. I downloaded the file and made the changes and WOW! BoS is looking good again. Thanks again. S!
  8. Needs to be done with every update. I find renaming them is better than deleting them just incase I want to reactivate them.
  9. The bubble was the first thing I looked at after the update. Great update by the way. I had such high hope for it to expand out a little further but I see no change. Don't like it.
  10. Been a while HerrMurf, I know you like your 190. I'd like to take the F4 out for a ride with ya. I've been away for awhile and a bit rusty for sure. What skin are you using so I can download it? Sever? TS? PM me with details S!
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