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  1. @Bremspropeller von wegen: "Alte Granate"... 🤣 I managed to do exactly "squat" today... But then, it was a Friday evening, so what do we expect... The chat was the most interesting and entertaining part anyway 🤣. Apart from the two or three drinks we´ve had...
  2. The moths have been busy in all those years... Does that mean, you won´t fly her through the hangar then? Lovely skin and video, great job as always @Raptorattacker 🍻
  3. Decided to have a go in "The white wale" on CB yesterday. Good job I stopped and looked left and right before entering the runway, since a Spitfire was on final. I even feathered the props and opened up both throttles in order to crawl back a bit and give you more room @MeoW.Scharfi but that trick works on tarmac only. Anyway, you did a nice landing in these nasty crosswind conditions.
  4. @Vapor_Azul´s idea of flying in a loose formation... 🤣 I enjoyed flying with you very much. Merci mon ami! 🍻
  5. Here we go again... Enjoy! 🍻
  6. @Diggun Your Flight Sergeant is very generous, I like his style! 🍻
  7. @=621=Samikatz The Sherman had its weaknesses, the greatest of which was its high center of gravity driver Rocket_Knut I corrected that for you... 🤣 I guess, the moral of the story is: There always is an upside (even if one has to feel sorry for the other crews...).
  8. Skin made by @gabuzomeu Thank You very much! 🍻
  9. @Legioneod The engine controls, the cockpit windows and the shape of the fuselage look very B-17-ish to me. But I might be wrong. A B-24 would be just as nice. 🍻
  10. And here you can see @Bremspropeller , a great multitasker... Bombing, defending, intercepting and doing psychological warfare by hunting FW-190s when feeling bored... 🤣🍻
  11. And another set of 250s for good measure... 🍻
  12. Hi @Nic727, you can try these to look, if friends of you are online. There maybe other sites as well. https://il2.flying-barans.ru/ http://combatbox.net/de/ http://kotastat.com/en/?tour=3 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/online/ http://72ag-ded.su:8080/de/online/ http://deadserv.servegame.com:8080/de/ http://ohmydog.mooo.com:8080/de/ Cheers!
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