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  1. @ICDP Thank you so much for your effort, it is highly appriciated! As for the skins: It doesn´t matter if they look the same as long as they are pretty... 😂 Thank you again for the template! 🍻
  2. So the Tempest template is available, right? You @ICDP are a hero! @Raptorattacker feel free to amaze the community with a lot of astonishing skins, please. 🍻
  3. @Motherbrain Please have a look at this thread, maybe it helps to clearify the task of modifying the alpha layer.
  4. @Ouky1991 Lovely! Ran out of likes, sry. 🍻
  5. Yesterday I got really annoyed by the D/L desaster and other things. That´s history now. Today I´ve had another go at the game. Hopped into Mustang, Lightning, Tempest and of course the mighty Boston. I just want to express, how much I like the new planes and the improvements of the ones already in the game. The engines of the A-20 sound a lot better now and they ´ve sounded great even before the update. The gun port whistle of the P-51 is very impressive and I like the fact that you can here it from the inside just before the stall. The supercharger-sound in the Lightning is just awesome and those animated flaps... wow. The Tempest feels just right, is lovely to fly and at revs well above idling it´s engine sounds all right from the inside. The outside sound is great too. The map is looking great, loading time has increased but fps didn´t drop as much as I was afraid they would. So, looking forward to discover all the other new features and improvements. See you soon! 🍻
  6. It took me only four and a half hours to succesfully d/l the patch with a 50 MB line only to discover: all my replays are fu****, if I load them anyway, my pc crashes, the Tempest from the inside sounds like a lawn mower... so far, I´m not impressed by the update, and since it has been only two years of waiting so far for today... sigh...I don´t want to discover more underwhelming items so far... Over and out! Maybe see you guys tomorrow.
  7. @Blooddawn1942 I feel your pain man, I really do. My DL speed went down to below 2kB... Yes, you didn´t misread this... It is sooo frustrating after waiting... well almost two years now... sigh... Can you hit the bar? I know it doesn´t speed up the DL, but it eases the pain... 🍻 BTW, @MeoW.Scharfi, @DerSheriff and @SYN_Requiem put up some videos already. Those lucky *******, guys I mean. Thank you three very much. Watching those videos might help pass the time. So, see you soon, looking forward to the new content and the improvements!
  8. You know, 15 odd years ago I`ve had a guy, who was to go to Mönchengladbach with his truck to pick up something, ringing me up from Munich, reporting, that there wasn´t a part of a town called "Gladbach" there... IIRC, I fell off the chair, because I simply couldn´t believe, somebody living in Germany for 50 odd years not knowing that there is a town called "Mönchengladbach"... not to be confused with "München" (Munich)... 🤣
  9. I´m jealous... Fith and final attempt now, I´m already 3 hrs in... and all I got so far is... nothing. Maybe I should hit the bar again, only harder... 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻 And so on...
  10. Well, as promised... Downloadlink in the A-20-skin-section as usual. Cheers! 🍻
  11. Congratulations UK, you can now choose from Blue and Red... Thank you @ICDP for the fantastic template! Cheers guys! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hstvealiim20m4r/A20B_Racing Team UK RED.dds?dl=0
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