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  1. Not exactly sure what you´re on about... Since I´m fluent in German, maybe I can halp... 😉 Sort of... If you want to know, what "Wurzeltroll" or "Plattfuß" would sound like in a cockney accent, spoken out by an Indian, using a Gockeltranslate-program would sound like... I think I´ll have to pass. Would like to help you anyway, so what is the actual problem, maybe we can fix it? 🍻
  2. @[DBS]Browning Thank you very much for this excellent idea, love it! And I salute all those who participated already. Nice work! Clearly I´ve had to have a go myself. But since my re-entrance procedure yesterday was less than brilliant I tried again today 😉. Somehow bits of the onboard communication between Rocket (incompetent pilot) and Vassili (useless navigator) have been recorded and pictures were taken so you all can experience what it means being in an a/c "piloted" by a complete nutter. Ok, here goes nothing... 🍻 Rocket: Taking off! Vassili
  3. As promised. The skin is available for download in the A-20 skin section here: And a sneak peek...


    The title says it all... Sorry
  5. This skin looks fantastic. Nothing short of spectacular. As usual from your end. Thank you very much!👏 Finally I got the Canadian A-20 skin done. It is based on @ICDPs fantastic template. Thank you very much for the cover @=BUN=Fowly-VR.😉 I was amazed by the pictures of that specially-painted CF-18 Hornet of the Royal Canadian Air Force and wanted to have a skin like that in IL-2GB as well. It took me some time though to get it done. Hope you like it, here is the download link, have fun! https://www.dropbox.com/s/3m8tgljmfdn5n37/A20B_Racing Team
  6. Nice! The more cc-skins, the better. What is your score board like? Mine isn´t impressive but rather hilarious. What to expect from a "pilot" called Rocket Knut... 🤣 See you soon!🍻
  7. Thank you very much, glad you like it. I´m still working on it and time is very limited. So it might take a while still. Anyway, I´ll post it in the A-20 skin section as soon as it is ready, promised. 😉
  8. What have you been smoking? Jump into my gunners seat for once and you´ll see how easy it is flying red. A walk in the park obviously. On some maps I don´t even have to take off and destroy the targets just by looking angry at them on the map.
  9. Thank you man, glad you like it. Still in the paintshop though, working on it right now. Available for d/l soon ish. 🍻
  10. Exactly! Relax, try out something new. Yesterday I´ve had a go at SEBR. Single engine bomb run that is... 🤣
  11. Last night on CB trying to catch up with "His Alonzoness". @Alonzo Man, you climb like a rocket! 🤣
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