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  1. Thank You @An2 for having me as a wingman. Enjoyed flying with you very much!
  2. Once he is done streaming from that P.-Hub-thing I guess... 🤣
  3. I guess the idea of a Master-Arm-Switch is to connect/disconnect all the armament circuits, i.e. for bombs, guns, rockets, potatoes, ice cream vans or whatever you want to throw at the enemy in one single action. In order to use a weapon group, both Master arm switch and for example the bomb release button would have to be selected. So you don't blow your leader to smithereens when you accidently sneeze on take off. Cheers.😉
  4. Vassili: „So after one hour of flying, doing a bit of bombing, being thrown around in my navigators place and puking my guts out because you went berserk at the controls, what do we end up with? Knut: „Both gunners killed, one engine dead, the other one about to die. Controls are shot, rudder blown away, we are leaking fuel like mad… but the clock is correct.“ Vassili: „So how do you call that then?“ Knut: „Going down in style.“ 😉
  5. Question: "What are you guys doing?" Answer: "Going out in style!" 😎 Thank you @Notclear for the cover!
  6. Somebody at 1CGS discovered a new facet of humour I guess...😂 Anyway, a nice gesture and a good opportunity to get fully equipped with all the modules you always wanted.
  7. Well I don´t insist on his name being Vassili but I´d need one to argue with and to blame for... until we get shot down. 🤣 So it has to be a proper bomber variant of the Mosquito. Until we get that one, I´d fly a B-25 or B-26 anytime. Just don´t make another variant of the A-20 because I´m afraid, I couldn´t decide on which one to fly...😍 I´m joking: please do it, I want to feel that pain of too many choices just like the 109 jockeys as well. 😁
  8. A-20 in "Limping-home-mode". Sorry crew chief, I know, you love her just as much as I do... 🍻
  9. Good point @71st_AH_Barnacles Maybe the skin got the fighter jockeys confused. So clearly my fault it was. 🤣
  10. I don´t remeber the name of the player... But thumbs up to him for taking the "Don´t go this way-taxi-way" from the spawn point, "overseeing" a bomber taxiing up the taxi way, not taking evasive action, forcing the bomber to try to move out of "his" way, blaming the bomber pilot of "landing on the taxi way" and not say even sorry... What a chump. Apart from that, it was an entertaining evening.
  11. Aaaand yet another one... Based on @ICDP s fantastic template. Inspired by the Soviet Navys Jak-38 paint scheme but completely fictional. Downloadlink: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2b0z1yd4rm4y5c/A20B_Soviet Navy.dds?dl=0 If you think it is too blue... No pink paint in stock just yet... Cheers guys! 🍻
  12. @LemonQuat As for the memoir style literature you mentioned: I know of: 1. Pokryshkin, "Himmel des Krieges" 2. Woroshejkin, "Jagdflieger" and 3. Koshedub, "Ich greife an". All three had been translated into german ages ago. I don´t know, if there are translations available in english. If you are interested in soviet aviation before, during and after WW2, I highly recommend Mark Gallai, "Über unsichtbare Barrieren". He was a test pilot with 124 different a/c in his logbook. And he is the most talented writer of them all. Again, sadly I don´t know of english translations.
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