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  1. The work on the next IL2 GB title is in full swing and the release of the first a/c, the P-47D-22 is just around the corner. If you´re looking forward to it but you don´t have the money at the moment, don´t despair since there is good news: I have one shiny and brand new „Battle of Normandy Premium Edition“-license key waiting for a keen owner. Usually in the give-away business it is „first come first serve“. Or you have to pick a random number. Both systems have their advantages, except two things: One might be just too late to the party or simply unlucky. So, in order to increase your chances and to make it a bit more entertaining for everyone, here are the conditions: 1. Ask yourself the question: „Do I want to own that title?“. I assume for most of us that will be a big fat „YEEEEEEESSSS!“. 2. Ask yourself the question: „Why do I want to own that title?“. And here comes the part, where you can actually actively increase your chances: Come up with a most entertaining, amusing and funny answer, why you are THE ONE who should get that license key. Get creative and make people laughing their asses off. Think well before you post your entry on the forum. Don´t just copy and modify a post from another member. Be original. The funnier your answer, the better your chances will be. 3. You´ll collect reactions from forum members, hopefully lots and lots of laughing faces. When the give-away ends, the member with the most „Ha-ha“-faces under their post will be declared the winner and will get the license key. The give-away starts now and will end Tuesday 7th July 20:00 Central European Summer Time (UTC+2). Please use the “Ha-Ha”-face for up voting the entry you are entertained by the most. Have fun!
  2. Great but where did you guys hide that "Buy me/Add to cart!"-clicky thing in the shop?
  3. How can I help you? BTW: Is that how Lightnings are being made? 😉
  4. The Light(n)ing in these shots is just awesome. 😉
  5. I´m a bit jealous now...
  6. And no beer in sight until tomorrow evening since I ought to be in bed two hours ago and up very early. 😭 Will try to get my hands on one of these:
  7. I don´t care as long as I can try them all.
  8. That´s a nice line up... 😍 For some strange reason, all of a sudden I got awefully close to @Scott_CZ. Once 11 tons are on the move, they don´t just stop. So my A-20 have had to take off, whether she liked it or not. Flaps help in that situation. Hence I usually take off with them deployed...
  9. Do you get fed up with your bombs landing two feet next to the target, exploding, doing zero damage? Don´t. Just smash these big boys right into it. They´ll blow up the target immidiately on impact. And, you don´t have to care about the fuse settings either. Plus, you´ll get a second explosion for free when your bombs go off.
  10. You join your favourite server, only to discover it is about to reset? Don´t get sad. Just jump into the next available a/c, take off and fool around a bit. I mean, do a "performance check". That lighting..., an opportunity too good to be missed.
  11. "Hey Rocket!" "What´s that?" "Stop being such a show off flying around on one engine!" "It´s actually zero engines..."
  12. Some impressions from Friday night on CB: Enroute to target: Thank you @=111=Janus and all the others for the help when I most needed it: "Hey Rocket!" "What´s that?" "Race?" "Don´t feel up to it right now." All the effort wasn´t in vain. Brought her back home in one piece... More or less! Thank you all!
  13. @Bremspropeller Oh man, that evening, accomplished nothing but fun for weeks... @LeLv30_Raptorattacker A nice pair of Jugs would be lovely on that skin. And a slogan as well, maybe something like: "JUG-Norris can´t stay airborne at 60 mph. He does anyway.
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