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  1. three minutes left, wish you guys all the luck! @messsucher it is, check your inbox man! Have fun with it and @Winkysmith Don´t loose the faith, there will be other give aways and discounts. 🍻
  2. I´ve done nothing but have good thoughts about your entry ever since you´ve hit that Reply-button... 😉 Sadly, I can´t upvote any entry, that would be unfair. So come on crowd, do your best and support the brave member(s) so they can share the experience!
  3. Maybe there will be neat features included, have a look at "DD today?" 🍻
  4. Yep, announcement of parking sensors for the collector vehicles as modifications... 🤣
  5. @Feathered_IV, @SYN_Luftwaffles, @Ala13_UnopaUno_VR and @ACG_Smokejumper As entertaining as your comments are, according to your badges you guys already own IL2BOK. So I guess you are breaking the ice and encourage other users to have a go in the competition and become a proud owner of IL2BOK as well. Cheers! 🍻
  6. 1C, why are you making it so hard for me to give away an IL2 GB title? There either is a massive sale going on or you confuse the crowd by announcing stuff only very few enthusiasts care about…🤣 Yeah, I know, you´d like to have my problems… 😉 Anyway, lets get started: So you´re excited about the collector vehicles but actually short of a proper play ground? Don´t despair since there is good news: I´ve got one shiny and brand new „Battle of Kuban Premium Edition“-license key to give away. IL2BOK provides a beautiful countryside, a road network to get lost in, trees to bump into and cliffs to fall off from. Oh, and there is some flying stuff as well just in case you´re interested. 😉 The more seasoned among you already know this bit, for all the others: To win IL2BOK, come up with a most entertaining, amusing and funny answer, what you are going to do first once you´ve bought your vehicles? For me it will be this: Buy them, crash them once available into a lake so there is one less of those to worry about when people want to fly. 🤣 You might look for other things to do though… Last time we did that sort of a give-away it was very entertaining. So, get creative and make people laughing their asses off. The funnier your answer, the better your chances will be since you´ll collect reactions from forum members, hopefully lots and lots of laughing faces. When the give-away ends, the member with the most „Ha-ha“-faces under their post(s) will be declared the winner and will get the license key. The give-away starts now and will end Friday 25th September 22:00 Central European Summer Time (UTC+2). A very short thing this time I know. So you better go all in right from the beginning. Good luck everyone!
  7. Would have been nice to attend that very meeting in which the board decided: "THE HELL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES, LET´S DO THIS!" Exactly my sense of humour... 🤣
  8. So Mk XIV it is!!! Has two humps as well... 😀
  9. I´m actually not interested in those figures and which gun does what because I usally bomb stuff. Only ocasionally I blow a 109 out of the sky using fifties, which is hilarious when those are mounted in the nose of a stupid fat bomber. The target of the joke was something else though... Yeah, I know, my jokes are bad 😉
  10. Not misleading at all. I get it: Since the american .50 cals are useless, the soviet 12.7mm should be shit too. 🤣
  11. Battle of the North Atlantic or BONA seems to be missing in that list. BONA like in "Fly for hours and hours in shitty weather conditions, day and night over the North Atlantic and help in protecting convoys and hunting down submarines". Swordfishs, Cats, Wellies even Liberators might be doable since ASW-A/C often operate alone. So no massive airbattles, hence less demanding on the system. Onboard systems and weapons should be ASV-Radar, Leigh-light, MAD, sonobuoys, depth charges, rockets, Mark 24 mine, retro rockets, all the high-tech from the past. How about that
  12. Oh look, P-38… Ommm nom nom… I´m gonna show you „Ommm nom nom“! You in your stupid fat bomber? I´m in a 109 and your fifties are useless, ha ha! You sure? Mist!
  13. "Rosie, ready to rock some boats?" "Anytime baby!"
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