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  1. @Ccrashh and @Bremspropeller I like these skins. Thank you so much! "MacDyver" is awesome, a brillant idea, Bullseye! 🍻
  2. @Bremspropeller being awesome at leading the two ship formation whilst navigating at low altitude and avoiding trees, roofs, cats and dogs... Reports of two allied aircrews shoving food down chimneys to support locals over the Netherlands are still to be verified... 🤣🍻
  3. @Bremspropeller : "Die Bahn kommt." Die Bahn: "Heute nicht mehr!"
  4. Bad day for being a Tiger yesterday on CB... Skin available for download in the A-20 skin section.🍻
  5. Based on @ICDP s fantastic template and long overdue. Hope you like it anyway. 🍻 Please note: escort not included.😉 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xls7dsfuqac8bbg/A20B_Racing Team US.dds?dl=0
  6. I know it´s crazy, but it´s true... 😉
  7. It´s the calm before the HURRICANE!!!
  8. "Realease the Hurricane!" "Repeat please!" "I say again: Realease the Hurricane!!" "Repeat please!" "For crying out loud! Realease the Hurricane!!!" "Repeat please!" "Now just shut up the lot of you and release her finally! Oh god struth, there she is!"
  9. I'd expect the Hurricane season to start very soon once the Halloween sale is over...😉
  10. MiG Checker und sein Drill Sergeant schauen völlig entgeistert auf einen angebohrten Kabelbaum...
  11. Mäck Deiwer war einer und der andere hatte irgendwas mit Elektrik zu tun, glaube ich...😉
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