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  1. I´m off changing my underpants... Thank you team!
  2. I´ll put in this one here. Once.. or maybe twice... or maybe more often
  3. The British arrived, hurray! https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1vexvqfzi2j72g/A20B_Racing Team UK.dds?dl=0 See you soon hopefully, cheers!
  4. The third team finally made its mind up and decided to join as well... https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1vexvqfzi2j72g/A20B_Racing Team UK.dds?dl=0 Thank you @ICDP for the fantastic template! Cheers guys!
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1vexvqfzi2j72g/A20B_Racing Team UK.dds?dl=0
  6. A squad mate did and "parked" it right in front of me when I was entering the hangar... with the inevitable result...😂 Thank you for the A-20 video, always nice to see one!
  7. Hi @Raptorattacker Totally agree. IL2´s Cleopatra is quite capable though. One can do hilarous stuff piloting her. There used to be a multiplayer aerobatic server up, don´t know if it still is. The hangars there are a bit long, but the A-20 fits nicely. Sorry for spamming your thread, Rap. Cheers.
  8. to saitek VERB deliberately triggering an action opposite to the players intentions in order to make him look like a complete idiot, for example unlocking the tail wheel just as the player pushes the throttle forward… “Why are you ground looping right in front of me? What did you do that for???” “Sorry man, I´ve been saiteked again!” Sorry unknown La-5 pilot, it´s all Saiteks fault...
  9. I do very much support the idea of a BOFOR scenario. It would be quite a reward to the allied pilots to actually see Berlin laying before them, especially for our friends from Mother Russia. To deny that reward to the Allies would be a bit odd, wouldn´t it? As for the plane set: The La-7, Jak-3 and -9, Mossie Bomber and Fighter Bomber for the Allies? Yes please! To exclude the Ju 188 and Do 217 for speed considerations and go for Ju-388 and Ta-152 instead will just cause another massive argument about a/c types and numbers having actually seen combat and preferring one side only. I think we don´t need that. To take history into consideration whether on fuel types, ata settings, armament, numbers used in combat, you name it, is more important to me than new toys every month or so. That being said, a proper bomber Mossie would be realllly nice... Cheers!
  10. @AZUL-AZUR This one is for you! Thank you for the cover!
  11. @Voidhunger Try out the urban dictionary for jive. In my case it gave me an idea what it was about... 😂
  12. An air war sim in the WW2 timeframe w/o a Mossie would cause a very, very sad Knut. On the other hand, has a P-61 ever been done before? Would fit into a PTO aswell... So, I'm looking forward to see both some day!😀
  13. I guess this one fits perfectly...
  14. New set of underpants required... Thank You Dev-team!
  15. And I could have sworn I saw @Jason_Williams yesterday on the footage from those oshkosh live cams, crawling through the cockpit of that Mossie, a ruler in one hand, a pocket camera in the other, trying everything in order to keep the customer happy.
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