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  1. @AZUL-AZUR This one is for you. 🍻
  2. Hi @MarcoPegase44 You might find this thread here useful: Cheers 🍻
  3. Just another case of devs "being cute" or maybe an actual hint? Since, as far as I get it, there is no need for nine firing positions in any a/c represented in the present plane set. What do you guys think?
  4. @DD_Arthur The thoughts and feelings of the flight sim community are with Bill Rotureau, his family and you gyus... I really wish you all the courage and strenght in this world to carry on. 💐 Salute!
  5. @Trooper117 I´ll have to sob myself to sleep then... 😭 I guess the devs are aware of the demand for a proper bomber version and hopefully sooner than later they´ll make one. 🍻
  6. Hi @LUZITANO! Right now I´m reanimating my credit card... 😂 Once done I´ll probably have to argue with Vassili again before I can return to GIMP. 😉 I´ll be flying online again soon. Looking forward to your fighter cover. 🍻
  7. FINALLY, a BIG Thank You Devs! Switches Credit-card-mode to "Full-Auto-Fire" and pulls the trigger... Switches back to announcement notes, checks a/c list... reads "...M O S Q U I..." and faints completely Get your brushes and the black and white paint out guys! See you gentlemen over the beach! 🍻🍻🍻
  8. @Megalax I´ve no idea what you´re talking about...🤣 Actually, I trolled myself by exactly doing that working on the A-20B USN-skin... 🍻
  9. @HotWaffleDid you flatten the image and added the alpha layer before exporting?
  10. Ultra rare... Although, Vassili probably would argue that he being able to pull it off blindfolded while playing the balalaika and singing "Katyusha" every single time... In part two I´ll shut him up try to shut him up. 🤣🍻
  11. Rocket Knut and Vassili argueing... Enjoy!🍻
  12. "No @RedKestrel, that´s where you´re wrong. We´ll throw in another 109-version or two instead..." Just kidding...🍻 @Jason_Williams I guess you´re aware of the request for one of the most iconic a/c of WWII and the team is doing it already... Please don´t forget to do a proper bomber-version as well as a reconnaissance-version since not all of us are fighter jockeys only. Plus, I am prepared to pay extra for a "Ship-/Sub-hunting-/ Blow-Up-Gestapo-HQ-map" as well... (hint, hint). And a final reason, why you have to do it: "Look, no rivets!" So, there is less work to do. 🤣 🍻 De Havilland Mosquito, hopefully not just a dream in IL2GB... Cheers guys!
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