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  1. HansBlitz

    Coloured images of WWI: Battle of the Somme

    I saw "They shall not grow old" at the theater and thought it was extremely well done. I stayed for the 30 minute extra after where Peter Jackson explained all they did to put together the footage for movie and color it. I also was glad I stayed for that. Was quite amazing.
  2. HansBlitz

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  3. HansBlitz

    How do I take a screenshot from a VR IL2 recorded mission?

    I have two copies of the game on my system one set to VR the other max graphics non VR. I fly in VR and if I recorded something and want to do a screenshot or video, I exit the VR copy, cut/paste the track (from the C:\1C-777\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\tracks directory - the .trk file for that recording and the matching named subfolder) to the non VR copy of the game, then enter that non VR copy of the game, and do my screenshots/videos from there. That way I don't have the split view for each eye that shows on screen when VR is checked and also have max graphics settings, without having to reset the VR checkbox/graphics setting every time.
  4. HansBlitz

    Kurfürst fans?

    Most all of us maneuver in the game with great enjoyment, some are a pain by just maneuvering in the forum until in their own mind -- they think they score.
  5. HansBlitz

    Frame Rate Since 3.007

    I haven't flown much yet since the update but last night I saw a 10~15 FPS increase on Kuban map in VR.
  6. HansBlitz

    Co-op gameplay

    Not sure about if their campaign will allow coop but in multiplayer I've had a friend be in the commander position while I drove and used gunner position. It was a while back and I think was on the Action and Dogfight server. We blew up a few tanks and got blasted several times as well.
  7. HansBlitz

    DD today?

    Maybe its sort of like watching/waiting for water to boil - the more "when" is asked the longer it seems it will be before it happens.
  8. HansBlitz

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    Yep, I'm an old fart - beats not getting older. Yes it would be nice if this gets fixed. Until it does, I don't let it get me all worked up about it. I've forgotten to check for it - as stated earlier I see that as my fault - maybe part of being an old fart. Situation is not perfect but there is a way to deal with the situation.
  9. HansBlitz

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    Not remembering to check to make sure the indicators are showing correctly must be someone else's fault
  10. HansBlitz

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    That's the thing. It is obvious if the pilot remembers to look for that. I've forgotten. Maybe when selecting skins and other modifications, make it a habit of what I mentioned about selected no ammo then selecting the ammo. I've not done enough to say whether it will/would prevent actually getting into the mission and having issues. I plan on doing that going forward , until I hear the problem gets resolved. If I forget to do that or forget to look at the indicators, then it's my fault if I line up on a plane and nothing happens when I pull the trigger.
  11. HansBlitz

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    Oh and yes I've been guilty of that. If you notice there's no ammo, exit the mission, go to setup for the plane, select no ammo then select the ammo. That has cleared it everytime for me.
  12. HansBlitz

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    109s and 190s that take off without pilot noticing no ammo had had the pilot head space vaccum exceed tolerance.
  13. HansBlitz

    FC early access in VR

    I came to VR from using a 1080 res monitor and there is a difference from even that as far as how crisp things are. I'm happy with it though. I imagine it would be an even bigger difference from your 4K, so can't say how you would feel about it. I just have enjoyed the being there aspect of it so much that I have not flown any flight sim on a monitor since getting my Rift. I don't so much now but nosing over into dive at first did even get that feeling in my stomach of going over a hill fast in a car. Amazing a person's body can react like that from just visual input. Sinking toward the runway landing still is the closest experience/feel to actually landing from back when my parents flew - being in their Thorp T18. I do fly some just for the scenery. Can't accurately describe what it is like to be following a river right over the water, trying to keep below tree tops in the turns and bends while in VR - just that I enjoy it hell of a lot The mountains on the Kuban map are a blast to just buzz through as well.