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  1. Maybe just was to Distract Vocal Devotees. it seems to be working.
  2. A couple of low fast formation passes across our base. and a couple more
  3. "The solution for the VR zoom is a good past example" -- completely agree with that --- one of the best improvements. I still can't always ID things before some TrackIR people I fly with but that gap has narrowed a lot and actually do that sometimes if I'm a bit closer to the contact. It is possible that I having flow VR for this long, have grown tolerate of some small things. I have a friend that is currently setting up a system for this in VR. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to some of the things like this. Also he will be using a newer headset and I'm interested to s
  4. Clarify -- liking the limits as in using the limits set on with them as they are. That limit hasn't been ever really been any problem for me with how much I enjoy this sim. Having them off bugs the hell out of me if head pokes thru the canopy -- stopped leaving limits off do to that. I figure there is option for it being on or off and everyone can use which is best for them in single player. Yea, multiplayer servers can force on but I don't bump my head on the limits to a point of it being anything I notice or causes a negative impact on my enjoyment of my flying or my success at do so, and I
  5. I really like the limits as well. It bothers me far more to have my head pass through parts of the plane when the limits are turned off. I've been using the limits ever since starting to use VR mid 2017, and nearly all of that multiplayer. I also use an office chair and believe that it does help. People liking this or not liking it, is like many other features in this or other programs in that there will always be some that like whatever and others that don't.
  6. "I feel like it should not be that hard to adjust the head boundaries by redrawing them to match the graphical sides of the cockpit/canopy" I don't think any of us end users know just what methods they are using to get to the limits they have, so our end user "Feeliings" don't really make a hoot of difference on how actually easy or not any part the programing is. I think it may have been said that there were some technology limits on their doing that or to do with the way they do that. I'm not exactly positive on that as what I'm thinking of was quite a while back. It
  7. I believe the switch from what we had, to it showing both eyes, was a performance thing, to improve FPS -- as in send to screen the same as what is sent to the headset and remove processing that was required to output those different views at the same time. Send something different to the screen than what is going to the headset = extra lines of code/processing needed to do that additional thing, rather than output the same already rendered/configured image to two destinations, and the impact of the needed extra CPU cycles on FPS.
  8. I've not tested other resolutions but I also run my CV1 with the monitor set at 1920 x 1080, since I'm using an older 32" TV for my monitor, where that is the max resolution that TV will do. I also run OTT set at 1.2 super sampling. From the people I have flown with, they said I spot better than they do.Those were people flying with monitors and TrackIR. Not sure if running that resolution is part of the reason I spot well but I am certainly happy with the spotting I do.
  9. I have been and continue to be happy with the spotting. I am using a Rift CV1 and RX5700XT GPU. The new zoom did help me with ID'ing. Just wish my schedule was allowing me more flying time..
  10. I saw it Wednesday night but there was a lot of haze and clouds on and a little above the horizon. So, yes saw it through the haze in 10 x 50 binoculars -- haze had it where it was not naked eye that night. It will be moving higher more toward the big dipper each night, hope it doesn't dim too quickly. Hoping to get some better views of it.
  11. I have used Rift CV1 since July 2017 and spot better than my friends who use monitors and Track IR. VR is not a handicap -- keep working at it. I'm not saying some using VR don't have challenges spotting -- not everyone's sight is the same and settings can improve or make things worse. I know someone that flies on a monitor and says they can't see what I do but also says their eyesight could be better. As far as settings, there are lots of opinions - I'd say play with them and use what works best for you. I get bounced too and those times have been my fault for not being as aware as I should -
  12. I use a Rift CV1 for 3 years and much of the time have called out contacts the rest of my flight on comms can't see and those were not always the same friends but all were using a monitor. Not played much lately but the little I have, I've still been spotting contacts as well as usual.
  13. Haven't gotten to play much but I had bound the 4 zoom levels to a 4 position stick on my HOTAS. Guess I was lucky I did that right at first so didn't see this issue.
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