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  1. Have to realize that some flightsim is 2nd hobby after primary hobby of complaining and they can't accept not getting their every wish. Dicussion is good - most of the whining we see is not.
  2. I've flying with a I7-7700k, Rift CV1, and RX480 graphics card. I do turn off the shadows though. I get mid 45 most the time and 50~68 fps at times depending on which map, amount of cloud, and such. My graphics card is my bottleneck.
  3. Death of a Schwalbe on Combat Box
  4. What helped me was at the point when needed to slowly increase the throttle I started keeping an eye on the temp of that engine. As long as I kept the temp at or under the hash mark above 100c, then I kept from causing engine fires. I had the temp start to rise above that and eased off the throttle movement until the temp started to fall just a bit then resumed throttle increase until 3000 rpm on the outer range. Haven't burned up an engine since watching temp during throttle up.
  5. I fly VR but play tanks on monitor because of zooming in more on the monitor - not just the main gun sight but the commander position as well.
  6. I fly VR and believe VR use shouldn't be an excuse. Any time I've made such a mistake, I raise up the headset to type in that I'm sorry. I see it as if I crash while having it raised and typing - well it was my bad to begin with and had the crash coming. I mis-ID less than I used to but have still had some and feel awful when it has happened. If someone isn't acknowledging their mistake because of VR - they are just making excuses and come across as not really caring that they fouled up.
  7. Saburo Sakai described a B17 blowing up - its bomb load exploded from firing on the B17 (hits walked along fuselage then the plane exploded when hits reached the bombs inside). If I remember correctly said explosion jolted him hard enough that he likely was lucky the blast didn't destroy him as well. I've not seen such in game. I've had a few explosions that were likely ammo box or fuel tanks.
  8. I saw "They shall not grow old" at the theater and thought it was extremely well done. I stayed for the 30 minute extra after where Peter Jackson explained all they did to put together the footage for movie and color it. I also was glad I stayed for that. Was quite amazing.
  9. I have two copies of the game on my system one set to VR the other max graphics non VR. I fly in VR and if I recorded something and want to do a screenshot or video, I exit the VR copy, cut/paste the track (from the C:\1C-777\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\tracks directory - the .trk file for that recording and the matching named subfolder) to the non VR copy of the game, then enter that non VR copy of the game, and do my screenshots/videos from there. That way I don't have the split view for each eye that shows on screen when VR is checked and also have max graphics settings, without having to reset the VR checkbox/graphics setting every time.
  10. Most all of us maneuver in the game with great enjoyment, some are a pain by just maneuvering in the forum until in their own mind -- they think they score.
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