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  1. That's a good question I would like to see answered because I'm interested in making new TC skins, and perhaps some low-ish poly ground objects. I'm interested in the Tunisian campaign of 1942-43 but many of the objects can be rolled into the Russian front with new skins. I'm also tinkering with some higher poly softskins that might be suitable for AI vehicles - again, they are suitable for both Tunisia and Russia. Click shots to enlarge.
  2. I am very impressed with your work, and would like to ask which version of Paintshop Pro you use? The reason I ask is I just discovered that mods have been added to BOX - until recently, I would only visit the IL2 website occasionally. I've been modding an old sim using old software, so now I am investigating upgrades to mod BOX but find negative comments about CorelDRAW 2019 on the Corel forums. Within reason, I don't mind spending money but don't want to get stuck with buggy software that is not supported. Examples of work using CS2 and Max9 (click to enlarge).
  3. I'm not your typical flight sim enthusiast. I just like to tinker with mods, and don't care about anything else. I bought BoK and FC to support Jason and his team, but don't play them because they lack mod tools. FC uses 64-bit architecture, but I have a legal copy of an old edition of 3dsMax in 32-bit. Will my 32-bit version of 3dsMax be compatible with the planned FC mod tools? Samples of my work below.
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