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  1. SCG_BOO

    Help Required! Violet-Coloured Skin!

    Sounds like you've imported a normal map but named it incorrectly - Have a look in the folder data/graphics/planes/textures/BF109G2 within the games root directory. If you have a file in there that is a) Violet and b) NOT called "Bf109G2_B" then that's your problem. Hidden from mortals, that folder also has the default skin. In the G2s case "Bf109G2" - now that will most likely have been overwritten by the Normal map. You can replace it with another 3rd party skin (renaming it Bf109G2) or perhaps look into deleting that purple skin and verifying the game (I know you can do this with steam) - be warned with this - back up you control sets and views before you do as these might get overwritten to.
  2. I demand that the trailer be hidden within a spoiler because of this!!
  3. SCG_BOO

    never for six (New TWC campaign)

    The guy takes the time to make and post a video giving your squad's server FREE and much needed publicity and that's how you see fit to respond, represent TWC and support the hard work Flug, Fatal and Sp00k put in? Criticising the efforts of a community member, server participant and fan whilst at the same time alienating the community choosing to enjoy themselves elsewhere. Way to go hot shot. @TWC_Fatal_Error @TWC_Sp00k you need to feed your puppy less red meat. Maybe keep him out of the sun too.
  4. SCG_BOO

    Normal map background texture

    Yup the gimp cloud is pretty useless out of the gate (which is as far as my talents can carry it).
  5. SCG_BOO

    Normal map background texture

    Thanks Raptor but im a gimp (so to speak) - im not sure gimp has those texture patterns or if it does when they are
  6. Does anyone have a source for or link to a good textured background I could use to create the less uniformed metal skin base? Thanks in advance BOO
  7. Same as Therion too The L/R braking drops the throttle on the left and right engines too so taxi-ing is pretty straight forward.
  8. SCG_BOO

    Splashscreens mod

    Gimp can do this easily and reliably if the wondersites don't work..
  9. SCG_BOO

    HS129B2 4K WIP Shots

    @KpgQuop Hello Mate - just loaded into the viewer - looking great! - Thanks for all your hard work on this!! One little thing I noticed is looking just under the port side cockpit, there appears to be a horizontal panel line missing. Im also wondering if giving those panel lines a little edge would help spring out some 3D detail and add a little depth. Its a bit of work but duplicating the line layer 4 times, making two light silver grey and two darker silver grey then moving each new layer up/down/left/right of the main panel line, and selectively cutting the areas not needed so that the final effect is the black panel line flanked by a lighter edge on one side and darker edge on the other with a common imagined light source direction. Great stuff!
  10. After 3.006 i noticed occasional freezes where (for instance on 10 days) the graphics would stop for a few seconds then fast forward though those locked seconds to a point where the game would act normally. In the tank crew mission for the Tiger this also happened especially when taking lots of fire. I Re-installed the game and the same scenarios do not see the problem re-occur so far.
  11. SCG_BOO

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    ONLY 25 years?......Jesus!
  12. SCG_BOO

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Dive brake was jammed on. Nothing I could do about it. I could have done something about shooting back but I was all fingers and thumbs and couldn't get the control or aim to sight operational - in fact I didn't even see you thought-out!!!. not this it would have made any difference. Very efficient dispatch I have to say!! S! As for the second point - 100% agree. There are good days and bad days. The Good are when you got away with it and the stars aligned. A humble appreciation of that fact would serve us all well. But its also, as you allude to, a case a making your own luck. Regardless of the match up (they were F2s not F4s I understand) you can perhaps gave a little concession to the work SCG put have into their coms and tactical training outside of the battlefield in the past 12 months. In my first stint with SCG I can remember the 307 and the 216th cutting though us like butter, knocking our full squad of fighters out of the sky in seconds. As such you may perhaps understand the Drifter's youthful exuberance at how that malaise seems to have been overcome. At least on this flight. Remember too that AAR is written by a young man adopting the persona of another young man. It should be taken in that context and enjoyed as a piece of creative writing not a factual account of a virtual sim mission. As I was in not involved in the flight I can only go off the AAR and the video. It seems that the numerical advantage was held by yourselves in that engagement to begin. Whether though tactics, communication, equipment or a combination of all three that situation was not exploited to any red advantage and quickly overturned. If we speak of humility then perhaps it cuts both ways. I saw fighters flown by experienced squad simmers downed, not bombers or attackers. Personally choosing the title "A good day" over "Russian massacre" for the video may have been a little more conciliatory but equally im sure the Red Squadrons have many posts on here with equal bragging rites after a good mission. Its all good. FNBF is full of good people and (me excepted) great pilots from which everyone can learn. Long may it reign! S! Enjoy Namibia Razor
  13. Im going to second Shamrock on the SSD - although I don't think its the main reason for what you describe it will greatly help your overall PC experience and help the game some at the same time. What you describe doesn't seem unusual. I have a 1080 with an 860 EVO. With high/ultra settings, running in to strafe a train will lower my fps from 140 to 80 or so even in lightish scenarios. Given the HDD and the scenarios what you are describing doesn't seem too out of place. Although you are seeing 140fps in the little fps counter you really aren't. Your seeing 75 because that's all your monitor can display. The rest is just unseen wasted power unless you are running a 144hz monitor or fastsync. The frame counter works from the game engine not the monitor hence the figures. Worse still the card's display buffer is just grabbing at frames. On a really fast rig capable of producing 120fps min consistently this isn't an issue so much but when the frames are as much a halving from one ms to the next this results in uneven pacing and unsmooth gameplay. One of the advantages of Vsync (Its primary reason for existence being a screen tear free experience ) is that is evens out the frames thus preventing such wild and obvious variations in pacing. If you want to see why vsync is a good but possibly sometimes a bad thing - please see the spoiler. You don't seem to be using vsync but id recommend you try. So..continue to buy an SSD. In the meantime.... 1) Try flying with the full screen option in game unticked, the in-game vsync on and the 4K textures ticked. If you see drops into the 50s 40s or 30s then lower some of your settings. You might also be able to.. 2) check if you monitor has different profiles and refresh rates. I play on a TV so im not familiar with monitor tech but my TV can display at 60 or 50hz. If your monitor can do similar using a slightly lower refresh rate (say 60hz) it will lower the vsync bar into a place where your rig shouldn't struggle at all. Im not sure if forcing a non native refresh rate via the control panel is a good thing even though it can, in theory be done so ill stay clear of suggesting that one). An SSD may just make the difference in any case. 3) Also try Adaptive as already suggested. Good Luck
  14. SCG_BOO

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Scratches no - big gaping holes on the other hand...…..:-)
  15. pretty much that - Its not terrifically implemented but im not sure if thats the game or the tech since its pretty much the same across DCS, Clod and BOX. You can feel the airflow over the wings drop as you approach stall with a modicum of shake, few low speed ground rumbles and (I cant remember in BOX) perhaps some slight cannon judder and possibly some knock if you change supercharger gears. It should move when you adjust trim as well.