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  1. SCG_BOO

    Yak-1b (Series 127) skins

    pretty sure the reason wasnt so we could be pedantic pricks with those good enough to share their work with people though...
  2. SCG_BOO

    Skin Begging

    Well it depends on what is desired as a final outcome. The vast majority of the 4K skin templates require nothing to be done to them to produce very acceptable results that most would say "looks great". Of course there are a few of us who always like to go further and spend a lot of time producing individual masterpieces (to our eyes at least). Which is also great. What, if i understand correctly, Pat wants is more of the formerthe former with a bit of the latter. So a generic base with variations in the codes supplimented by a few true "customs" perhaps. Producing, for instance 15 generic P51s with codes and serials for a given unit wouldnt take much work for a person. For 109s etc 15 over say 3 camo variations. So, using your idea, a person could take on the work on the understanding that there is an agreed delivery date (say 10-14 days) using an agreed template and take one group at a time. After that, if the work isnt produced it opens up again for someone else to take it. The big isue for the USAAF stuff is noseart. Here again Im pretty sure there are people who could offer up original or sourced work for use by others provided its acknowledged. Same goes for fonts or hand jammed serials. Sure some repetition is bound to happen over the units but its about the overall effect I think. Of course that means good faith. And given the number of "my latest work" that doesnt even acknowledge 95 percent of it is the work of the template artist I can understand why people may be reluctant to share their labours. Now - there is still the butthurt element here - what i mean is what looks great to one doesnt to others. So perhaps we do need to suck it up as community and be prepared to offer constructive critisism. For instance, too shiney, too dull, wrong code letter font etc. So then, before anything is done, the skinner submits a single dds and a screen shot of an example for so not too picky peer review over 24 hours. No comments means "We cool" all adverse comments are to be taken note of for the final submission - if not then they can be rejected for those reasons if those reason are truly fundemental. TBH sticking to the template alpha of any of the 4Ks should always give a reasonable middle ground anyhow now. Thats certainly the case with ICDPs, BHHs, Zargos's and Rafigers templates. Of course the problem here is fourums generate endless debate i dont know if i would trust it to hold any notion of what good is good enough is. After that comes the "customs" - and here Id suggest a trusted, annonimous 3rd party or parties, comb the forums for good skins. There are a good few people on here that have already demonstrated great knowledge of specific subject matter so Id think theres enough to share the load without it becoming a monster. Anyone who "digs" skins should also know whos are good and whos aint. Of course there is the undisiplined and disorangised mess that is the skinning section of the forum but we could organise search parties and maybe send the volunteers in there with some string so they can find their way back and some nice sandwiches... With all that said, Pat was still only really asking for links so i think we are jumping far far ahead here. TL:DR Share resources, produce basic generic sets and let the illuminati pick the best of the current customs for inclusion, allow one project per skinner and agree return dates. Anyhow - you asked!! ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. SCG_BOO

    Skin Begging

    The downside of a spreadsheet is that some will "claim" tranches of em, produce dross and thats what people will be stuck with since the box it "ticked". Others will claim skins and never deliver. One of the problems with a community that applaudes everything without much critique is that prolific is too often confused with preeminence.
  4. SCG_BOO

    Skin Begging

    @PatrickAWlson Pat, Im not sure how much good the SCG pack will be to you as i only made the 4ks with the Swastika. Think its the same for the 110s. Only mentioning as i dont want you to waiste your time if you cant use em.
  5. SCG_BOO

    P-47 D Skins

    Its hand jammed not stencilled so you might be better doing it from scratch or starting with an RAF type font and "ammeding" it and ruffing it up a little. RAF 841_WW2_ATH is about the closest i could find.
  6. Hi, Forgive me if there is a more appropriate place but i shoved it here because its not a skin issuer as such but a generally W10 issue i think. So, first i couldnt see exported images from gimp in the relevent skin folder. Then if i dragged a skin into the folder it appeared but neither the game or viewer saw it and instisted on loading the old version of the skin it supposedly overwrote. Then I unchecked the read only properties and could export normally. Gimp sees the files as does the game and viewer. But i dont see the dds files when i open the skin folder. In fact all i see are some old files i deleted previously. Ive followed about 6 "expert" BS guides so far to no avail but probably to the detrement of my PC and ill be damned if im calling MS as they are and always have been useless. Ive rather lost my sense of humour about all this. So.....any ideas anyone? So for me at least it get wierder - deleted an old file (that shouldnt be there cos it was already deleted), closed the folder, reopened it and LO! all the new skins have appeared!! I could theroise but i dont know why really. Some bug in Windows quick access memory perhaps? Anyhow - my humour is returning slightly although i still think MS W10 updates should just leave me the F alone! ๐Ÿ™‚ AND theyve gone again!
  7. SCG_BOO


    Because thats something you can do within the sandbox of the game as a side result of the current 3 pronged dev cycle of three separate products that are intended to appeal to a player base that ultimately craves accruacy within their chosen niche. Im quite sure that if the Devs thought there was a finacially sound reason for a true sandbox element within the series it would happen. That it doesnt likley indicates that there isnt. The Camel will belong to a full product that is in the works and part of an early access programme now whilst the Corsair would be very much a single entity DCS style. The Camel has adversaries from its period and theatre also that were released at the same time. The Corsair, to my knowledge, never flew against any of the aircraft currently modelled. Now you could say "so model a Japanese Fighter as well" but then we are back into doing the reserach on the Japanaese aircraft and double the effect of the law of slow burning returns. What you can and cant do if the mood takes you if down to you but such silly match ups are a minority sport that soon grows old for the majority if indeed it even interested them for the briefest time in the first place. You can use DCS as an example since few if any servers even there, put up 109s against F18s to sell out participation. Whilst you may think its awesome, take a look at the Soviet V USAAF proposal poll recently posted. Even mashing up aircraft in a more likely what if scenario isnt floating that many boats or even gaining that much interest for people to even bother clicking a yes/no button.
  8. SCG_BOO


    I think (although id never presume to risk speaking for dear old Luke) what he was alluding to was the notion that BOX is doing ok because it sticks to a coherent development plan that has some resonance of integrity to its customer base who, by and large, tend to like the historical set more than ad hoc QMB scenarios. If one starts to DCS the crap out of it then there is a risk that a model that may have been popular within a wider map supported scenario would not be a particular success as a stand alone until such a time there is a map and a wider plane set to support it. This means its a long term return risk that always more likely to be bought in sales than at full price. And from what is alluded to, long term slow burning returns are not an option especailly when there are aircraft that could be sold in quantity from the off as collectors that fit existing maps. Whilst its "only a game" to us, its a living to others and not an especially secure or comfortble one by all accounts.
  9. SCG_BOO

    Fictional plane set

    not my cup of tea im afraid
  10. SCG_BOO

    Pilot Snap views - must hold key?

    yup the thumbhat. Also this is a fantastic little bit of genius that helps better with looking at the guages without a snap view
  11. SCG_BOO

    Pilot Snap views - must hold key?

    I notice you have a warthog throttle - i use the thumb 4 ways FWD push for this. Much better than on the stick
  12. This is a great bit of thinking about a problem Remontti!! Works great and, like you say, feels really natural. Thank you!!
  13. SCG_BOO

    how to land off-field

    Some Lions look really friendly from a distance too....you kinda only see the teeth what you get really really close. The main thing to take from tihs is that your are actually doing really well in the face of well organised and widespread Soviet argicultural practices..... ....that and keep yer wheels up A major rule of online play is that EVERY urgent communication must NOT be acted upon before a protracted line of questoning along the lines of "are you sure" or "do you mean me?" is undertaken. During this time it is imperative that you do not react but instead continue doing exactly what you are doing in the certain, albeit breif, belief that they dont mean you or they are mistaken. A flare is much more likely to result in an "ooooooo....purdy firework" than any meaningful avoiding action ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. SCG_BOO

    How is DCS WWII?

    And it should stay discounted for the many unresolved problems, constipated progress and broken promises.........
  15. SCG_BOO

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Thats me that is!! - a very rare screenshot where im not running for my life...