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  1. BOO

    Tactical Air War

    Hi Ive now hit Maloyaroslavec 3 times (1 because I wanted to, twice more to check) Ive destoyed hangars in Target Areas 1 and 2 and watched them transform from full models to burnt out wrecks and ive seen the fires that also signify hits. The last occasion the airfield showed )% damage before it was attacked. No damage has ever been recorded or awarded to me. Please can you look into this. Thank you
  2. BOO

    Tactical Air War

    I get the grind but a few well though out 4 and 5K level bombing missions are less likely to waste airframes in losses to AA, AAA and 109s, offer some challenge in hitting the target from which you can take some pride and may bag you 4CM a go, quickly filling up your stock so the I16 is just something your keeping for the kids and the occasional Sunday fly. Personally, whilst im an awful fighter flyer, I don't think the I16 is too awful if its flown to its advantages (but what do I know) Long Bomber flights are not everyone's bag I know but perhaps we'd still have a couple of hundred airframes left to continue the fight at this point if a few more considered it now and then instead of venturing out at 500M alone for a 15 min one way sortie.. I just get the impression on this map many players have been unable or unwilling to find their "place" within the wider venture and are just falling back to their default "WOL" or "fck it"practices with whatever they have,. Some go further to then blame campaign mechanics whilst failing to acknowledge that their own poor tactical decisions, in addition to an overall lack of co-ordinated strategy, have contributed to the current malaise that is a dwindling supply.. That's not a comment on you Garven (or if it is then its just as much a comment on me as well) just a general observation.
  3. BOO

    Tactical Air War

    So work up your supply (or better still bombing missions) to get a P40 perhaps..? TBH people can do whatever they want - and I get the I16 is outclassed. Id certainly waste a good few if I was to use them but im crap and not in a squad and know my losses would hurt the team which is why I don't. .But that's me and I can enjoy TAW regardless of who wins. But I don't buy the "shafted", born to loose, unbalanced/nerfed arguments.. Ultimately its not the plane set or the numbers. Its how they are being used and how uselessly they are being wasted on straight run dives into the AA and embroiling dogfights at low altitude. . This afternoon I looked at 3 random sergeant ranks - between the three they had flown 54 combat mission (so excluding the many useless 12 min resupply ops to get a fighter having already lost their initial allocation), lost 25 aircraft to bails/crashes (so not counting ditches) - all this for 3 EA and 15 GA kills between them (no AA, no tanks). Just my own opinion but players losing aircraft at a rate of 8/1 should perhaps consider another career path or tactic at least for one map.
  4. BOO

    Tactical Air War

    what common sense heresy is this?!! Use what is available in a co-ordinated and creative manner? Have you had a bump on the head? No no no. This wont do at all. Simply not cricket. Be gone with you, you purveyor of sound tactics - the Reds insist on their right to waste an airframe every 2 missions for nought! TBH I suspect and have often witnessed the more organised squads/affiliations do this but the number of fly die repeat lone wolfers who don't/wont/cant seems to have really hurt the reserve stocks in this map Not just with the flak but by flying lone fighters into hot zones repeatedly whilst somehow expecting a different outcome to their last attempt. I don't think its necessarily just bloody mindedness (in some cases) but some languages in TS are very sparsely populated at times which certainly discourages me from sitting on it just waiting for someone to come questioning me about how the game works cos they cant be bothered to RTFM. That lack of coms makes co-ordination via chat pretty "meh". The reds did not help themselves like suicidal fruit bats. The Blues are just circling waiting for us to bleed out our remaining 91 aircraft on yet another one way mission.
  5. BOO

    Tactical Air War

    A large proportion red player histories are a litany of fighter type crashes, bailouts, deaths and ditches for ZERO positive impact. Its clear that many players seem to have a pretty cavalier attitude to persevering airframes and will only ever lower themselves to climb into a PE2 in order to get a probably unnecessary but short supply CM under their belt to get another fighter after they have run out. Of course its the same for the Blues but they have the luxury on this map of a larger buffer and slightly better fighter aircraft. And they are still ahead in Air kills thanks in the main to a few high scoring aces and a seemingly endless supply of fly, die repeat saps to shoot down. This situation will no doubt reverse on later maps. In short I agree that the contrive of less aircraft for defenders doesn't work. And whilst the equalisation of numbers may only draw out the inevitable whilst one side suffers the consequences of above practices more than the other on any given map , it does perhaps provide more scope for those less concerned with a WOL experience to continue to at least try and make a fight of it instead of simply tossing it off or attempting to climb one table or another just because they can. Regardless - im enjoying my time of TAW - Thanks to all concerned.
  6. BOO

    Tactical Air War

    Well join anyhow and close the gap.. I wouldn't be too put off with 2 to 1 ratios. Some will be bombers, some will be escorting bombers, some will be ga, some will be flying resupply and some won't have a clue what the hell is going on. As long as you don't go in with high expectations of coming out on top by hanging about, lone wolfing over a hot spot there is much to do which ever situation your side finds itself in.
  7. BOO

    Tactical Air War

    Dumb question time so forgive me but I cant see any reason in manual (but have probably missed it) Give or take, the reds and blues see to match pretty evenly in terms of damage to airfields and depots - so how come the blues have more of everything in the reserved totals, for example 1600 aircraft versus the 1300 for the reds? I know there is an answer - I just don't know it. Thanks BOO
  8. dunno if its related but a map (TAW) ending throws up a situation where Im dumped out of the server and enter an endless loop or reloading the game, joining the server, watching the bar and then being welcomed back to the Co-op/dogfight screen whilst watching the slots fill up to full with each try. Cant imagine how frustrating a squad must find it....
  9. BOO

    Tactical Air War

    Hi This TAW will be my "getting back into stuff" thing. Ill be flying Red and I'll be largely flying the PE2 at first most probably. Im currently without a mic and wont have one for a few more days. So - dumb question - given I lack coms and will more of a liability to anyone I try to fly with without, what can I do as lone bomber pilot for a week or so? No intention of lone wolfing ground attacks so it'll be largely level bombing. Which general targets best aid the overall effort (if any). Cheers BOO
  10. The F2 and F4 (I assume you mean 109s) have a number of differences. Both template versions have been done to a very high standard by Blackhellhound in 4K and are available in 2K from 777. The last I checked the official 2K F2/F4 skins where messed up in a number of layers including the riveting, panel line and access cover areas. If a template exists you can skin it regardless of what version you have and see it using the viewer. You can also set the skin for the AI in a quick mission and scroll through the views to see it. You just cant fly it.
  11. Thanks ICDP ! Couple of personal skins to replace my game defaults.
  12. Thanks for the great Template ICDP - Couple of personal skins. Added the tan layer from your S87 template and a winter distemper.
  13. Coupe of personal skins to replace my game defaults. Not sure if "BY!" translates as google says it does. Only added some wear layers to the wood. Great Template ICDP!! Thank you.