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  1. It was a fit of rage after my courgar mfds bricked. "right, that is it - enough is enough". Off to the loft I trotted dragging three hundred weight of throttles, joysticks, rudder pedals, screens, mounts and god knows what else unceremoniously behind me .....as soon as I heard the Jericho Trumpet of the Dyson I knew.......by the time I returned to the living room Nexflix was on the favorites bar and the seating had been re-arranged......even the tv had been dusted in one of the the most brutal acts of territorial pissing Ive ever seen...
  2. "The clouds video really makes DCS look pretty. I think it justifies the expense of the horsepower required to run it maxed out at high res" thus is fired my first shot in the war to obtain permission from Mrs Boo to purchase a new puta..... I envisage the longest campaign of trench warfare is about to ensue given how forcefully the kitchen brochure was flung at me .Im already regretting the tactical error I made when I packed up all the sim gear last month and allowed her to annex the portion of the living room ive effectively occupied for the past 4 years (including the TV).
  3. bugger - just starting to get into pressy button flying and the cougar MFDs take a dump! If its not one thing its yer mother.
  4. Have you ever gotten the "74" to light up? It used to on the old Stennis i think.
  5. Ive done it a few times. Trouble was it was in the same top up! The only tip i can give you apart from the oft repeated "trim,Trim. trim" is take to a little run up to the basket to get the thing flying stable beforehand at a small closing speed. The KC130 is probably the easiest to start with. The S3 is a 'mare.
  6. The big advantage of making your own missions. I bus em in the night before. Give em some fizzy pop and sandwiches and there are as happy as larry. Im finding the Hornet very easy to come to terms with. A lot easier that the A10 for sure.
  7. I think its just so suspiciously easy and logical, my Harrier brain cant compute it. The "Sdby" notification got me too. All the mavs seem to lock easier at distance in the Hornet than I remember in the A10. Perhaps they do in the A10 now as well. Just a shame I can only take 4.
  8. It was the double press of the pickle button that had me.
  9. You Da Man!! Thank you. So much for all of the vaunted illumini's videos. Good ole Grim Reapers. I am not teaching you to suck eggs but have you switched on the breakers and the master arm above your head in the Mi8?
  10. There was a track call "black death", a sunset duel between a P39 and a 109G(?) that became my benchmark for system performance. I dont think i got the magic 30 fps at 1200x800 on that until the ATI X800 came along in 2004. And even then I had to hack the GPUs firmware to make into work like a X800 Pro. Back then I was full auto baby. I couldn't get my head around rpms and ATAs or the fact that the throttle wasn't an accelerator. I remember it ran on Open GL too. The sounds in the first version were stunning for the time. Forgotten Battles seemed to loose that though
  11. Does anyone know if the Laser Mavs are glitched in the F18 when lasing with the Tpod? I can get em to track but never lock or fire. I think ive watched ever video not and read every thread but no joy.
  12. Its what happened when the british motor industry thought it could out do the Italians for style. My older brother can remember the saleman excitedly showing my dad how the windscreen wipers sat below the bonnet for an aerodynamic advantage. What a dog. It drove crab-like from day one and spent most winters at the bottom of hills having failed to bump start. Three years later he bought a "proper" Italian saloon. The Fiat 131 Sport. Not that he thought he was ordering the 131 Sport, he thought he'd ordered a 132. Happily he left relaying the details about what mum and him had decide
  13. I find the F14 "acceptable" in the AAR if its tuned early. The F18 though seems to have a mind of its own. The more I fly it the more I feel its trying to tell me it doesnt want or need me. I dunno, the last thing that felt this vague was my dad's Austin Princess.
  14. Lets be honest, they werent that great in LOMAC!. Yup the S3 and the SH60B are reportedly getting upgrades but no shots yet. There was a Aussie community member who was modelling a Naval HH60. It looked outstanding but sadly its gone quiet. I know you can refuel from an S3 cos ive seen the videos but Ill be damned if I can do with wake turbulence on. It seems that the basket is right in the stream. The F18 is I think the hardest to refuel. Its so twitchy and sluggish at the same time.
  15. 🙂 Between the lines? Am I that subtle? TBH the Harrier only frustrates me because its a brilliant module in so many ways that just needs pushing over the finish line. The sh1t-talking Razbam did last year also gives me reason to doubt their integrity. I would say my ire does also need to taken with a pinch of salt and a recognition of butt hurt. Im most often simply trying to add a note of caution to boundless enthusiasm based on my 8 years with DCS and my years afore with LOMAC. At present I am a little pissed as once again OB has reverted to a tick fest with LODS an
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