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  1. Hi Tip Can SCG take the final 2 110G2s please. Id love to give you pilot names but, as you can see, SCG cant organise a piss up in a brewery! Someone with an SCG tag will take those places though if assigned - I promise!
  2. Hello Tip - Please could i reerve 2X 110s for SCG_Kuppis and myself (another SCGer will be joining Sinerox in the 262s) . Thank you
  3. Or go ask one of the many random civ simmers who got to fly it before them.
  4. a small dab of mild locktite or ptfe tape?
  5. When you've spwaned - In game menu Service (Esc?) - Gunner Stations.
  6. Hello Jozeff Basically as you say but remember to assign a button for select all engines. It might be me but it saves having to reselect all the other engines once you selected one on its own. The flaps on the Ju52 do not work like any other aircraft. They need to be linked to your elevator trim to activate. So in this case the grey flap switch on the warthog acts at the link/unlink lever. Once linked (it takes a couple of seconds) as you increase the pitch trim, the flaps lower, increase the flaps raise. Requiems video above demonstrates this and how you set you the trim prior to linkng the flaps. If you use the tech chat the trim should be at -50% before engaging the flaps. Take off flaps are roughly 50% flaps and the Elevator trim at 0 and landing up to 100 flaps and the tim at around 75 or 80. The Ju52 has roll, pitch and rudder trim from memory. I use the left/right postions on my hat for rudder then add a modifier (CTRL) and left right for the roll. Steering - if you assign footbrakes l/r to something (i have footbrakes on my MFG pedals but you could use buttons) if you press one it will retard the throttle on the side you are braking enabling the aircraft to turn in that direction. If its an axis you can control the amount of the effect moderately but this isnt really essential. Additionally and as explained above the Rudder also works with the general breaking button (Wheel Brakes in the key bindings). So holding FULL rudder left or right and holding the general wheel brakes button will fully cut the throttle on the side the rudder is depressed. On the throttle quandrant you will see "Bremsen" (Brakes) when the throttle is in this section it is braking the aircraft. When the rudder is not at its extremes the effect of the braking is differetiated (so lessened on engine that is opposite to the direction of the rudder). When the rudder pedals are central BOTH left and right engine throttles are retarded into the "Bremsen" zone and by either the amount of the braking if on an axis or fully if a button is used. My understanding is that the central engine throttle position has no effect on the breaking. It is certainly not affected by the general brakes being activiated when the ruddeer is centralised. The Ju52 is big heavy and slow so remember that ground handling needs to be done carefully and the turn needs to be arrested early. You cant just stop breaking and expect the aircraft to start rolling straight. Thankfully you have a rudder the size of a small country to help you as well. Finally there is a parking brake - this can be toggled best by assigning a modifier to the key you use for general braking (so if that was "B" then perhaps Ctrl + B"). Unlike some other aircraft with a parking brake, once set, it cant be disengaged simply by pressing the brakes. It does have to be specifically disengaged. If you cold start it will propbably be one from the start so a binding for it is important. It all sounds complicated but in practice the Devs have done a really good job at making all this little oddities of the Ju52 work really well.Once you start to fly it, it all drops into place.
  7. Warthog user also - I set the outer engines (1 and 3) to left throttle and the central engine to the other. Mixutre is set across the board and i use the Z keys for engine 1 and 3 selection and the X key for engine 2 in case i need to adjust the mixture or inlet cowls independently. I could add another binding to further separate 1 and 3 in this regard but have never found that ive need to. Common engine control is the \ key. Mixture is on the small gret axis of slider of the warthog. The flaps toggle used for other aircraft acts as the link/unlink and the pitch trim/stab thats set on my stick's hat switch, works to lower the/raise the flaps and alter the trim as it should. The central engine's power is useful in keeping the aircraft rolling when turning on the ground and the brakes retard the throttle to the engine on the side the brake is being depressed so there is no need for a third level to adjust the throttle when turning in any case. This has been my standard set up since day 1 for the Ju52 and it doesnt interfere with any other aircraft. On twins Engine 1 is always the left throttle and 2 the right, and on fighters the throttels are linked anyhow. Im not quite such why some others seem to be having so much trouble although ive never flown the 52 using any throttle differentiion between left/right so perhaps that could be it as i dont think selecting a specific engine "switches off" axis throttles (but im not sure).
  8. First thank you @Geronimo553 for the time taken. It'll help a lot of newcomers and existing players i think. For and my I5/1080 combo on a 60hz TV i use the games Vsync. Im very intolerant of unevenly paced frames. Since my rig doesnt drop below 75fps when unfettered at my TVs poxy 1080p (most often the frames are up in the 150 plus) resolution no matter what, I have the luxury of not having to worry about "Vstink" chopping my frames in half whilst at the same time limiting the engine output to save a little stress on my GPU. Ive always found frame limiters to be a very "numb" tool in comparison to vsync also. There is a little lag but im playing on a TV and Online mostly so lag/ping is a factor anyhow. I did a similar thing for Clod after Blitz and posted in the ATAG forums as the level of BS settings being posted (still) was bugging me. I looked at some other Nvida panel settings in there also but whilst they did have some effect, that effect was rarely ever needed or an improvement. Second Thanks to Mike @SAS_Storebror for FUMS. This is something i can use for lots of things.
  9. Perhaps the Ju88 - on most servers who restrict the "uber" bombs the 111 can carry, the 88 has many more useful loadout options. It only has one set of cowl flaps to worry about as well. It can be a bit of a handful to get up but one you are confident with the brakes and remember to up the rpm limiter before rolling its not so bad. Landing needs a little care as its a bugger for low speed stalls and a little power applied keeps the descent rate in check. Climbs better and is much faster than the 111 too.
  10. Lookin over thisthreads give me apetite to experiement. Curently i have my head position in the cockpit on marcos allocated to my warthog's china hat. So if i press it forward, my head moves forwardin the cockpit for as long as i hold it and then it "sets" that as my current default once i release the button. Same in reverse. I might look at expanding this to the up and down as well although i already have 5 and 7 oclcock sanp views assigned to the hat on my stick. Some great suggestions and resoning here. Thanks
  11. Your dedication to this project and the distance you have come in terms of researching, practicing, perfecting and applying your skills is quite something. True admiration for this.
  12. Please dont take this as a snipe or anything but are you sure you are not over thinking this? I only ask in case Im missing something. I have no real difficulty in hitting individual targets from 5 or 6Km up using only the data from within the bombsight provided i set up the dials right. I dont always put the bomb into a pickle jar but my bombs are generally close enough to destroy the intended target. Cetainly not hundreds of feet away. Id also say that since we are supposeldy using some pretty cronky 1940s gear, having those bombs drop with almost JDAM accuracy from those heights is, for me at least, more than adequate compensation for a few metres miscalutlation of the target height.
  13. BOO

    DCS news

    Gotta say I was a bit "ewww" at the image of the cockpit too. But hell, why look at the cockpit when you have the ultra realististic, period specific (or general sandox - pick your ED staffer to believe) perfectly lit, most accurate (map made of that area available in DCS), no issues whatsoever, espeically not the shadows..............or performance............or odd forestry....or overused generic tiles....or bad stitching...or missing landmarks.........offically "finished" and wonderfully colour toned Nowherdy map to look out onto...... or you can always fly it over that other well known 190 Theatre of Operations....post millenial Dubai where it can meet up with its most deadly foes. The I16 and the Tomcat.
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