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  1. Im very lucky in that I could, until recently, arrange my days to stand right under the Tiffy display practices, seeing it much closer and from a persective that an airshow crowd never will. So I love the Tiffy........to watch. But to sim.....meh....another dull grey flying computer whos main saving grace is that its not as offensively bland looking as the Jeff . Yes i am over egging my lack of enthusiasm slightly but I guess, at heart, im a 70's head brought up in the days when the RAF alone could display 6 or more very different fighter and attack types at airshows. I just dont understand the clamour for the homogenous Gen 4/5 fly by wire "what you get is what I decide youre having" HAL 2000 experience. I like quirks. That said i prefer CAS and A-A bores/confuses me so i guess im not a real sim pilot...... The best thing for me is that its announcement has given a good many of the "experts" who were just last week bluntly telling noobs why the Typhoon would NEVER be in DCS something to shove right up their jetpipes. Never a bad thing especially since it'll be such an uncomfortably snug fit coming so soon after. For that alone i will likely buy it. Finally whilst the aircraft may not have me salavating I am pleased that another new team (and one with a lot of talent and expertise seemingly) is in the mix and making Euroboxes even if those boxes have all the soul of S-club 7. I wish them all the best.
  2. You will need to install and set up an account with Steam. Last i checked you can only launch Clod through steam (well you can launch from a desktop icon but steam needs to be running) https://store.steampowered.com/
  3. At present i find it expensive enough to keep in the 2D hardware arms race even at 1080P. I know IL2 is somewhat less of a hog than DCS but equally neither seems to ever provide a truly satisfactory experience to the user (judging by the amout of threads anyhow). Still lots like it. I tried it but the image quality was gash on the old rig i had when i did. But it was the unese of being totally cut off i didnt like. I would likely overcome that and on a decent rig i do see the attraction. A lot of my old squadmates liked it too. Thats when they could actually get it to work long enough, which was about 50% of the time. For me it would cost in the region of £3500 plus to have a PC specced to the point being able to use one of the better VR sets and thats before buying the headset. Thats too much money for something too far of being even remotely stable and far short of what acceptable fidelity would be to me. I suspect that i would soon jerk myself out of the "cor im in the cockpit" thang and realise I cant read the guages, am almost complelety reliant on community workarounds and worry the next patch could, and likely will, royally poke me in the bum. So Im afraid im somewhat in Sharpes camp. I havent seen the promised breakthroughs mooted 2 or 3 years ago, I only see everything climbing ever higher in price for marginal gains and Im old enough to remember how the Sinclair C5 was going to revolutionise personal transport. I think its day will come but i fear that this is a false dawn for the majority and it will remain a niche for many more years to come. Finally i think sitting with my tougue out twiddling sticks and thottles is already enough so i certainly dont need a £800 face mask to look even more of a tw.. 🙂
  4. Ill comment as i see fit. My observations on flying with discipline are valid not rude. Highlighting the pointlessness of asking people to waste more time providing you further proof that your own checking of your own records was flawed isnt rude either. What is rude (if your have as low as tolererance level as you apprear to have) is persistently complaining about the server going down or missions not coming around after a reboot. Its demanding explanations into changes within a mission and its insisting that the owners investigate your own flawed assumptions and reply personally to you. Your situation is pretty clear to me. You protest more than you check your facts, you complain too much about unavoidable things in the MP world like discos, you dont accept that your own lack of disicpline results in friendly kills and you dont RTFM. CB is provided free and the missions are created for free. There is a wealth of information published by the team about the way the server runs and the missions themselves. There are over 2500 players currently registered with CB. Few act with the self entitlement to demand personal investigations and PMs from the server owners into their own, self created, problems and certainly dont persist when those assumptions have been proved incorrect and other experienced players have already answered their queries.
  5. Probably pretty safe to assume there is something. stiglitz can do his own but, if it were me, id be contented that there is rather than go asking peole to waste their time finding more proof. Killing friendly ground targets accidentally isnt unavoidable. It depends on your own discipline and situational awareness when taking shots. In turn this is probably dependendent on how much you are invested into the "reality" of the mission and care about your side as a whole not just shooting stuff down for stats.
  6. ALONZO I checked all my logs for the past 18 month and there was this one time when a friendly FLEW into my guns. Just FLEW right into them. Could you please find out who this was and then come round to my house (at a time convienient for me) to provide a full account of your investigation. Would be appreciated as would a written explanation from the other pilot...better still....bring him too.
  7. Ya. Spoke too soon. Static objects like mission editor buildings and airfield objects cease to render if you're more than 500M from them. Few launch failures too. Ah well.......oooo priddy lights....
  8. I wasnt pointing fingers 🙂 just saying my expectations go into the green if the game even starts after an update so im perhaps over generous 🙂. The other thing thats really helped me with dcs is the gradual amassing of modules. As one breaks another fixes and the more you have the more chance you get of being able to fly something (and learn/relearn) without compromising too much. Not how it should be and certainly no help to those who choose to in depth one module but I helps me cope with the slings and arrows of OB. Ha ive even been ogling the Mig21 pit as ive never flown it at any other time that 12 noon. Its got lights y'know, priddy, priddy lights...... #doesnttakemuch
  9. TBH a lot of posts saying exactly the same thing in about 30 different threads. If any of them bothered to read the main discussion thread and reading about 6 of the initial posts following its release before posting they could make their informed about whether to trust ED or Kasperski and make their choice quietly without clogging up the forums with their "news". I play on an older TV that is reasonably well calibrated with middling gear and it looks like a good starter for 10. There are niggles but I dont think "its messed up big time" and perhaps i am more willing to accept that an open beta is just that. Having spent about 10 hours with different modules Ive found the Heatblur stuff to be the most messed up in terms of pit lighting (both the instruments and the paint chips illuminate in the F14 pit and the viggen now seems to be powered by some form of star trek nuclear reactor whos light emits from deep within its fuse) but they state they aint made any changes as yet. The Harrier, Hornet and A10 pits look incredibly nice in the dark (may have done before but i never flew after sunset cos, well, there was nothing to see) Flying over the cities of the PG map and picking out airports from distance at 3AM is not going to get old very quickly for me. It looks stunning and adds a whole new dimension to what i can do with the mission builder now. I think the lighting and the manner in which the city and village lights are equally bright should be tweaked if possible as does the hard line cut off for the light pooling at the edge of built up areas but this is small stuff. The water...as blooddawn says may take some getting used to and there are now some noticable cut offs with the reflections at the screen edges and canopy framing to add to the exisiting shadow oddness and of course your airplane still brings its own masking cloak to the ground and doesnt react to ground light sources. But its early days. The new SSLR (screen space local reflections) option is a frame killer too but is a new work in progress that may come into its own later though either refinement or more pc horsepower. My personal rating so far (making a scaling adjustment for the fact its a flight sim and as such bound by law never to be perfect) is a solid 9/10 for ambient improvment but 5/10 for delivery.
  10. pick the right base colour and use the right tone alpha. Download one of the US types templates to see what someone like ICDP has done and go from there.
  11. This is likey my own incorrect assumption. Having quickly re-looked at the images (of models admittedly) and accounts of his career it seems the Wk is still 210003. Id assumed it must have been a different aircraft given the lack of a full yellow tail. Given he destroys 210003 that would indicate he stuck with it also. There are two (model) versions ive commonly seen of this final marking set (Yellow 1, 3./JG26). One with the number in front of the cross and one with it behind. Ive also seen model pics of yellow 1 with 3./JG26 markings and a full yellow tail (possible) , Black 1 as a I Gruppe aircraft (no bar) with a full yellow tail (possible) and Black 1 as a Gruppe I aircraft with just the tailplane (possible) so lord alone knows but these could be representative of the aircraft on a certain day in the transition period from 14 to 3./JG26 or even how the aircraft reamined given the lateness of the war and the dwindling resources. Ive never read anywhere that the aircraft was fully re-marked in the move so the Yellow number could be totally assumed I guess. Modellers eh? 🙂
  12. To add Wk 210003 is I think the only D9 Dortenmann flys with the full yellow tail. Its his aircraft in 11/JG54 and transfers with him (and his Staffel) to become 14/JG26 in Feb 1945. He flies another D9 later with JG26 with a yellow tailplane but not a full yellow tail. The use of colour is prohibited by the OKL in Jan 45 but Dortenmann ignores this. 210003 is personally destroyed by him on 4th May 1945 before he is taken (briefly) POW by the British.
  13. the full yellow tail was unique to Dortenmann ".I hound my Staffel to fly as many practice missions as possible. We fly in any weather. They have given me freedom of action. With Weiss and the Gruppe I have direct telephone contact but I receive no orders. In a short period of time I mold the Staffel into a fighting unit, train my Rotten and Schwarm leaders and look with a little more confidence to the future. In order that my pilots always know where their boss is I order that my aircraft¹s tail is painted bright yellow. That is very colorful and can be seen for a great distance. I don¹t care if the Americans and British will take mine to be a leaders aircraft; I have my pride too. With my little yellow tail everything works out fine. I don¹t have to scream my head off when the novices fly after the wrong aircraft during a diving attack and they save themselves a dressing down after they land."
  14. There is a lot of things i look back on and think could have been done better. Pointless glory runs all over map that only served to expand the ai targetting was possibly one although im not sure how much influence that had on expansion of the AI selection of targets. Not actively following up those raids with a recce was another one. I wonder just how much more damage we could have done by sticking to one area at a time and tagging along to the AI rather than using it as a distraction to dodge attention ourselves whilst we repetatively undertook pointless missions. I just hope the blues move away from the "lets get the radar" ethos. 5 pickets with good eyes can be just as effective once you are halfway across the channel. It used to cost us more aircraft than any bloody raid in any case! And i can remember the sucking of gums and insinuations when i had the brass neck to miss my target. There was some discipline though. And likely as much if not more than the red side...... ..but that doesnt really say that much! LOL Anyhow as a non squad player these days theres little for me in SOW. For squads though..........the best there is and by a long chalk.
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