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  1. Thanks for sharing. Must have been very cathartic for you.
  2. I dont think in the game as it stands. But perhpas the mouse emulation of something like Joy2Key would do it. I used it for the turret control of the tanks to TC before i lost interest. There was also another external program that i think was perfected by Stormrider to alter the head position in terms of up/down/left/right. It was posted on the ATAG forum about 2 years ago.
  3. Id be happy if they stuck some floats on Auntie Ju.
  4. Never thought it possible but you make raaid sound like voice of reason.
  5. its a year. and a season. Thats JDAM accurate compaired to what we've had in the past. .
  6. Look at it a different way. Its two engines both of which have their plus and minus points. Treat them as two different takes on theme and forget they are in the same house now. Two different teams working in some semblence of co-operation thus avoiding repeating the same theatres. The improvements supposedly coming with Sandclod will also benefit Blitz and since Blitz is essentially the developed core product of the orignial game you wont need to pay for those improvments if you choose not to buy into the Dessert. Ultimately BOS is not going away and has its fans just as much (if not currently more) than Clod.
  7. I was stat there with a stuttering engine in SP, hit the external view key by mistake and the bugger took off straight away with the AI. Anyhow, im satisfied that sitting on the ground prolongs my mission spawn to death time significantly so its all good.
  8. oooo yeah! But first we need to find him a good book to read whilst the engines reach temp!
  9. Hopefully all sorted now. Had a little time with Palle this morning. You hit the nail with the switching positions. He's on his way to bombing Nirvana (read - "the the hell did i miss") now 🙂
  10. No probs. PM me an invite to your discord (or whatever discord you are using) and we can go over it during the weekend. Im in the UK and daytime, early evening would be good for me.
  11. but ALWAYS read and watch tutorials --- its not very instinctive in my expereicne.
  12. He doesnt say he doesnt have a monitor. Having seen pics of where he plays in VR what he says is correct. One beauty of VR is that with a long enough cable you dont have to sit in front of a PC if you choose not to. Go me - sticking up for VR-ers. Itll pass Im sure 🙂
  13. So, firstly I am assuming you mean the 111 in cliffs of dover. The controls you set (position#1,#2 etc) are contained in the controls menu under "Views" i think. You may need to rebind them as some keyboards look different to the game than others (one of my keys for instance is seen as OEM102 rather than Ctrl). Once you are happy that the key combination you have chosen is working, you need to first save the profile and then apply it using the buttons on the lower right of the screen. You will also need to bind a key to take control of the gun with the mouse (F10 by default i think) if yu are not usng the mouse to look around already and also to lean to the gunsight (same command as in th fighters). If you switch back to pilot remember to disengage F10 unless you use the mouse to look around. With the 111 and blenheim you will also have to bind keys to move the mountng up/down/left/right (not the gun, the mounting). Thats very clunky at present sadly. If fact the 111 turret system is all very clunky TBH. Unlike the 110s there is no relod annimation so its also a caseof hitting relaod and pressing the fire button until it starts to fire again. I really hope a better solution has been found for thr FN turrets in the upcomming Wellington. Finally you may want to adjust your mouse speed (RTS mouse) in the conf.ini file in the 1C soft club folder in your Documents to something like 1.5 as this will give you faster movement. Using the buttons on your mouse to reload and fire is also useful (but i cant remember if the reloading of the autocannon in the 110 is command based or automatic). For stuff like the Stuka and 110 there are shortcuts but unless you are using those a lot, id stick with selcting everything per position to train your memory. In general you should be able to have just 2 control profiles, one for allied/italian and one for LW. The main differences between these two sets are the WEP/Boost cut out users different command lines but likely you will use the same key or button and the prop ptich increase/decrease is reversed. If you stil find yourself struggling, let me know and ill, work though it on mine to give you a step by step. Good Luck
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