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  1. You got a reponse - I know you got a response because you used it to forward to Ole(?) which you CC'd me into when telling him to remove me fom the Beta Testers Forum. You never actually acknowledged me directly. With all due respect.
  2. Wasnt my understanding - I think you'll find that the post you made in the beta's forum shortly on completion of the Blitz Beta testing would fit your understanding either. No matter. I was alwayts likely to buy at least one copy to support in any case and I have.
  3. itll also store the dds files that i think the viewer uses plus any skins you may have used yourself and in any SP missions. I dont think deleting these is essential. You could just delete the shaders folder I guess.
  4. You an officiate twix Cam and I :-). Next week. Give Cam a shout.
  5. Well, Im sure if nothng else it'll give us something to discuss over a pint next week but Im going to defend SandClod and clod in general. I blow hot and cold dependent upon the time of day but overall Im personally very grateful Clod exist. It got me into simming and intially provided me (and you) with some of the best online sim gaming we've had (thanks in many way to the excellent SOW but for me also the ATAG and DD servers). I logged over 2700 hours pre blitz (many played together with and against you). It also gave us our RL friendship. For the 6 or 7 quid we both paid for it, I dont think a refund is necessary or fair to ask for. Blitz was a bugger for sure and i still think that for what was fixed 4.312 still had the edge even to the end but it is what it is and it got better. With SandClod I will confess I was a relucant buyer. I saw the map in the screenshots and, after DCS PG, was underwhelmed. But I bought it anyhow (I was intending buying it for you but the complementary copy promised by Buzz to the Blitz Betas never materialised for me at least and Covid has halfed my household income). Intially, I remained unimpressed and if im really honest most of the graphical stuff that annoyed me personally about the game back in 2016 still exists now (although there are also many very nice improvements). The map is so so - you cant get around that, the AI is better (sometimes) but still AI, skins are 2K and whist some of the included skins are very very good, this visual element of the game (and its limited user editability) is starting to creak a little. Finally there is little in the way of additional or improved core features to shout about. But once I start to play it, all of the "meh" somehow disappears and more than it does in the other sims. The new aircraft are great if sometimes a little rough around the graphical edges (not all and certainly not in a game breaking way), the new campaigns, from what ive played, seem well researched and very well thought out, and its just....well...fun. And there is the thing. Once Im playing, whether in SP or MP, Im fully engaged and Im enjoying it as much and often more than either BOS or DCS. It keeps my interests longer too. I certainly dont feel ripped off and consider the money spent (£46) already earned back several fold given the average play time v cost of my PS4 games. As Ive often said before the biggest tragedy of Clod isnt the sorry state it was left in on release but rather the seemingly irreconcilable differences between a number of factions who, jointly, could have and could still make something very special. Sadly, the incredible backroom stuff it can be made to do so well (radar, TopHat, Stats, recon.........ie all that incrediable SOW stuff) is largely locked in a cupboard currently which is such a shame. Buts thats for them. As it stands I have no buyer's regret for sandClod (Sarah has cos Ive dragged all me flightshite out of the shed and back into the living room as a result). It not perfect but, for me at least, its more than good enough to enjoy in 2020 and enjoying it I am. I certainly think its still worth supporting if you can and you never know what may transpire if it is allowed a future. S!
  6. Im also getting the impact "pew pew" sounds if I pass cose to the aircraft Ive shot at....sometimes a good second or two after Ive finshed firing.
  7. Mine start quiet then fade to nothing. Notice it more with the .303s
  8. Its a feature of the share folder you are downloading it from. Higher feature versons provide a virus checker I assume whereas the basic one doesnt.
  9. If the Swastika on the tail of the German aircraft is something thats important to you then this mod (or a variation of it) will always be required.
  10. I did consider a casio aviators watch thing when I was looking for a job watch but figured since I dont fly it would be a bit "naff". Instead i bought a Gshock Mudmaster with a compass. Cant say I have much need for the compass but there has been been a couple of occasions where it has been nice to be sure I got the directions roughly correct. Ive since found however that big chunky multi functioning watches may look nice but they can be pretty impractical when having to use your hands to get into restricted areas (even things as simple as reaching behind a dresser at home to switch off a standard lamp). TBH, ill be likely buying a bog standard, cheap as chips, unflashy G shock digtal to use as my main work watch in the near future and go back to guessing which way is North.
  11. My opinon is that a couple of quid for the research, work, testing, rework and ongoing support that the campaigns get is good value. If the Loadout is locked, its locked for a reason. Any moron can take the biggest bomb or most advantagious fuel load to a fight where they already know what is going to happen or conversely, a person can learn how to use the ME to create anything that suits them more. Personally id like to see more starting from parking over on the runway but each to their own. I dont buy a Mark Postlethwaite painting then complain its doesnt come with crayons so that I can alter it to suit my tastes. So no, i dont think its a rip off. Like Therion also I think that their inner workings should be protected from less talented rip off merchants. Just like skins, there is a lot more to creating something like this than simply following a.b.c and i would not wish to see the talent creating such work stop or dimish as a result of a load or half baked sh1te being touted for free and being passed off as original (again like skins for example). Personally speaking and leaving financial reward out of it, seeing one's own work bastardised and PRAISE being heaped on the tosser who did it is demoralising to the point you stop.
  12. It is and im perhaps being a little unkind. Its pretty good provided you stay above deck but im always left frustrated that there really isnt a single timeframe that you can recreated a real to life carrier air wing with what you have. Thats not going to be fixed with the early access excuse. No A6s, No A7s. No prowlers, no growlers, no superbugs, no F14Ds, low poly S3s, even worse SB60s, No HH60s, No SH3s no california class, no auxullaries etc etc. Same goes for the upcoming syria map and the claim about the battles you can recreate going back to the 60s. Its just not possible. Id even go as far as to you actually got to use MORE imagination now than in 1972. Anyjow OT - apologies
  13. My nextdoor neighbour Jonathon had this. He moved from Oldham to Cleckheaton and going to visit on the odd Friday night every few months to play this was something i got very excited about (that and the No88 dish of the Chinese takeaway menu that always used to get ordered). Eventually it all got surpassed by his dads (Uncle Robert to me - its a 70s thing i think - adopted uncles and aunties) train se....sorry...model railway, which took over the entire loft. Cant recall how accurate the FM was i know the lack of it coming without VR integration wasnt an issue. I had this aircraft carrier thing that never really worked. You basically strung up a wire across the living room that garotted grandma and eleastic band launch a vague representation of a Phanton. The idea was it would go up the wire, turn around and fly back with you controlling it via an odd joystick arrangment to land on the plastic "deck". Never worked really. Odd that nearly 40 years later I find myself wasting time with another supercarrier game that doesnt exactly work well......
  14. Pretty sure its now well estblished that Tobruk needs to sell well in order for any work to be done on VR. So since sales cannot be predicted no one can say at this time if it will or wont. Not sure thats mixed messagaing but i am sure that you are the expert on repeating things ad infintium.
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