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  1. BOO

    Pitch perfect ( assistance)

    my understanding is that the RL aircraft required the pilot to apply forward stick and its a tiring aircraft to fly. As such my thoughts would be that its as much a part of flying the aircraft as its good points isn't it? This said I would agree with the notion in support of those players who, for whatever reason, physically struggle (in general not a simple I want this plane tailored to me) but im not sure if that could realistically implemented fairly given the preponderance of players to gain every advantage they can especially in MP. Making it a SP only feature would perhaps seem the ideal but that doesn't help affected players who wish to fly it in MP I guess. Then again I would guess there are 3rd party programmes that shift the centre of x/y axis anyway and people will use them anyhow. Can of worms I guess.
  2. One of thing I haven't seen mentioned about the illegal ripping of keys and talk of who the real victims are is the link to wider organised criminality. Whilst Im sure many ripped keys are put out there by lone actors, the grey market provides innumerable easy income streams for more nefarious groups. Even those actors acting on their own are likely to have purchased software, technology and knowhow from within a criminal supply network.Those income steams are not used to buy slightly tatty high performance BMWs or fancy pants but are reinvested into drug supply chains, internet and telephone fraud boiler houses, mass marketing mail scams, trafficking and modern slavery (and yes terrorism to some degree) One publisher revokes 500K licences in a year - tip of the iceberg within a single narrow sector of a vastly diverse market.But a tip on its own that amounts to perhaps 10 million dollars/pounds. Govts all over the word (my own included) stroke themselves that crime is falling when in fact its only the traditional types that are (the beauty of choosing to record only what you wish to report). And this will continue because people shrug their shoulders far to easily when they loose a few dollar or are temporarily inconvenienced by a bad purchase whilst the victims their loss has provided further down the line are too vulnerable to either realise or able report a bigger crime. Often we are not even set up with the right legislation to even recognise the true nature of the crime, making it purely a civil law consumer issue and deflecting the attention away from the ultimate beneficiary and the ultimate result of our actions. TL:DR - buy something that isn't official or buy something that's a fake and (but almost certainly indirectly) you are funding the very people who put drugs into your neighbourhood, kidnap people (including children) to export them like cattle and exploit the most vulnerable people in our societies (who may well be you own parents and grandparents). Through those webs you may also be ultimately funding terrorism, sponsoring the disruption of democratic processes across the world and putting money into he coffers of rapists, murderers, abusers. People who would (and do) kill and act against your own. Its very easy to dismiss ones own responsibility and role within such a vast and convoluted chain especially when large organisations online and off are allowed to participate and profit with such impunity. Its only a few dollar after all, where's the harm? But the responsibility and the consequences are there. Every time.
  3. BOO

    The Paleontology Thread

    annnnnnd..……….we're back on dinosaurs. All went a bit James and his GM Peach there for a moment.
  4. Just a little bump since I see no response or its inclusion in the template links. Pretty sure Jason's priorities list is a very long one though and can understand how the work started may have been put on the back burner. Still....fabulous template!
  5. BOO

    Jerky Track IR

    If you running a system capable of producing 70-80 frames without vsync you may drop very temporarily below the vsync (im assuming you on a 60 hz monitor) when you move the view especially in busy scenes. . It may not show on a frame counter but may just be enough for a couple of frames to induce the stutter. In past I found reinstalling the game after a big patch removed the head truning stutter I was experiencing (but not always) Same with re-shade - I found the system was more prone to those kind of stutters with reshade but this could have been related to small hit in fps that bought me lower to the vsync cut. As Sniperton points out many have experienced this and I think one member has perhaps pinpointed the fault too. You may try increasing the smoothness in the game setting to 100% or turning off force feedback in the same place to see whast effect it has (obviously you can fly like that but its an easy fault finder).
  6. Stabs in the dark.... anthropomorphic (or whatever its called - ) controls in the realism settings - flawed and should be turned off. Trim including engine settings (but im guessing not) - few aircraft in Clod fly straight and true out of the box. Most will rise if the trim isn't altered with speed. You got your flaps out (now im really clutching at straws) Cross bindings or false activations when setting axis (sometimes my pedals or my old ED tracker attempted to take over axis when im setting stuff up) Check for any odd inputs or spikes in the axis menu on the pitch roll yaw and any trim Failing that - post a link to a quick video showing the issue. Might help give us more of a clue.
  7. Try these https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16592. They have been produced by Chuck Owl and are as user friendly as it gets with descriptions for all the instruments for nearly all the aircraft in game. You might have to register or submit 1 post simply saying "Hi" or Thanks" to download them. No great hardship.
  8. BOO

    Books - What are you reading?

    and a leaky elsan toilet by the looks of things....nightmare!
  9. one thing that eluded this particular "I don't need no stinkin manual" individual for some time is the fact that if you have more than one controller, simply pressing a button will show you which one is which in the J2K GUI. Small point but one that took me a month to realise!! Most stuff after than is very easy to work out.
  10. BOO

    Totally lost the plot

    I totally missed Braking Bad but decided on a week long binge of it. Waiting for the missus to come back from dropping the boy off at his dads I was idly watching "Mythbusters" when......ill not spoil it for anyone else suffice to say the basic plot and entire ending was explained in detail. Still have never watch Breaking bad.
  11. BOO

    Clod mapping question

    Theres a binfing to start/stop Track IR - failing that, using the TIR software to bind a toggle to pause/stop might work.
  12. @ACG_Bunny did you link anything to Steam as per the of weeks ago? If so have you tried launching it from Steam?
  13. Great to see see you well again RafiGer!!
  14. BOO

    4K Skin Request

    @fubar_2_niner There you go mate. The link to the skins download is in the (currently) last post of the thread. Hope its ok for you. Use RafiGer's Bf109G6 4K Normal map for the best results and match up for all the access hatches etc. Best wishes BOO
  15. BOO

    4K Bf109 G-6 Skins - HERE

    BF109G-6 Major Gunther Rall, Stab III./JG52 late1943/early 1944 Based on limited references largely consisting of modellers from the IPMS's work over the years and two profiles. Two skins with and without HK. Pretty pleased with long spiral prop effect I have to say! 🙂 http://www.mediafire.com/file/3iawwat1yw788x8/Bf109G6_Rall_III_JG52_V2.zip/file