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  1. most templates (certainly ICDPs) already come with their own alpha templates as a separate thing and should be a good starting point.
  2. I think Pattle from the Team Fusion Team over in Clod is using one successfully in that game.
  3. I believe the photo is one of a number ofr publicity shots taken of 9Sqdn shortly before or just after the start of the war flying over and around RAF Stadishall. Often cited also as "on a mission" so perhaps it could have been that raid. Im not sure when or if all of the early Mk1s got powered front turrets. After the initial strike's success, 3 days later the notion of the bombers not needing an escort was turned upside down....
  4. attributing thanksgiving day to God and a clothing store in the same sentence kinda gives the game away 🙂
  5. Its not "corrupt" Some adjustment of the layers is needed. Switch of the layer groups and work through them one by one. Some layers like "water streaks" and often "shadows" may have had some treatment in PS that befuddles Gimp. Those layers need to be dragged out of their layer group and above them in order for them to show correctly (probably a clever way but thats what i do). Additionally, when you open it its asks you if you want to convert the coding to sRGB - choose "no". This will stop things like the exhaust soot showing as red. I used gimp with this excellent templete. I just takes a little extra effort.
  6. I think only TFS can answer that one. Im not sure where their choice lays. The merlins can be airborne in a minute with the ole "boost n juice" but its not very realistic to do that. The blenni is much quicker than the beau. Probably the best way to handle it is be in a squad. That way by the time everyones rebooted thier PCs, plugged in what they should have had plugged in, sorted out why their discord or ts isnt working, downloaded the update they hadnt downloaded and generally farted about, it will probably ready to go! 🙂
  7. You cant at present. Best you can do is keep the rads shut, engage the boost cut out and keep trying to rev the nuts off em. Mostly itll end up you having to restart them if you dont catch em fast enough as they fade but I think it can be done in something like 4 or 5 mins if you get lucky. ...well perhaps 6 mins....
  8. its bunkum but if anyone ever does find them im pretty sure that theres some stolen nazi gold on a train/sub/battleship under a hill/sea/lake somewhere in Poland/The Pacific/Bavaria that could buy em
  9. Without wishing to come across as negative and having been stung once by a previous "most realistic ever ever ever" map of this area in another sim I really hope that some effort is made to represent some of the larger WW1 war cemeteries in the area (if they fall under the maps coverage) along with a bridge at Benouville that actually looks like the bridge at Benouville. I fully accept that I really have no right to 100% accuracy at the price I pay but including notable and/or important landmarks is something I think adds a good deal of authenticity to any map. Gliders in various states of disrepair as static gound objects and, as already mentioned, barges would be a dream as would a landscape and some built envirmonment that actually looked as if the RAF/RAAF/RCAF and USAAF took some part in the event in the run up to it and beyond.
  10. If its from 5tuka's thread the it is. There is no offical 4K and doesnt really need to be given the quality of the work he did. I remember it being smaller (from memory i thought 8MB) so i assume he's used a different compression for it. It was done in the very early days of the 4K skins so i dunno if h was pehaps trying to save load on the PC when possible. The 4K normal emphasises the corrugations of the aircraft quite a lot so you may have to flatten (Matte) your finishes a little more in the alpha layer that corresponds to the corrugation highlights to avoid them "strobing" in the game.
  11. First post, in the link to 5tuka's 4K template.
  12. A warning about the graphic images may help us Snowflakes. Itll certainly improve you Youtube hit rate. Other than that at least its not a Germanwolf glorystroke video so I guess im grateful for small mercys.
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