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  1. Long Shot Wowzer but if you have something like Precision X overclocking overlay that can interfere with the game. If you do, try deactivating the overlay. As i say - long shot.
  2. Its an offical one.
  3. I dont think the lighting in the game actually gives that great (if any) an advantage with winter skins. If fact, they are often more noticable over the winter forests toms. Two stills of the same yak.
  4. Yup its flyable with a cockpit. You can load troops or containers, you can kick em out in the air or on the ground. and its currently half price One caveat - there is no loadmaster position - just the pilot and (if selected) dorsal gunner. Plus one to the above - its great fun.
  5. Nvidia has not supported Triple Buffering in Direct X for years. Its a setting for Open GL. So that will have no effect. If you are running your monitor at 75 i assume that is one of its native resolution settings - if so check in the NCP that your monitor's settings are reflected in there (change resolution menu). As Thad says - one or the other is usually best but you can try running the game in the different full screen and windowed modes (selected in the games graphics menu) to see if that impacts on anything. Also check that the NCP settings are linked to your launcher (IL2.exe). There is nothing you can do with the Pre-rendered frames that will impact on screen tearing.
  6. Thats the Cylinder Head Temp but the needle is obscuring the "CYL" lettering.
  7. I mentioned it for Algy. Sorry should have made that clearer rather than sounding like i was teaching you to suck eggs. Apologies.
  8. There is a little application called DXTbmp. Its very useful when it comes to understanding alpha effects as you can find a skin you like the effect on and separate the alpha layer out to see how it was produced greyscale wise. I would advise against just ripping it and putting it on your skins as a) it will probably be unique to the aircraft it came from b) its fun and rewarding to come up with your own techniques.
  9. Luse is referring to climbing to high alt in a bomber.
  10. Hello Algy- The long and short is that the 4K normal map it now in the game as standard (according to ICDPs thread) and i was mistaken about the need to import it separated. The 2 templetas you found are for making skins and dont need to go anywhere. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Hello Algy - Look for the games main folder "IL2 Sturmovik Battle of....." - if you have it on steam itll be Steam/Steamapps/common/IL2 Sturmovik Battle of.." In the main folder you will see "data" In "data" is another folder "graphics" In "graphics" is the folder "skins" containing all the skins to all the types used in game. Find the one for the spitfire and copy paiste or drag the dds file into it. I dont think the game currently uses a 4K normal map but ICDP includes one on his main Spitfire page and it plays well with any other skin. Drop this into data/graphics/Planes/SpitfireIXe/Textures within your main game folder.
  12. Enjoying so far although im enjoying less that its on Channel 4s catch up "service" in the UK so seemingly has to have an add break every 3rd line of dialogue and 30s of loading time for every innaine advert shown. ~Suffice to say that if i see a Lexus Hybrid today i WILL key it!
  13. Hi Tip Can SCG take the final 2 110G2s please. Id love to give you pilot names but, as you can see, SCG cant organise a piss up in a brewery! Someone with an SCG tag will take those places though if assigned - I promise!
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