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  1. Sgt Alkemade. Very well documented. have a search for Vesna Vulović...
  2. http://allaircraftsimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=172&t=34594
  3. Thanks FF TBH the majority of the skins ive put up there are not mine but Cpt Farrells (although many had his details hacked off them presumably so someone else could take credit for them). I just coollarted them with the help of Mystic Puma who kindly sent me his collection to add. As it stands the beauty of the ATAG download section is that its permanent, well organised and a single stop resource for a lot of things which i really like. Its also hosted and so is a lot less likely to disappear that link on here which rely owners not dissappearing. Of course currently those 2Ks are a fraction of the size of the 4Ks in Bos so at present i guess there is no concerns about storage. Such is the beneifit of a 2K skin you dont really need to add any detail layers too. That would likely change with 4Ks. Anyone could actually download those skins and post them on this forum (or anywhere else) in their corrsponding thread. I only keep the base game on my PC now so i dont have any particular advantage in terms of what i have available. There were also some lovely skins also made by "Shadow" (if i remember his name correctly) and of course Major Setback. If i made a guess there is at least one if not two active Clodders and (and in one case TFS team member) who are possibly much better resources with a far more expansive library and whilst i dont want to name names as it would be unfair it would be great if that/those collections would be shared on the release of 5.0. The biggest issue with skins though isnt the skinners pe se but the endless quotions and requotations that include the original skin post and all its images time and time and time again. It makes threads incredibly long and incredibly dense but Im not sure how to can get people to simply STFU (also guilty of this myself) and leave a "like" instead of Page taking post that simply says the same. Thats where the simple nature of the ATAG arrangment pays dividends. That said, as far as i can tell this is supposed to be the "offical" forum so it makes sense it follows the pattern of BoS with sub forums but I wonder just how practical it would be for already hard pushed moderators to keep tidy and how fast it would become a train wreck like the Bos Skins section. All the best Mike
  4. The 4K section may stay empty for some while...... The ATAG downloads section is still probably the best place to look. Here the skins are ordered unlike on this forum where they are absolutely everywhere. When i was playing the game, I set about collating and ordering what was available elsewhere (M4T, Azbiz etc) and put them on there. During this process I cut out a lot of the lower quality/erronious/duplicated skins. Of course it would be nice to have a download section here but honestly, given the lack of discipline shown by skinners in how and where they post and the fact their links can get broken if they go wandering off into the blue I think the current state of play is actually preferable.
  5. you might want to start with the 4 pages of threads and posts that typing in "0.6 gamma" into the search facility produces.
  6. because its been a recommended and unchallenged graphic setting for improving spotting since god was a boy...
  7. Normal maps also have an alpha layer which is effectivly the damage layer. Without that you dont get the full effect. Not that they are that great.
  8. That would be fantastic KpgQuop!! I couldnt give a monkeys bottom if its official or not 🙂 Both BHH and ICDP did a lot of stuff prior to thier work getting adopted by the devs. Im pretty sure, looking at the attention to detail and overall care KpqQuop has served upon the Duck, we could well have another grandee of templates in the wings and I greatly appreciate KpgQuops consideration of doing somethng for this long standing and largly neglected favourite.
  9. Dont be daft - you offered the sound advice that was asked for mate.
  10. Or ask Raptor nicely for his and CREDIT him in any skins you use it on.
  11. Doh!! im a dozy sod!. I meant TEMPLATE. Sorry for the confuddlation and thank for replying fellas.
  12. I honestly thought it was because there isnt enough room in the back of a PE2 for a gunner given all the laser sighting, IR and firing solution computational equipment it clearly carries for its defensive guns...
  13. Hello Firstly i know that there is already a "4K" JU88 Template made by Gustav but, without wishing to sound too critical of anothers efforts, it is largey a scaled up copy of the official 2K and repeats many of the original's misalignments. It also lacks its own Normal map (again Im aware of the one shared that repeats similar misaligments amongst other things) and a lot of the clarity in the stenciling that the He111s by ICDP greatly improve upon. Im sorry if I sound ungreaful as the exisiting template is still far better than i could acheive especially given the larger scale of the subject. Given the 88s popularity amongst the heavier aircraft it would be nice if it were given some love by @ICDP, @BlackHellHound1 or @KpgQuop (forgive me if i missed a currently active 4K template builder). Any future plans?
  14. Ah is is what they want you to believe. Ive got it on good authority from raaid that its because back then we all had smaller screens and so the aircraft were littler and so you could fit more of them into your hard drive......
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