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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I should have added that I already disabled the motion smoothing. But I'm sure you have a point - SteamVR seems to update every time I log on. I also took an NVIDIA driver update, which I should have mentioned. The end result is that BOS is near unplayable. But I'm sorry I blamed the game. I'll try fiddling with the SteamVR settings some more.
  2. Since the last update (or maybe the one before that, as I think I took two at once), I am getting some pretty poor behaviour from the HTC Vive. Objects behind the prop (e.g terrain and clouds) wobble, like looking through the water surface in a swimming pool. Objects in front of the prop (e.g. the gunsight) also flicker - it looks like a bit of sky is sometimes rendered in their structure. The scratches on the front windshield in the 109 flicker and jump, as do the lines painted on some cockpits to illustrate dive angle. Low clouds above the aircraft shimmer really badly when I nod my head up and down, especially if there is a piece of cockpit frame in the way. A similar thing happens to grass if I look down during takeoff in a plane like the Pe2 that has a bottom window. The reflections of clouds on lakes shimmer really badly with small movements of the head. Text in the login screen (e.g. my username) dances and distorts when I nod up and down. At times, the text boxes warp quite badly when the frame rate drops down during loading. Some of the objects in the briefing screen become semi-transparent, so that I can see stuff in the hangar through them. None of this happened before the recent updates. It's ruining the immersion and I'm pretty cheesed off by it.
  3. With HTC Vive, AA off, I see aircraft appear and disappear right in front of me, even at quite close range (<1k). This happened following a flight of A-20s. About 200 feet underneath each aircraft there was a bright green dot that followed them about. The green dot was visible even when the a/c were not rendered.
  4. I hope this isn't as stupid as my last forum question... When replaying a track that was recorded in VR, the default in-cockpit camera behaviour is to repeate the exact movements that the pilot's head made with the VR headset on. The "Head Unlink Cockpit" camera mode (L-Alt F1) is what I used to use to look around while playing back a recording in the flat screen days. However, in VR it unlinks the pointing component but not the position component. So for example if I leaned forward and looked left in the original flight, the camera will lean forward and look left in the playback. With L-Alt-F1, the camera will look straight ahead, but it will still lean forward. There seems to be nothing I can do to unlink the position component.
  5. Probably won't help with your issue, but just in case it's connected, I get the disappearing canopy parts, crew and external bombs when replaying a movie in VR. I found that if I press "L-Alt F1" for Head Unlinked Cockpit, the bombs and other stuff magically reappear. Then "Ctrl F1" makes them disappear again.
  6. O. M. G. I somehow missed that control. What a klutz. If you want to find me after tomorrow, I'll be in a monastery.
  7. It's the multiple drum version (I don't own the other He111). I'm probably doing something wrong, but can't think what it might be. It's not because I tried to map it to a joystick button, I suppose? That's when the trouble started.
  8. It's the top turret of the He111. It should reload, have done it countless times before. But if no one else recognises this as a problem then I'm probably doing something completely lame X-|
  9. I find that it is no longer possible to reload the turret guns after the first clip has run out. I have tried binding this action to different keys and the joystick with no success. I have just taken update 2.010, don't know if that's significant.
  10. I was quite sick for the first 2-3 weeks of VR. Particularly helicopters in DCS, which made me immediately want to spew. Now I have acclimatised and nothing is a problem. OK, apart from getting dumped out of my plane into midair when a multiplayer mission ends in BoS, which is more about a sudden massive discontinuity than motion sickness. And we (ex) sufferers are in good company - I once demo'd my VR to a professional display pilot, and she said it was really good. But she had to take it off after a while because it made her feel ill.
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