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  1. The mission to secure the train station is actually hard 🤓
  2. Oh man I love that, been waiting for some SP missions to test.
  3. I agree with this point, some balancing is needed, but repair will get you going, it should not take 10 minutes for a normal MP session, however the timer should be variable so that servers who lean more to 100% realism can adjust it. If we get mines in the game too, it will stop you if you run into one so it’s just a part of the game. Otherwise it will only be a war of tanks copy and I really don’t want that.
  4. Been playing on multiplayer this weekend, sure I’m a noob, but I actually had fun, one takeaway is that tanks is not a lone wolf game, you need at least a few tanks in a group for it, in my opinion, to be fun. Air support is also great and when it all come beautifully together this game really shines, of course you got the usual suspect trying to ruin the fun, but the potential is there.
  5. Yes, bug fixing is a must, the rest is just project management, and if you can do that well there is no issue in running different projects, would need a good program manager that's true.
  6. I really love the new development, and my only comments is regarding the not knowing where it all will take us. As someone who love tanks, I applaud the new TC add-on, and what it will bring to multiplayer if done right would be amazing, even for those who never would get into a tank.
  7. I don't know what the DEVS are actually aiming for (pun intended) however if TC comes close to Steel Fury I would gladly spend more cash for additional tank in the store to support the development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dub_g5ZNgoY
  8. Nothing works, the program just freeze. Edit: I removed all my OC on my GPU and all the OC add-on apps, i was then able to run the game.
  9. My game starts, well to the main menu, when I try to start any game mode, it crash. Uninstall remove all related Il2 data reboot reinstall same issue, not working.
  10. Ok, I did a clean new installation, after uninstalling the game, however nothing worked, as soon as i start the game (mission, quick mission, whatever) the game freeze and crash. Can't play it anymore at all.
  11. Well I’m going to try this because I can’t play the game anymore, it just freeze when I start a mission.
  12. ok I tried to delete all data and redownload the game but that didn't work either. next step is to uninstall the game and reinstall from scratch.
  13. So I know I need to report issues in the support area, and I did. however maybe someone around here know some clever tricks to verify my local file to check if any of them are corrupt? On steam you can do that, but I’m not using steam because I wanted to make sure all went to the developer. The problem is that after I updated I can’t start any quick mission, the program just freeze and I need to terminate it. I did try to check if there was a way to check my files, but I didn’t find any tools in the launcher to use. So so how can I check my files, and how can I force the launcher to redownload the game to be sure all is ok? in advance thank you.
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