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  1. Looking forward to Sunday’s battle, last Sunday it was tough, a lot of resistance and our supply lines was stretch to the max. Ran out of Tigers so the mechanics are going to work overtime to get all battle ready for Sunday’s really 😎
  2. To the death and beyond! And then we respawn 😂
  3. Yeah we need that, make it so loading time will increase but just because someone got knocked out we should still be able to fight.
  4. If I see you, I can make you go away, when I don’t see you, I almost die every single time. So yeah, the Tiger can be almost unbeatable in some situations. When you’re used to that thick armor you really do t want to give it up 😅
  5. A tank projectile should go right through a tree, no matter how thick it is.
  6. Plenty of examples of the great armor of the Tiger, I think it’s simulated pretty well In The game.
  7. we play every sunday 19:00 UTC, people can meet us at discord, SCG - Simulated Combat Group. contact Neun for more info as I'm not an admin.
  8. Had great fun Sunday, nice to see all the tankers and newcomers joining in. If if you’re Interested in playing TC in a tactical group this is the place to be, all friendly and polite so no need to worry we don’t bite and even if you’re new to multiplayer no need to get frustrated. We will make you feel at home, so get your comfy chair, pipe, beer, cat by your feet and let us blow some [Redacted] up!
  9. I got one complain or suggestion for this server, please remove the markers (tags), it just make the game too easy.
  10. We need more players for sure, so spread the word!🤜 ❤️✌️
  11. A little side note, not really related to the server but more about the different tanks, we were two tigers today repelling a 3:1 wave of russian T-34, for that to happen is rare, normally you got lots of air jokies buzzing around and then you dont got a chance, here is was different. So we need an air force on both sides, or at least we need AAA controlled by players. The Russian side could not get to the flag, and that was only two Tigers, that's how powerful they actually are.
  12. Same issue and my game CTD when i get hit???
  13. Me too, I got it by a rough estimation, sometimes it's spot on, other times it's a bit too short and to the right.
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