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  1. Great mission yesterday, we need more pilots for our combined arms missions.
  2. The Tiger in my opinion, only had one weakness, the underpowered engine. With a more powerful engine I’m sure a lot of the issues would be solved.
  3. I found that the video was interesting, and quite entertaining 🤔
  4. Great video, very nicely done!👍
  5. Awesome, can’t wait to get back in my commander seat!
  6. Looking forward to Sunday’s battle, last Sunday it was tough, a lot of resistance and our supply lines was stretch to the max. Ran out of Tigers so the mechanics are going to work overtime to get all battle ready for Sunday’s really 😎
  7. To the death and beyond! And then we respawn 😂
  8. Yeah we need that, make it so loading time will increase but just because someone got knocked out we should still be able to fight.
  9. If I see you, I can make you go away, when I don’t see you, I almost die every single time. So yeah, the Tiger can be almost unbeatable in some situations. When you’re used to that thick armor you really do t want to give it up 😅
  10. A tank projectile should go right through a tree, no matter how thick it is.
  11. Plenty of examples of the great armor of the Tiger, I think it’s simulated pretty well In The game.
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