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  1. 5./JG54_Teoman

    y so serious?

    πŸ˜… Good try.
  2. 5./JG54_Teoman

    a-20 crews revenge against bf109.

    Ahahahahaha πŸ‘
  3. 5./JG54_Teoman

    2 P-47 in 2 Seconds !

    Nice editing and music. πŸ‘
  4. 5./JG54_Teoman

    color film

    WOW! Excellent!
  5. 5./JG54_Teoman

    Finally I saw a PO 2

  6. 5./JG54_Teoman

    small victory

    Oh man... Another great video, thank you. Especially first 1 min and final song "Dead man theme". 🎸
  7. 5./JG54_Teoman

    Left 4 Dead

    Pienoir, thank you for the video. I watched it with a big smile and wonder on my face. πŸ˜„ Your videos, some of them, are unusual. But I like them. Anyway, I really wonder your personality. 😏
  8. 5./JG54_Teoman

    Can a P-47 Dogfight?

    It is not that you lost because your aim but energy/speed tactic.
  9. 5./JG54_Teoman


    Very good video pienoir, thank you. πŸ‘
  10. 5./JG54_Teoman

    Zubtsov Airfield Attack TAW

    WOW! Beatiful music and scene harmony. I liked it very much. 😍 Thank you.
  11. 5./JG54_Teoman

    Video by SDV_Fin*19

    Excellent shooting.
  12. 5./JG54_Teoman


    A genius scenario, brillant scenes and lots of art. Thank you Jafa.
  13. 5./JG54_Teoman

    A tribute to the HS129 (BoS/BoK)

  14. 5./JG54_Teoman

    My Online

    You are very good.
  15. 5./JG54_Teoman

    AirQuake server videos

    Very nice low speed control of FW190.