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  1. Today on Kota, same view for the wingmen above https://youtu.be/vJAiOu_kqXE Today on Wings:
  2. I ran in to the twice in a row flying the K-4 in multiplayer, basically the engine sounded like to the side or behind me. Sadly i havent been able to replicate that problem as something has been triggereing this issue even tho it happened twice in a row on the same server. Detail where DC engine with default Payload Server: Knight of the air, Mission: PrebodenFantasyWinterD The second clip is particularily noticeable that the engine is to the side
  3. To an extend its on the server settings what amount of lag they tolerate in their config, but also ... I wonder if the server check the UDP packet order https://youtu.be/Xb94y8K3AsU
  4. still a thing, here's how this looks https://youtu.be/_4tYwsYC-sI just in case it helps here is the Pe-2s flight log the events are somewhat compressed, i dont know the logger beavhiour on this the video tells the story anyway http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/de/sortie/log/4516566/?tour=50
  5. The A-20 technochat pops the oil overheat warning at 80°C which is the lower limit of the rated area. Its rated for 80-95°C maximum is 105°C even tho you can push to 120°C till your oil pressure can drop till failure. Note: the point where the warning pops up is right in between the two engines, since one is always a bit hotter bec of the generator load
  6. You can see it off to my right wing over the volga, its also visible in the tacview that i tossed in there tooghost tracers over the volga.rar
  7. Same thing still persists any lateral movement to the left half to any side is slowed down to ~ 50% Issue does not seem to be the case with VR, but it is the case for TIR I heard from opentrack users that this is not a problem If you need more info and cannot replicate tell us and acknowledge this issue
  8. The game since i remember had issues in MP with effects like contrail or tracers being stuck on a position in the map firing. This can be in case of contrails a static snowball hanging in the air- In case of Tracers, they will fire when iirc when the player that originally fired them is firing, atleast they arent continious in the appearance but may trigger repeatedly over the same spot The latter is still the case of 3.101b, I havent kept a close eye on the first if that is still the case i will update once i stumble into it.
  9. Hello folks, I wrote a python script that renames recording files with information provided by the statstracking websites. To make it useable for people without python 3.6 I packed it with pyinstaller into an executeable that will run in a console what does it do rename_and_link will check specified folders for ingame, tacview and video recordings for a match inside the statstracking websites of IL-2. When a match occurs it will rename the file to a format that will ease chronlogical analysis aswell as provide a txt file. The txt will contain events inside the recording relative to the recording start aswell as the link to the log and brief description of the entire sortie. How-To-Basic configure the json: Json entries that you have to set are the playernames and Path to your recordings, this can be the IL-2 track folder or any sort videocapture. Replace the windows path specific \ with a \\ or / like any other system uses. For videocapture you may want to check your video capture format is in "supported_formats". Since i only check the metadata from the OS it makes no difference what format you are using. Do NOT add .acmi to this since its already tied to .trk files This should already be the basics you need to do and now you could run the exe and get your files renames aswell as get a .txt file with all the events in that recording and a link to the given sortie. Further customisation options In "statspages" you can modify the websites the script checks aswell as customize the prefix the script uses for the given server. If you play on a server that is not listed and has a statstracking website, you can add this aswell as long as it uses the same architecture. (note that this is not the case for TAW neither does it specify the robots.txt) "overwrite_old_renames" determines if the script ignores files with the current "name_prefix" which is the last option in the json to customize, use this if you want to change already renamed files. any of the string can also be left empty if so desired, the file names generate are setup with name_prefix + server_prefix + date + mapname + (if recordingNo > 1): recordingNo/recordingsNo of that sortie + (if kills > 1): kills in that recording/kills of that sortie "mission_name_character_limit" cuts the mission name to the given size if its longer, this can also be set to 0 Notes This script has limited support with copies of files since it utilizes creation time and modify time provided by OS metadata. In case the metadata does not allow assessment of the duration of the file the starting point inside sortie will be noted in the txt instead of events. If you want to take a look at what you are running here it was packed with Pyinstaller you can unpack with https://sourceforge.net/projects/pyinstallerextractor/ (even tho i havent tried myself) Feedback and repository https://gitlab.com/N3croo/aviatools you need to register to gitlab but the repo is public alternatively poke me on discord N3croo#9083 where do you find it? https://www.mediafire.com/file/f64ycuq6lcc7tve/rename_and_link_IL2.rar/file
  10. The problem with the kuban map is simply the airfield distribution, if its a line of airfields we fight over it gets boring pretty quick. Another thing about that line aspect or airfield seperation is mutual support / points of failure the russians basically push out into a cone, which gets especially bad with Taman and Zaprovskaya being 2 root airfield with magical repairing powers next to each other. Now as i mentioned there also aint much alternatives due to the AF distribution, the only suggestion I have to make Kuban more interesting and less of a chore is to actually cut the map in the east at the line of Visekly(Grid 334) and UST-Labinskaya(Grid 734). That way you can have the Airfields closer to each other in the area east of Novo till that point
  11. Crew hasnt been wounded here, My shells where pure HE belting and well ripped the wingroot in half. It looks like the headrest still exists and triggers the shells just has no armor value for penetrating shells. here's the sortie link http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=59592&name==FEW=N3croo
  12. Tailgunners 360 noscopes are a global problem, aircraft durability has gone up and crew DM is meh, now tell that to the little ishak chasing a Ju-88 on map #2 or a 110 on map #1
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