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  1. We also had two cases of the same bug reappearing after file integrity check fixed it. Happened on the same server.
  2. We had these occurences on Finnish virtualpilots, This is a different one from a few days later iirc. Hauggy also had the similar experience on the runway in the first time around, he just took off and he was unable to find us but we found him making the first recording Verifying game files fixed the issue for me and hauggy Perspectives on the left is from my wingman braino's recording, 1P to the right is what i saw on my end. I don't think i got hit in this sortie contrary to the FF indicated by Unicus, I think he simply hit building belonging to the airfield. a
  3. Since neither of the options fully fits for me: I do not a see a problem with the current flat limits, the Issue is more the dynamics of onset and exhaustion of pilots. Going into a fight with once pulling too rapid will pretty much mess you up for all fights to come, or atleast its very picky when you pushed too hard. I've stumbled into blackouts repeadtly with the indicator making the jump from 3-4G after having fumbled one turn too hard in a flight haunting me till i get a fresh pilot. And it does only take a split second of too hard onset or being over the limit till your pilot
  4. What also is a complete unknown to me is fatigue recovery in IL-2, it seems to be atleast 10 minutes of either no pulling at all or you may simply not recover... me and ppl i fly with pretty much get a new pilot after you overG once. I also wanna point out there is hysteresis in the sound excecution. https://youtu.be/4OqMCn7i-W4 The system is needed for any flight sim and needs some time spend on it, with such a simple thing as hysteris not being thought of I really have to ask for more time dedicated to it.
  5. having a trainhubs, roads and cobblestones in towns is kinda a basic thing that should exist across maps https://i.imgur.com/MSxpQ7p.jpg https://imgur.com/qGkCAQr https://img.oldthing.net/10892/34616864/0/n/5000-KOeLN-KOeLNER-DOM-Bau-an-den-Blitzableitern-1954.jpg http://in0.bilderbuch-koeln.de/bilder/köln_altstadt_nord_aus_der_luft_ist_die_ganze_zerstörung_sichtbar_2_1945_weltkrieg_aufklärungsfoto_46fb388475_600x450xfr.jpeg
  6. Same with continous mode, its not up to specs, which or may not be problematic regaining combat/EM timer. I also could bump combat mode even higher without low injection warning
  7. Yep defenitely an issue and not reliable, i had tracer impacts inside the cockpit and didnt hear them
  8. 109 K-4s with DC and DB engines are rated for 1.45 ATA but they display cobat mode up to 80% throttle in regular flight envelopes. However the manifold is exceeding the 1.45ATA value with that setting especially in cold climates as you can see here with 1.5 ATA. My suspicion is that the engine mode display may only be tied to RPM not manifold
  9. Turning circle like a spitfire Highspeed response make structural breakup of the wings very prominent despite lack of evidence for such a problem Available ammocounts are missing aswell and not the standard ammocount for fightersweeps 1. On the first topic: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/tempestafdu.html http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/tempafdu.gif Turning Circles FW.190 BMW.801D 41. There is very little difference in turning circles between the two aircraft. If anything a very slight advantage lies wi
  10. Today on Kota, same view for the wingmen above https://youtu.be/vJAiOu_kqXE Today on Wings:
  11. I ran in to the twice in a row flying the K-4 in multiplayer, basically the engine sounded like to the side or behind me. Sadly i havent been able to replicate that problem as something has been triggereing this issue even tho it happened twice in a row on the same server. Detail where DC engine with default Payload Server: Knight of the air, Mission: PrebodenFantasyWinterD The second clip is particularily noticeable that the engine is to the side
  12. To an extend its on the server settings what amount of lag they tolerate in their config, but also ... I wonder if the server check the UDP packet order https://youtu.be/Xb94y8K3AsU
  13. still a thing, here's how this looks https://youtu.be/_4tYwsYC-sI just in case it helps here is the Pe-2s flight log the events are somewhat compressed, i dont know the logger beavhiour on this the video tells the story anyway http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/de/sortie/log/4516566/?tour=50
  14. The A-20 technochat pops the oil overheat warning at 80°C which is the lower limit of the rated area. Its rated for 80-95°C maximum is 105°C even tho you can push to 120°C till your oil pressure can drop till failure. Note: the point where the warning pops up is right in between the two engines, since one is always a bit hotter bec of the generator load
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