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  1. just gonna add this here https://imgur.com/a/OjVhIc2 This is the guy i hit. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/de/sortie/log/3918336/?tour=43
  2. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    Hello LG Request the LW to hand out this scumbag to be shot (banned) He disconnected right in front of me and nightrise, i have a screenshot and a ingame recording + acmi files and rise to verify here are the recording files you can see him with tacview the tacview file is in the attachments, if you want all of it have it here https://ufile.io/gdacw if you want another hoster or send me it directly let me know the flight in question is this here http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=72756&name=StG2_Nosch I also see its not the first time he DCed in an opportune situations http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=60373&name=StG2_Nosch http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=72618&name=StG2_Nosch also check the dates these are consecutive offenses, top flight is my case says "in flight" Greetings stg2_nosch_acmi_only.rar
  3. If you really wanna have the short and dirty of it check the mk108 and 37mm M4 canons: https://youtu.be/Y1bRXXYDCIw?t=529 https://youtu.be/Y1bRXXYDCIw?t=417 Initial ones with the Shvak do actually kill the crew but only after ~5 impacts, most of the time dmg actually registers but its too low across the board. Something like the M4 cannon with a 600g projectile should be absolutely lethal at 1m to an exposed pilot. As a reference to the M4 37mm an F1 grenade has a weight of 600g and a lethal fragmentation radius of 20m, now if we dont take soviet mininukes as a reference but sth like a 40mm grenade thos things are listed commonly with a 5m lethal radius. I do acknowledge there is cover by dural or fabric wood, even heavy winter clothing but a leather cap wont save you from a big one 1m behind your melon
  4. Since I've seen this issue in the DM prior and currently with 3.009, lemme get this out of the window since i don't expect quick iterations to come with the devs taking their deserved holiday break. The issue is pretty much very tanky pilots with a lack of any "advanced" pilot DM like a chance to trigger a bleed upon being wounded and having AI gunner being not affected by anything but the boolean isAlive. In previous patches in MP i saw a bunch of things like this happening and pretty much all HE shells vs pilots up to the 37mm really could use a tweak 20mm Shvak from a Lagg-3: resulted in an engine dead but pilot fine http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=50091&name=-IRRE-shnyzo 23mm to the melon, note the plane is in a config with removed headrest http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=34603&name==FEW=N3croo 38% dmg to the gunner http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/de/sortie/log/3695002/?tour=41 So i decided to take a look in SP so there should not be the argument of desync ping etc. Pure HE belts, only primary guns fired (other than the red baron with the K4 on the very end) I basically came to the conclusion it is easier to kill engines with framentation than crew. Especially the larger calibers really do struggle at killing the crew with shells impacting 0.5-1m from crew not being lethal. I tested the guns in following order 2x 20mm He from the FN YJa 23mm from the LaGG-3 https://youtu.be/Y1bRXXYDCIw?t=277 Sh-37mm from the LaGG-3 https://youtu.be/Y1bRXXYDCIw?t=347 M4 37mm from the P-39 https://youtu.be/Y1bRXXYDCIw?t=417 Mk108 from the K-4 (all 110s had no headrest) https://youtu.be/Y1bRXXYDCIw?t=529
  5. =FEW=N3croo

    Patch 3.009 MP problem

    You could also whack people on the head with HE with previous iterations of the DM This P-39 vid is from 3.007 it was ~40% damage on the gunner but that may aswell be 0 since there is no deteriation on them from what i can tell https://youtu.be/WFsABHynDZw The following are 3.008, The 109 i was flying a LaGG with Shvaks 110 a 23mm filled with HE belts and the 110 had the armored headrest removed. All the instances registered damage on the pilot inside the logs
  6. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    Valid, we still had one intermediate turret design on the "FT". Given that we still lack any medium bomber or LL later A-20 variants or B-25s i could not feel less empathy for LW only aces . I still will respect actual pointing out of inaccuracies and documentation but this constant opinionated LW is stronkest shows a lack of willingness to adapt and study. The turret is nice, but it makes no difference if the tactics aren't used by the waffles and really they rarely do a proper approach.
  7. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    By 1941 none of those where around and the RAAF was dabbling with .303s. and germany fucking around with slow velocity mg FFs. Pe-2s have more solid gunner angles are pretty maneuverable and are faster than any german bomber at pretty much any altitude yet they are still soviet garbage machines in your eyes.
  8. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    Yer-2 anybody? .50 cals anybody? Or literally a single real medium bomber for the allied side to show up? Literally 90% of encounters are fighters and most cannot take their time to setup and aim for the proper weakpoints. If the Pe-2 puts its nose down and speeds up and points both gunners at you: shit out of luck, you gotta wait till you get a better angle 110s Ju88s dont randomly fall apart either, you still have to tag the engines or whack them hard enough in a single spot There's a reason the german focused so heavily on firepower from 43 onwards
  9. I'm pretty sure after 200 hours of combat flying chances are the plane had to be rebuild and the pilot was an ACE or dead and the date was 1945 :-P Lets be real there where some more souped up engines in service with 25-50 hour lifespans like the VK-107s, oh and did i mention jumo-004s that will be facing this one? Sth like 200-300 hours was given for BMW-801s. While the US had their planes in interwar mode with regulations and durability requirements
  10. =FEW=N3croo

    Kurfürst fans?

    Could we ban this guy for literally doing the "but the others thing", he literally only adds toxicity and provokes anybody doing research on the allied side with silly responds. He may post documents he finds on whatever he finds on his machines but really this attitude deserves a ban imo. Calling out mods on the most numerous spit variant too rare and quantities of 150 octanne fuel used in quantitiy x Galon as too many P-47 mods for the poor devs. What contribution are 50%s of your posts?
  11. =FEW=N3croo

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    He also was flying over the bomber airfield as you see in the beginning of the vid. I after shooting him down told him about my discontent and the rules of this, he just exited and reconnected a few mins later not saying anything Yesterday we had II/JG-51 happily staying over our AF after being called from us and warned by and admin: https://imgur.com/a/wH0HeZT then a few more days we had 3-4 LLv shooting me down on final (see my earlier post) I really have to say, you are awful sports on blue side especially when this happens on 2 vs 1 numbers. Personally I'd write a script (if the game could support that) and draw a line one the map with a noting vulching leads to bans behind this point for 1 minute == ban for 1/5/14 days with repeats. No need for constant reminding or discussion. Don't see the point of warning people one-by-one.
  12. =FEW=N3croo

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    Right another yak with the Klimov-105, Yak-9U if should be any more Yaks coming for 44/45
  13. =FEW=N3croo

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hello HRAF, I got a ban request here for reason of vulching Leninsk Airfield. The sortie in case you got more complete logs: http://www.knightsoftheair.eu/en/sortie/30263/?tour=4 its my only La-5 sortie this month anyways You can also check hauggys log as i got bounced by 3 guys while extending my flaps at 200m he got 2 of them and likely pretty much in the Airfield area http://www.knightsoftheair.eu/en/sortie/log/30295/?tour=4 In general I would appreciate if you overthink you map design and force the Luftwaffe to attack some places in order not to have them wanking at 6km over and outside the Airfield 247 especially in the 1942. ~60% more blue flight time and every sortie I get 2-3 messages of Airfields being under attack when both factions AFs are 100km apart.
  14. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    gotta report deltalaw90 for jumping into my 110 tailgunner and opening up on my rear controls http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=53794&name==FEW=N3croo
  15. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    What is this unecessary public mudslinging about? We had an insult and now it's dickmeassuring, get a room you two, this is getting embarrasing.