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  1. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    Making useful CMs in the I-16 is certainly difficult, the P-40 is really the plane to use on map#1 since its bloody fast and the E-7 chokes at altitude aswell and the MC-202 can only kill planes by choking them with too many meatballs... I've used (fighter) IL-2s and Pe-2s typically in the past in order to get away from the I-16s, however a mixed group of P-40s and I-16 is quite viable. I've ran into a couple of cheeky breekys that flew the P-40 highalt but the I16s even higher to use as a bait. Making solo or low number flights with I-16 is really not that viable I'd also like to see an earlier access to the LaGG-3
  2. =FEW=N3croo

    Spawn button greyed out unable to fly

    There are very few bugs only relating to only one server. This one I witnessed on multiple of the popular servers
  3. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    =FEW= will fly axis
  4. =FEW=N3croo

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Opinions of anybody != Rules or mechanics of the game Admins == any other player in all aspects even to other admins, you still play the game. Leave the deletion/backpedaling of discussions or just dont post hasty responses, in general it always looks sketchy to other ppl when that happens. I even asked hauggy to take back the minor namecall since having negative vibes during a judgement never helps. Chutekilling will and always has been a hot potato boolean, make up your mind Do no kick without valid reason or even discussion if its not clear. Simple
  5. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    Didn't say you where the offender with the Ammo :-P But I'm getting tired from blues attitude and stockpiling and making historical campaigns also needed historical objectives and circumstances, like the LW not outnumbering the VVS when they fly F4s vs Migs and ishaks to stop german tanks^^. Not having the 20mm canons at all on the Ishak is really making it hugely ineffective and certainly takes out any stopping power while map#1 pretty much always tend to be LW strongest playercount
  6. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    You exclusively fly Blue and blue won, still we see ammothreads and 23mm discussion from LW as the looser when nobody bothers to fly red in the first few maps
  7. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    How many LaGG-3s are being used with the 23mm and 37mm to what effect? Show me those AT LaGG-3 being used in sortie logs that get more than 2 tanks. Its way more efficient to use a bomber and carpet bomb How about we get Yak-9 in Oct '42 with its AT variants, LaGG-3 + Mig on map #2, Canon-Stuka gets pushed back to March '43 and no Canons on the Mc.202. Also sprinkle some more capable medium bombers for the VVS like the Yer-2 and IL-4 into map #1 since they are in production by the time Barbarossa started and they carry significantly bigger bombloads (5 and 2.7 tons). Its still amazing how much whine there still is on 23mm canons when the convoys are pretty much aksing to be carpet bombed and nicely packed into 2 convoys that are way easier to cover
  8. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    VVS needs the option to achieve victory by flying lowaltitude and holding local airsuperiority not be pigeonholed into 2 objectives especially when outnumbered at the same time. You also could stand to make different targets like regular convoys with soft vehicles so that LW can also use the guns of their attackers aswell. Also the objectives are nicely packed and confined and do not require recon. Also the part of organizing is completely gone since you cannot suprise anybody by showing up with a huge fleet of IL-2s and fighter in one of 5 places. This one is a bit more Kuban specific and i see that Kuban lacks AFs in certain regions, but in all seriousness WOL has more objectives than you do. Kuban really is just a glorified berloga for a server that used to have 40-80 ppl throughout the EU afternoon and evening. In the last 6-9 month you badly tried to remove the VVS ways to victory or flatout attack instead of creating better ways for LW victory.
  9. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    Given that you know about the COOP in the first maps... this is just a farse. Goodbye P-40 fighter. Cya in map #3 (dont have time today anyway)
  10. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    =FEW= will be joining
  11. =FEW=N3croo

    Comparing the MG151 to the ShVAK ingame

    By that logic of spars failing why do rifle caliber MGs do jackshit? If you ask me the best gun ingame is actually the UBS not the ShVak, most MiG pilots prefer the UBS over ShVak not only bec of the ammo but ROF and simply how much this thing shreds everything not only hard parts. Another thing to look at is how strong the larger canons are vs wings (23mm and bigger) are as long as the round can penetrate the only thing that differs are the diameter of resulting holes and thats only important if you actually hit the spars. this here resultet in ripped off wing https://giphy.com/gifs/9tXxiFvvXejREYE3BC http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=41524&name==FEW=N3croo and i can tell you from flying alot of IL-2s in the TAW campaign the AP shell out of 23mm or 37mm are pretty much always a 1-2 hit kill on any wing which is bloody redicolous why did the russian even switch to 20mm ShVaks. Also comparing the MiG-3 vs a P-40 with about half a ton of .50cals and ammo I'd pretty much say the UBS really is barely behind in stopping power. If there is something to the HE-filled 12.7mm ripping wings to shreds when most nations deemed the caliber too small for effective payload carrying cartridge. (Im aware of the mg131 the casehead of that thing is elongated at huge expense of velocity) I'd personally like to see the HP of the hitboxes split into structural HP and aerodynamic HP, there really isnt a point where you loose panels or soo much lift that you reach instability/loose flightworthyness. Aside from P-39, the 7B starts to suffe but still can do things.
  12. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    @CptSiddy I got the incident uploaded from my perspective and i could clearly hear the 109s supercharger behind me and it was not really a fast closing speed. in fact it was so slow that the guy didnt pass infront of me timestamp is 8m47s in my latest vid
  13. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    admitedly i got very pissed, however being rammed from behind and killed while flying slowly behind a struggling La-5 in a straight line while pissing highly visible fuel is a bit too much. It's also appropiate behaviour to apologize when that happens by accident and may calm down ppl to begin with.
  14. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    Can we get a reduced amount of rain especially in moscow? with the amount of dirtrunways that would also mean bobsleding on mud in bombers. Let alone the problems with rendering and problem of loosing wingman constantly
  15. =FEW=N3croo

    Tactical Air War

    What is the point of this? Neither historical nor is it really useful even as a fighter bomber like the P-40