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  2. I´ve flown many of these missions as flight leader and had never a mission without encountering enemy planes. I guess the problem here might be that the OP flew as a wingman and was dependant on the flightleader AI.
  3. I've been building missions for our ongoing MP campaign lately, and I was very dissapointed to learn that there is no option to put infantry on the ground. They only come in small numbers as crew for AT guns and such. This makes it really hard to make realistic and immersive targets for ground attack aircraft, as infantry was obviously a critical part of fighting on the ground, and tanks or trucks don't really cut it. Is there any plans to add infantry units to the mission editor? If not, why?
  4. Wow, why would the delete his post? Well, I see that he has not logged on the forums for ove 1.5 years, so he probably hasn't made any new cockpit guides. Thanks for the reply Jim.. Maybe I should post the ones that I have.. I think I have them all. I have 11 of them..
  5. Many people, including myself, have posted exact locations including screenshots and videos.
  6. Can I steal your topic for a bit. I was about to make a similar title . This is old and from Norway filmed with a 8 mm camera
  7. BTTF.De Lorean Time Machine .....so far.
  8. For fighter missions I strive for mostly contact but not always, which is why I limit things to one mission per day. More contact for Germans and a bit less for Russians. I let the "in between" represent sorties with no contact. I want to have fun in my limited time, not achieve perfect realism. I want the fun to be close enough to not be jarred by the silliness of the situation, but I am not looking for a perfect depiction of air combat on the eastern front. With the AI still not extremely talented and suicidally courageous it is very, very easy to rack up kills. IMHO the first part (not extremely talented) is just fine to represent the average WWII pilot. The "suicidally courageous" part is not. Planes should be bugging out way more often. If that could be made to happen it would be a major boost to immersion. An example from the German side: Hartmann flew 1500 sorties. He made contact with the enemy over 700 times. He is credited with 352 victories. Slightly less than 1 victory every 4 sorties and every 2 combats. As noted earlier a PWCG mission (and probably a career mode mission as well) is more likely to represent a combat encounter than a sortie. In my campaign I think that I have more kills than sorties. If the AI tried to save itself with greater conviction I would have significantly less. P.S. This is not an AI whine. The 1C AI will at least make some attempt to save itself, which many flight sims do not. I just think it could be a lot more. If my plane was leaking glycol I would make an evasive maneuver and bug.
  9. Hello! talked with Thor earlier today about joining, and he said to give this a peak. Not to sure about the procedure for this event but I guess I would like a stuka if possible? if not Im happy with anything really. Thanks very much, I look forward to flying with you all! Bibo.
  10. Albino

    [MOD] Icons

    Wow Ptk this is game changing. A huge improvement for immersion. I will spend more $$$ supporting our shared hobby thanks to you
  11. I'm using win 7 at the moment. I think my gtx 1070 is 8gb ram. I'm only running at 1080p so should be more than enough. I made some changes last night by disabling vsync in game and on nvidia settings, but set target frame rate to match my screen (60fps). This meant i didn't get any screen tearing. I set options to high and kept things fairly basic. I then tried the scattered density campaign again and still getting weird slowdowns and judders. Framerate is constant 60fps though. It's starting to look like nothing much in the settings can actually help and that the cpu requirement for campaign is very demanding. I wonder if there are plans to utilise more than 4 cores as things go forward. I mean with all the demands of ai, physics etc it might be the future. When I get a chance I'm going to try hosting PWCG on a laptop and connecting to it via local network and running a campaign there. Maybe splitting the load between 2 computers might help? The downside I think though is that Dserver only runs on 1 core. Have been looking at some of the ryzen 5 chips, 2500, 2600 etc. They are a cheap option but might be good for a cheap upgrade?
  12. Well I was accepted. And by the look of it the BF external model is no disadvantage to what we have here. By my knowledge.
  13. Looks like Netcode. I know this from similar situations. Sometimes for own advantage, sometime against me.
  14. Well it was not my intention to give critique, you are not the first to say so and not the last. To me old rift was just not up to the task competing with real instrument and cockpit I have. It was a fun thing to use when I flew huey in DCS quick missions. And some stuff in GB I hope Rift S will be better reading instrument in DCS Anyway I think I still only will use it in flying circus and other stuff. I feel a bit shut off my family using VR. And msny times I fly because I am tired of everyday trivia, and VR is not the tool if your tired. So it is really how one use a sim
  15. I like it that sometimes nothing happens. Quite often you get home after a patrol to be attacked while landing: which is irritating in that the AI cannot defend itself while in the landing pattern, but it does mean that suspense is maintained. Missions without any kind of enemy contact are fairly rare in my experience. For people who want to have a battle of some kind every mission, go for scripted campaigns, or PWCG with the settings cranked up to maximum. While there are still improvements in the career I would like to see, such as more sensible courses for bomber formations, the overall level of activity seems to me to be a good comprise.
  16. Anybody else really hoping there's going to be a Tuskegee skin for the Mustang?
  17. Today
  18. Looking at this clip from @ACG_Herne in another thread about VR Allies I realized my decades old beef with "full real" servers and the unrealistically hard spotting of aircraft that has unfortunately been worsened now that many of us have started using VR but it applies to flat screens as well. Having flown quite a bit IRL myself I can agree that finding another aircraft in the air can be a bit tricky - but when you are tracking an aircraft with your eyes like in the clip below (starting at 2.50) you would NEVER lose sight of the plane "blurring into the forest below" only to appear when it gets out over a field again... Try to follow that me over the forest in the clip below at 2.55- 2.58. That plane would never "almost disappear" IRL like it does in this (and other flight sims). IRL that plane is a couple of hundred meters above that forest and would in no way blend into the forest so that it disappears. This happens all the time (worsened by the lower res in VR naturally) in all flight simulators. And everyone says "yeah - this is a full real server". But IRL it is not that hard to see an aircraft a couple of hundred meters away from you. Period. And naturally with your eyes it is a lot easier to see the camouflage pattern, markings etc. I just read a combat report from some P-38 guy that evaded two 109s that chased him from a rather long distance but could not catch him and he wrote that they had green spinners in his combat report. Good luck seeing that in IL2 or any other flight sim... So - even though the full real crowd (being the majority here) will flame me I mean that we for a realistic full real "simulation" of what a real pilot sees when he looks down at an aircraft below him over a forest, we needs enhancements to the current aircraft spotting. And adding the "fat red markers" naturally makes it way to easy to spot them. The small "v" over the planes in DCS actually feels like an OK compromise. I'm fine with not having it color coded for enemies as that makes it too easy. But how many times have you not chased an aircraft - as happens in the start of this clip where ACG_Herne bleeds all his energy as he thought he was chased by a 109 instad of a Yak. This happens all the time in Multiplayer where we fly 200 meters behind some aircraft for a long time unsure if is a 109 or a Yak. Yes - it was tricky IRL and many friendly fire incidents occurred, but I cannot imagine that the sky was full of planes chasing friendlies for a very long time as happens in the game today? So - my propsal that I mean should be the default for full real servers is: 1. Add a thin dark "outline" to aircraft and other vehicles like trucks so they become a bit more distinguishable from the background behind them. Dont remember the 3D tech name for it where you enhance the contrast of a 3D object. 2. Or add a small grey "v" like in DCS if 1 is not possible. My .5 cents.
  19. Been looking for this info, I know its an old thread but does anyone know if using 10x Flak is possible in the Bos engine? much like PWCG Rof. This way we can use less units overall to simulate more flak over the target areas...
  20. The question is: do you want to fly in realistic environment as a fighter pilot, or you just want every mission to be fully-blown aerial battle? Top scoring soviet ace, I.N.Kozhedub , flew 330 combat missions, engaged in 120 aerial combats and shot down 62 enemy airplanes. Statistics for dumb tells me about average of 1 aerial victory per 5,3 combat missions. Make your own conclusions.
  21. Looks like this guy sometimes prefers not to return home)
  22. To me VR has been THE game changer. I'm still playing with the old Rift and yes, the screen resolution leaves a lot to be desired. But as already pointed out by quite a few people, going back to 2D is a no-go for me, no matter whether there are 4K screens or 10K screens or whatever. IMHO the immersion in VR is just unparalleled.
  23. - "several hits" : i only see 1-2 cannon hits on left wing at 1:29. LaGG being sturdy, those amounts of hit aren't crippling. - Also, the tail section of the 109 in itself isn't that heavy. The collision is roughly at wing root, a sturdy element of the plane. Since you shoot in slow motion I have trouble estimating the speed of collision, but it didn't seem that fast. Additionally, maybe ping issues make it that the visual representation of the collision doesn't exactly represent what actually happened So, based on your track, I myself lean towards "the LaGG is one heck of a sturdy plane". Also an "immortality cheat" seems implausible (especially on Berloga) and, seeing that 1CGS looks very unkindly on ppl who'd use immortality cheat or such, you'd need way more solid evidence to claim such thing. PS: I don't know what you mean with "damage desynchronation". Do you just mean that sometimes ping screws over the damage model?
  24. https://discord.gg/62r86f Buena suerte chicos¡¡
  25. i would love a heavy night/dayfighter like a ju88 g6 or something like that
  26. LuseKofte


    Quick missions ai got no squadron behavior. Campaign ai does. My impression on qmb vs campaign/career ai is that career ai got more structure and follow their orders. While qmb just go in eternal turns. I am pretty sure ai will feel better once there is a campaign for them. And by that time I am sure improvements are achieved
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