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  2. Der Sound zum Hören kommt über die Rift, der Sound für Buttkicker oder Massagematte über die Soundkarte, das stellt man im Simshaker ein.
  3. I think you might be in the wrong place. Are you referring to COH2?
  4. i expect Bodenplatte map and late western front planes to boost MP attendance more than anything else... For that however, the Bodenplatte map must be perfectly optimized unlike the new Prokorovkha map which is just not pleasant to fly over (too low fps especially in VR even after lowering graphics)
  5. 😄 Frankly, I wanted to quote the bigger comment, but it was late last and I was really tired.
  6. ~S~ all! 335th Greek Squadron roster is getting bigger lately! Additionally , we have made a site update and we have a skin artist now!
  7. Hello, If you really want to program your device you could try : https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/ CHmanager is a great tool for CH hotas. Unfortunatly it has not evolved as the hardware (robust one but a little bit outdated). I am sad that CH has not renewed her devices. Have fun.
  8. Der Preis ist dann doch ein bisschen heftig....
  9. Probably from here: scroll down a bit to see the colour examples. https://artquill.blogspot.com/2012/12/methuen-color-index-and-classification.html
  10. It's not really human nature to give a damn about being killed repeatedly by an AI offline you set up specifically to polish a skill. It's just an exercise. The same can't be said for online play. That may not be particularly logical but that's people. Your options in MP are basically either servers where you may fly 45 minutes without seeing a bandit, or shark-tank free-for-alls like Berloga. Not good if your aim is to isolate and work on basic stuff, like just target practice against an actually hard-breaking bandit or learning how to go vertical and set up snapshots against a much better turning bandit, that sort of thing. The just jump into MP thing is a bit like the idea of learning to fight by walking into a dive and saying "I can whoop every man in this place". I can guarantee there are a fair number of people who would prefer to get a lot of practice against an AI plane moving *realistically* before taking on their first human. And trying to get fellow humans to spend their spare play time doing specific work with you these things is another can of worms. Realistically a lot of people playing a game on their computer aren't doing it because they want to meet and chat with new people, if you catch my drift. Now I've seen AI in other games that were more formidable than the "Ace" setting in BoX/FC, especially as turn fighters. BUT, I expect in those games the AI were using a simplified FM for those AI, whereas if I understand correctly the AI in BoX/FC are flying the full FM. So I don't want to sound like I'm running the game down, because the technical problems are no doubt huge and they have a lot to do. I'm just saying that currently the drones are a bit meh, even just for target practice. The two things I notice them doing worse than virtually any human player are 1. turns, they just don't haul back on the pole like a real player will, which kind of deprives one of systematic target practice against realistically maneuvering bandits, and 2. they don't go vertical and hang like human players do, which means you don't really know if you're getting a correct feel for when you can out-zoom/rope a given plane while flying another given plane in a given situation. I hope this makes sense. Again I'm not bitter at all about the situation because I imagine the programming difficulties here are large, I'm just saying it would be nice if Mr. A.I. Ace could someday be made to maneuver the plane better.
  11. If you are getting butt kicked, you must remember that many have been doing MP for YEARS, some going back 20 plus years. Learn from your experience in MP.
  12. After Bodenplatte....maybe if devs will develop a scenario like Berlin1945. In this contest could be nice have: Same allied heavy bomber ex B17,B24 Mosquito Bf 110 with radar Me 109 G10 Ta152
  13. Hi, BLAKENBERG and not BlaNkenberg. Otherwise it would be BlankenbergE but that's a city on the coast. KR
  14. I once had a period when I was getting disconnected 5 minutes into the sortie and I would hope it was a one time thing and try again and generally not give up and log out until it happened for a third time. For this reason I have some sympathy with those who don't want to be punished as a cheater when it was just an internet issue. I would accept a penalty if I got disconnected after taking combat damage. Yes it is annoying to survive a dogfight and limp most of the way home then lose all your points due to a tech issue but on the other hand why should I get all the points for getting home when I did not get home? You might argue that in those cases I should be put down as a bail or crash land but then anyone who has their engine fail while too low to bail will just disco. Perhaps there is a way for the developers to put the aircraft into 'AutoLevel' mode whenever the connection is lost? After that there is either a one minute timer before you get counted as bailed, during which time you might die to engine failure or enemy action, or perhaps just leave it in AutoLevel for 5 minutes and allow a disconnected pilot to reconnect and take control again. The reconnect option might be impossible to code of course.
  15. Deleted the content of update folder. Game updated again. Restart. Uninstalled new nvidia drivers (via DDU), installed drivers from March 25. Now is smooth again. My squadmates didnt have stutters so I figured out this time its me.
  16. Today
  17. Hello TIP, great to se you back!! Please may SCG reserve 4 D9s Thank you
  18. I am getting bored of fighter sweeps and have been flying the excellent 'Achtung Jabos' campaign recently so put me down for a P-47 please.
  19. WMR support in IL 2 is okay. It's not perfect nor unusable. It comes with false IPD settings making the world too small by about 0.9* of what it should be, but this is IL 2's fault. The mod by lefuneste has a global shift variable X6 in it, which can be used to fix the world scale. I use x6 = 0.005 or 0.006. You can check my thread in the signature to find the mod and settings for WMR too.
  20. true but I thought you had enough speed to get pass ok 😀😀
  21. @blitze Vulkan is another framework, and the Devs have used DirectX so far. A switch in frameworks doesn't just require rewriting a lot but also throw away experience in coding. This leads to a lot of manhours put into relearning,a loss in effectivity/speed in the workflow, probably some bugs in the process, and is thus something a monetary mountain that 777 with its tight budget and tight schedule to integrate and release their new expansions cannot afford. DirectX 12 however is in the realms of possibility and also open to both Nvidia and AMD. Even if Vulkan may be better as the framework from the technical point of view.
  22. I quoted myself from the first page. And exactly THIS problem is back now. Thats why I ask for a fix.
  23. I'm not so sure. If they are staying out of MP because real pilots are too skilled then they won't want the AI kicking their butts. They will just turn it down to 'Slight challenge but guaranteed kill' mode and stay in SP forever. It can't hurt to have the option for those that want to progress but if they do genuinely want to progress they can just do what every other MP player did and jump in and die a lot until they get better. All it costs is a little ego as they make that transition from 'I think I am an ace' to 'I am actually crap but I will learn' 🙂
  24. I suggest to have ability to link escorting fighter player with bomber player online, and then some % of points that linked bomber player colects in that sortie can be added to linked fighters sortie also. Encuriging bomber players escorts online. How it would work is you could have aditional icon option in ingame stats page to click next to player name, who you wont to escort ( like you have frend or ban icon option now), and bomber player could accept it or denay it ( depending on how good escort you provided before for example ). So lets say each bomber player can accept up to 4 escort requests, and each fighter can ask to eascort up to 4 bomber players. As of now you get no points for providing escort of bombers so not many users do it on fast food servers where everything is mostly about points, so then if you can earn points by eascorting, and amount of thouse points depend on that bomber hitting target and returning safe home ( as he gets more points then and you get more points then also as escort) probably more users would make sure that bomber guy gets back from objective as then he can get % of points bomber guy earned (bomber players points dont get reduced ) That would also maybe help in preventing kamikazi bombing as who would escort bomber guy who wont get any points back as hell just crash after destroying targets, and also bomber players can opt to not be escorted by fighter guys who just leve them and so on... If this is not neccesary or to mutch for to be in game i guess this could also be done just by for example vaal stats system, with bombers and escorts doing linking/requests on web stats.
  25. Meybe it's not about guns much accurate dispersion (Devs said they researched it when they worked on BOS ballistic - historical data ) but prop hanging is to much effective. Spray and pray with shotgun like dispersion is dangerous too because chance of hit by one bullet is greater than with smaller, and one bullet was enough to do significant damage (leaks or engine).
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