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  2. Rift 1 here. You can fairly easily scan the arc from 260 to 100 degrees. For the rest, you can use the techniques RL pilots used, i.e. don't fly in a straight line, fly in a zig zag pattern that allows you to check your six.
  3. I think the theme is on the alpha channel, according to szelljr
  4. You, as a pilot, are often inundated with a metric ton of available information that can help you confirm from longer distances. I suggest tapping into a series of internal questions when you spot “something”. For example: Are the over a friendly or enemy target? Their behavior over such an area is a good clue (which is why I HATE when a pe2 flies home at treetop level right over our own objective. I immediately think it’s a 110 on a bomb run!) The best behavioral clue I see is attention. Where is attention being paid in that other plane? Do you see them in lazy orbits over their objective? They’re looking for bombers to bounce below. Are they rocking wings or changing direction? Likely searching skies for other fighters and might be a friendly escorting a bomber into that same target. Are they over 5km in altitude? 90% of the time it’s a 109, especially in earlier plane sets. In BoBp maps, is it trailing thick exhaust? 190 100% TL:DR: Use contextual information before you can identify the target to form a conclusion. Then while you move in, confirm your conclusion using your ID techniques. You should ID as a confirmation, not as the full assessment.
  5. Not since the last update.
  6. Hello. Lovable, thanks a lot! The stencils are made from a serif face font, but the originals were sans serif as far as I know. I will redo the layer and then post it here for your consideration/update. Have fun!
  7. I'm pretty hyped about the Yaks to be honest. This is the Yak of all Yaks for me and a plane I've been waiting for a long time. I hope they do split the Yak into two planes. Not only because I would buy three collector planes instead of two, but I think they could do a great job milking some more variants out of two models instead of just one.
  8. Yes, despite, rather than because of, its pitiful bombload. More due to the aforementioned teamwork etc.
  9. BAD BOY😀 Hi Julian, thank you for answering. I can ask RAP how to do it! S!
  10. Thank you it's so true Excuse me? PE2 destroys TAW ... This makes no sense .... P40s and P39s are obviously not the best aircraft, but you throw some Yaks in there it's doing fine. Comparing the P40 or the P39 is like comparing the Folgore to the Yak1b ?? LOL, like the domination of reds on TAW .... Interesting. lol I know THIS is the big problem ...
  11. Er, yes, quite extensively. See this test after the propeller-update from @J5_Hellbender Spad at 215kph, SE5a at 220kph, D7f at 194kph, and D7f with Alt Throttle 205kph! Which of course gets used judiciously. The FC spec for the Spad is 219kph(RoF was 220), so the Spad is slow without even talking about later engine variants, it's just under-modelled, and of course even 219 for a 1918 Spad is dubious. Bender sums up.." In other words, we have a 1918 SE5a and a 1917 SPAD XIII"
  12. Yes I'd love a Lancaster (or just more bombers in general). No I don't think it should be added for the usual reasons. Resources, cost, optimization, setting etc. Its a shame the sim has been set up the way it is, but in the end you have to face the music. At least for now... @BraveSirRobin Strongly disagree with that sentiment. "Yah flight simulators. You sit in a chair, pull on a plastic stick, and pretend to shoot at things, and spend lots of money, so much fun"... It actually is to some people. Flying bombers is enjoyable for some people. Particularly in single player campaigns.
  13. Damn Brems, you beat me to it. Was trying to type almost the same thing on my phone while out for breakfast. Imagine if the FW 190 had unfettered access to the DB series engines, without the political roadblocks that Willey threw out there.
  14. Hello. Lovely skin. I've noticed the stencils are written in sarif face font. Shouldn't they be.. stencils.. like the ones attached? Have a lovely day!
  15. Most pilots never flew another fighter and hence are no valiable source to ask. Incidentally, most pilots that had flown both preferred the 190 over the 109. Rall, on flying the P-51, was pretty much blown away by it. Eric Brown will tell you the 109 has rather iffy handling characteristics, as will most modern era pilots. Most of which have flown a couple of other warbirds before "stepping up" into the 109. The latter is a manifestation of how much the aircraft couldn't handle additional power, weight and performance. To quote the link provided by sevenless above: Competitiveness is not just manifested by how fast you can fly (for a short time anyway, since your gas tank wasn't adjusted much to take care of the increased fuel flow), but how well the aircraft handles for the average pilot and whether he can tap into that performance and make the book-numbers. If your aircraft is hard to handle for a novice pilot (which by the time were the realities the design has to be measured against), it doesn't stand up the test of time.
  16. In my opinion for this purpose, the Arras map and WWI planes are more like
  17. ∆ IL2 is a game, albeit one that simulates flight quite well.
  18. Thanks, Luke. I’ll check that out.
  19. So tell me, what happened at midday before and after the 3 days of the battle???? As opposed to what happened on the bodenplatte map before and after the 'battle', ie a hell of a lot🙄
  20. I'm a great fan of PTO expansion, but a Midway only expansion would be disappointing. I'd still buy it, but one would hope that with the addition of carriers, some other bases would be mapped for attack, e.g. Rabaul.
  21. It was a long time ago. It was Faucon. He wasnt in a tank but in a plane.
  22. This has been my fear ever since they announced the plane sets for BoBP. I thought “that’s cool, guess I can play them in a few months when SP campaign comes out”, because no way will sides be even in my time zone in MP. I don’t expect the two-account system to depart anytime soon. It was, and is still, quite a hit when it was introduced. We, Siddy, are in the minority where we put our wishes aside in order to create a decent campaign. I’ll expect to play Red early, then Blue late around the BoK maps and into the BoBp campaign. Can’t be fully upset though, I’m still flying!
  23. my bird Dear LaFrench in order to manipulate the shine of the alpha channel you have to play with the black to grey to white settings on the alpha.
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