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  2. You could use a complex trigger to detect event OnObjectFiredFlare, which could trigger the media translator when you fired a flare (assuming you were in the complex trigger zone).
  3. A long video showing a complete hop. "Filmed" mostly in the cockpit with limited external shots
  4. Last time I was hit by canopy and by rudder from P51, canopy did nothing(and hit exact same things on my plane as the rudder) and rudder knocked out my propeler, shot off my canopy and sawed off my own rudder ๐Ÿ‘ I managed to land my trusty Dora in the field.
  5. Yes guess you are right. I hoped for some lua script solutions. So you just can trigger it on an event. Thx.
  6. I managed to connect to servers by cliclking on the green ENTER tile several times in the row, However statring game through luncher still doesn't work and I get the "Failed to update" error.
  7. It isn't an announcement of our next big project it's just a couple new collector planes for the Eastern front funs.
  8. I have found that approaching from something other than dead six helps, especially low to high or high to low. By changing the plane it seems the odds of getting hammered with debris are much less.
  9. Thank you for the skins gents, much appreciated
  10. @jasta11ace Thanks for diving into that. Makes my life much easier. Still into FC at the moment but there is light at the end of the tunnel (oncoming train?). Bugs start getting squashed after FC. Appreciate the patience.
  11. Look at the mast where the crossbeam intersects . I am missing a part of the stencil, LOL. Now that I think about it, this could be from III./K.Gr100 because of the yellow border. I assume that I./K.Gr100 would be black border and II Gruppe a red border. That full color one people keep passing around could be Gruppen Stab. Then again sometimes yellow would look very dark in photos depending on what film solution they used to develop the photos. Which is why restorations are tricky. And also the reason I always try and get 5 references with data.
  12. This just happened to me again, riding the 'new' T34, and it had happened a few times before, rarely, over a longer period. You ride around sort of recklessly, with the open hatch, and I have the head position adjusted to be as high as possible. Without any audible explosion, and in a location on the map where I know there are no paks etc. suddenly the commander is dead. First I think maybe someone has jumped into the comm. position and check, but no. Then I think maybe I got bombed somehow with the audio dead, so I turn 180 deg. looking for a bomb crater, but nothing. In the end I can't help wondering if maybe some physics of riding around are being modeled, where the commander is injured in the course of looking out of the hatch, while the tank is driving cross country? Did anyone else experience this? I know this sounds dumb, but I'd like to get to the bottom of it, since some possible adjustments/changes might result. For instance, if it were confirmed that commander health is being modeled with respect to the physics of cross country riding, I could adjust the head position and so on. I've often seen the health of crew members reduced when bumping into invisible trees, but usually the damage is more gradual and averaged out, with multiple crew members going yellow, instead of just the commander going red and everybody else green.
  13. That is true. I love those forced landing shots with the speed blur.
  14. I've seen the bug too. I use TrackIR5 and notice if I lean far to the sides or top I can hear the wind going by as if the canopy is open. If I waaay too far I think that's when the pilot pops out. I had a bit of fun with it and took this screenshot Not a huge deal to me. I didn't need to reboot the game; I just restarted the mission.
  15. I thought the Hurricane was already in the game ๐Ÿ˜Š. Maybe I mixed it up with IL2 1946...
  16. Failed to update. Executing the il2.exe directly works for me and I can log in online. But the launcher is bugged.
  17. I just gave my game a try and the same issue as each of you. Not all areas are covered by a single server I believe, there are numerous dotted around the areas covered by the community so most likely a local issue rather than world wide, I am in England. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  18. <game_directory>/updates/last_update.log And in /updates today appear folder "unknown". Several days ago i made a bug report about german vehicle sdkfz251-szf that crush dserver.exe and developers said it will be fixed in coming hotfix. So it must be coming...๐Ÿ™ƒ
  19. The "clear and obvious" forward happened when the Welsh were deep in their half and had just stolen the ball from the attacking French. From there they went on forward to eventually score the decisive try. I don't really have a lot of rugby-watching experience and sometimes miss a bit, but that one I'm sure I saw. That said, my expectations are pretty close to yours, but I give the Welsh a small rather than no chance.
  20. We swear a lot while using comms.Either calling each other names or the opponent. It helps to let out some steam.Better there than in a public chat...
  21. It's a shame you don't live near where I used to live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They might have nearly zero taste for original local music but, they do love original art. You would get along very well there, I think.
  22. If you have time, I would suggest everyone in the thread experiencing this report this to support. I don't think it is a global issue. CombatBox has 60 players flying on it right now so obviously it is possible to contact the master server. Where did you get this log file? If you can post it, maybe everyone else can look at theirs and see if they get the same thing. Also would be a good thing to include in any support conversations.
  23. Hi, when will you be running the Rhineland map on your server please?
  24. Yes, and as I recall that is one of the things that point the appearance of the 235 hp SPAD in august-september. The timeline of the DVII is also a bit fuzzy. The first probably showed up in april-may, the DIIIau engine variant sometimes in june and the DVIIF in june-july. I had read that the 235 hp was put in service to counter the DVIIF, but the time gap seems rather short. The first F showed up on the front on june 22nd, 1918: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/35527-german-jasta-timelines/
  25. In QMB, I followed an enemy plane on his way down. He hit the water and me, ~25m above got instantly PK'd from the 'splash'. I guess it's feasible that debris bouncing of the surface could do that. I haven't tried it in awhile but, it's been possible to fly through the explosion of an enemy AAA almost scraping the belly of the plane on the surrounding sandbags without any consequence. I wonder if that's been changed. I can see flying close to an exploding target and taking dents and pinholes from debris but, flying directly though the explosion that close should be a good bit more dangerous - no matter what your speed is.
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