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  2. Love the JU 52. And I willflyit in taw once I change side
  3. Well, while you lot are trying to work out what's what with 190's, I've been painting my SE 5a...
  4. Well, even if stated as WIP, the plane looks like some diecast models some lazy kids can buy in 1/72 and 1/48 scale - not nice at all.
  5. Good to know. I've put this on the IL-2 subbreddit, please let us know when you update this amazing tool.
  6. Here is an interesting cockpit cam showing ball going to the right during straight climb at around 28:47. I don't see this in IL2 P47
  7. I'd like to get an answer on this too. It's annoying when you are trying to track a target while firing
  8. Really looking forward to this one. Take all the time you need
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hwquewbrx34u0pm/SE5a__Lt__WATTS.dds/file
  10. @Finkeren The Soviet tank that had a loader/commander was the KV-1 (the non-S models). The turret was three manned, but the third guy behind the gun was a mechanic assistant apparently.
  11. Today
  12. I have the same flickering in that area. I noticed Requiem's video flying the Me262 at the FSExpo2019 has the same issue, too.
  13. If the guy you are fighting doesn't mis-estimate your energy, you're dead. Btw the topic is not about your pride of shooting fighters with A20. Lot of player are able to do the same. I will still choose the P51 over the A20 for air to air fighting
  14. They are a fake political tool to justify wars against independent nations. In Aleppo they had their HQ literly just across the hallway from the HQ of Al Nusra, in the exact same building. I remember back in 2018 even their youtube chanel was registered by Al Nusra and they also collected the revenue generated by the "white helmets" chanel. You need to research this things in alternative news chanels and pay attention to what's happening, because the mainstream media works with them. I'll give you just some high level credible information here. Here you can find details about the UN panel review in 2018 into White helmets activity in Syria. There are a lot of documents and videos here about their activity. https://www.mintpressnews.com/un-panel-details-organ-theft-staged-attacks-white-helmets/253441/ Another link to the un panel on white helmets https://www.unmultimedia.org/avlibrary/asset/2338/2338981/ I'm not going to post links here but you can search it for yourself. There are videos of while helmets assisting al nusra during executions. There's a metric ton of information out there to show you excactly who this cutthroats are. It's 21st century, you have the internet at your finger tips. You should stay informed. The last thing i want in a game is more of the same lies.
  15. Please, battles during daylight. Battles at night in winter is impossible, when players appear these night battles empty the server
  16. I think you misunderstood. Onebad said he wanted *Technochat* to be turned on & off by the server. You replied that you want the option for the user to turn it on and off and Redcorn said you can already do that ie turn technochat on & off for yourself. The exchange was not about Actual v Percentage values.
  17. Do you have both? I thought it hadn't released in Poland yet?
  18. The quality of picture in Reverb is a lot better than Pimax 5k+, the FOV is smaller but for me I prefer better picture than FOV.
  19. Looks fantastic Tom! @Brano; very interesting info
  20. Following the YouTube tutorials I created a simple single mission taking off with a AI wingman to intercept two enemy planes. But if I want to change planes I have everytime to modify the mission in the mission editor. Is there any tutorial to create a mission having the possibility to choose planes before the mission starts as in the quick missions enclosed in the game?
  21. Not in SP or COOP. I'm thinking about adding Dogfight mode as well; then you could easily respawn. Do note that as soon as you go for this mode and fly with friends, pretty soon everyone is flying alone unless you have very good discipline in your team! 😉
  22. Looking good there Bug. E Type update....... Doors on,check,wipers on(all three),check,Dashboard and steering wheel,check, modified Tax disc,under bonnet decals and finally the bonnet....... Buggered up one roof trim, gotta repair that and I will clean off the greasy finger prints lastly.
  23. Hi ! i would like to show my new work for ME 262 !
  24. Oh what i would give for a good nights sleep, im shattered but im feeling a tad better today i think my dog must have sensed that i needed a good airing so she put me on her leash and dragged me out into the sticks, (up hill in the heat all the bloody way) i must have forgotten to give her a scooby snack yesterday so it was payback time thanks Mischa.
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