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  2. I find it interesting that native English people are less capable to read this than me
  3. B-25, Spitfire XIV would be my first two guesses with the third being a wildcard. I mean it could really be anything from a late war yak, to a mossie or even the me410.
  4. I am tired to discuss it with the person who can't use the linear functions. Better than before. Here I can agree.
  5. Now the game on the server is balanced best. Teams play almost equally. Exceeding the number of players by 20% does not give a significant advantage. Tactics and skill come to the fore The best indicator of the course of the game is the position of the front line and the state of the limits. Everything else is fantasy and manipulation.
  6. I am not sure that I want to write it again and again. Just check the posts for last 12 months. Did I not write it before? It is not possible. P.S: But with the number of players like +20..30% a lot of funny things can happen.
  7. I'd love to do anything map-related, so from what you need I volunteer for FC. British government mapmaker from 1974 until retirement; Provided the topographical and airfield info for the English part of the RoF Channel map and was tester for that (as 242Sqn_Cat) Really really REALLY like WW1 aviation (as well as WW2). Cheers.
  8. Celtarcs use a trick which i use too which is fine. I put german MG in front of russian mg and use an attack area. These unit fire in front of the oposite unit which simulate the front line.
  9. The case when there is nothing more to answer)) I will perhaps repeat my question. If the Reds destroy blue tanks very quickly, and the troopers are limited, then how did the blue team manage to seize the Reds territory before the limits were exhausted?)
  10. Usual song for the person who plays on the TAW only one side.
  11. The fact that the map № 3 red depots were constantly dilapidated and the blue team, including and therefore the leader in the number of enemy tanks destroyed, proves this. I just did not take screenshots to prove this, but I carefully watched this situation. Well, you can say that tanks destroyed in warehouses do not affect the front line. I agree. They only affect the limit of tanks. But why then was the front shifted east until the limits were exhausted, and not west? I believe that the blues have enough tools to win. But the fact that you do not want to use them is your problem, not the red team.
  12. THX Chili very much! Tons of useful info in your last two posts.
  13. I have been thinking about that as well. I think that the Mediterranean/North Africa would work well. They could add the Hawker Hurricane as a collector plane. The invasion of Crete using JU-52s. P-40's fighting the Bf109Es and Fs. The JU-88s were used also.
  14. I'd vote for Hs 126 and Su-2 (since we already got U-2).
  15. It will prove that your 60 minutes flight to the depot will not change the map conditions. Please ask the admins to provide more a20s (and less Pe2s). We will see. P.S: Does any player have any problem to down a20?
  16. It feels bad everywhere, when you don't even see that you are crossing the frontline. Desastersoft developed that for their last two Addons for 1946, always just the same piece of trench, put together, so they had a complete line. But it was soo much better, to see now, here is the frontline.
  17. Hi guys, This is a shower thought 🛀, so you can take it with a grain of salt, but do you think that a new career timeline(not overwriting with the current ones) can be created with the current planes? If yes, which one would that be? I would gladly pay 40-50 euros for a new map + career.
  18. Today
  19. and what about that multilanguage massage from Jason?
  20. What do you want to prove with this? Do you want to check if I can bomb on blue planes?)) I have repeatedly said before that for a long time I flew for the blue team and the JU88 is my favorite plane. My results as a bomber pilot, who mainly bombes from the horizon, were significantly higher than now on Pe2. In my opinion, ceteris paribus, if the red had planes like JU88, the blue would lose much faster Unfortunately, the command of my squadron forbids departures for the blue team even on another account
  21. After last week I doubt we will see anything today.
  22. https://oldmachinepress.com/2015/08/18/curtiss-xp-40q/
  23. Wow that p40 is sleek never heard of that one. I wonder how they flew
  24. One question. Why do not change your nickname for the next TAW round (or the next map) and not try to do exactly the same what you write? I can provide my second account for this challenge.
  25. Well Im trying to find some people to fly with I never hada headset until recently - which is more common in this community srs discord or? I presume i get the addy frm server? That sounds like a lot of fun though let me know if you guys need amother body
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