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  2. I honestly don't think I use that few rudder in IL2 ? I believe that from the start of the takeoff run to the end I have to keep it pressed ( right rudder ) all the way down. But I will test further and report back. I have given up on the Spitfire due to the strange trimming mentioned above by JtD. Really hope they have the time to revisit it's flight dynamics some day.
  3. Thank you buddy, nice skin indeed. Hopefully we will see some more US skins. S!
  4. There’s no mention of them on the store page. Fighters are going to be essential to protecting tanks from ground attack aircraft.
  5. Bit late but hope all you chaps and chapettes enjoyed a happy Easter. I'm calling in from a holliday roadtrip on Sri Lanka, hopefully on a plane back home soon.
  6. Hey, @TeufelHunden , since you openly called me a liar and being full of sh** on the server, when I was wondering if something was wrong with server connection, because I got disconnected twice in about half an hour (I normally do not get disconnects very often), because "you saw" that I was vulching and was hit three times by AAA before disconnecting. So, let's look at the mission logs, like mentioned in the server chat. About being disconnected twice in half an hour: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sorties/7560/II./JG77_Kemp/?tour=47 First disconnect in a mission that started at 20:08, shortly after takeoff. Second disconnect in a mission that started at 20:30. Now this second mission log, where "you saw" me vulching your airfield and being hit by AAA three times: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/4274680/?tour=47 Takeoff at 20:31:25 First hits on enemy A20 at 20:39:47 Last hits on enemy A20 at 20:40:54 After which I was disconnected, with no hits from enemy AAA or any other enemy fire or any damage to my plane. The enemy A20 that I hit had been flying over 10 minutes before I hit him, shortly after he had dropped his bombs. Was that what you called vulching? So, after taking into account what "you saw" and what the mission logs show, maybe you want to re-evaluate which one of us was full of sh** and a liar?
  7. You could also argue that a rock accelerates quickly when dropped
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  9. I've been planning to spend up to around 200GBP (maybe a bit more) for a set of new good quality pedals - I'm located in Australia, so it would depend on whether you're interested in shipping the pedals to Australia and how much it would cost me - if it fits within my budget then I'd be keen. I've only heard good things about the BRD pedals and that price sounds good for brand new ones
  10. Ah... wrong sort of brasilian. Never mind.
  11. Thanks @ShamrockOneFive, this absolutely makes sense. In my case, after a major hardware upgrade (new Mainboard, CPU and RAM) I'm suffering from micro-stutters even more than before, at least it feels like. While in low-medium populated areas everything's fine and I get more or less stable 100+FPS, high-massive populated areas, especially when being populated with lots of different AI actors, causes massive microstuttering, especially when moving your head around quickly or turning the plane. It's much more noticeable inside the cockpit than on external views to me. Now that we need to enable 4K textures to be potentially stutter-free, the GPU VRAM usage of course increases with it. And if many different actors are visible in the same spot, and the textures of all of them don't fit in the VRAM at the same time anymore, the system needs to load/unload textures while you're looking around all the time. My GTX 970 has 4GB VRAM, but only 3.5 GB have the full bandwidth. Seems like as soon as I get closer to that limit, the stuttering starts. Add to that, since Microsoft rolled out the Spectre/Meltdown patches, with microcode-updates for newer CPUs, I get the feeling that especially latest CPU series (Intel 8000 and 9000 for instance) suffer badly from certain limitations applied for security reasons, which is probably why on my newer rig, even though the frame rates are much higher than on the old one (i5-9600K vs. i5-2500K), the stuttering even feels worse. Mike
  12. Thank you for the video! I will keep it to show the difference with IL2.
  13. Some interesting snippets from the Performance sight. Dive Comparisons http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47c-afdu.html Stick Forces http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47c-8thaf-tactical.html
  14. Unzip the download and manually place the folders in your game files. The mission folder should go here: C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\Missions. You can then place skins in respective aircraft folders here: C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\skins The skins aren't necessary for the mission to run but they do add to the immersion. Without them you will see the default skins. That should do it.
  15. Most importantly put raaid on your ignore list.
  16. Never ending story 😃 Just put 6 cores in calculations and you'll get your 22% average CPU usage. CPU is bottleneck, draw a K next to 8700 and overclock it to 5.0GHz.
  17. Just downloaded it and it's ok.
  18. I would say so. It is quite unique compared to the other maps that are available and very fun to fly over. The gullies and other terrain details make it a blast for low altitude flight. Flying over the tank area can slow your rig down though so be warned. . . . .I still do it but it can stutter. especially in VR.
  19. “Alkmaar mountains” needs to be changed by name to “Alkmaar Bergen”.
  20. An image to support @TP_Silk's post: Notes: - In order to modify the NDB, you must make it a linked entity. - Beacon channel is sort of like an on-off switch. Both Russian and German should be set to 1 for on, 0 for off. - There are ways to modify the beacon channel when other events fire off.
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